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LeBlanc Build Guide by zherer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zherer

a guide for mid leblanc

zherer Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi welcome to my first league of legend builde guide. i chose leblanc because she is my most played ap carry. and i have seen alot of leblac player that failed her combo compeletely. leblanc is a rather easy champion to play. she does not require alot of skill to be played well. she is the type of character that we call a "faceroll champion". for leblanc her standar combo should be Q->R->W->E set the skills on smart cast for the best casting time. i hope this guide will help you play leblanc better.
PS:this is my first lol champion guide so please leave any comment to make my future guide better thank you.

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For leblanc grab boots and 3 pot for early game lane sustainability. The pot will last you on lane for until about 6 minutes mark. After u first go back to base get 2 doran's ring. i dont recommend a majai's soul stealer because that item is not stable. if you are ganked by their jungler then you will lose ur stacks on the majai's soul stealer. if you are doing well against their ap carry at mid grab 2 doran's ring and if you are not doing so well grab 3 for early game health and mana regen. the doran's ring will last until you have enough gold to grab your first ap item. stay in lane until you have enough gold to get the sorceror's shoes. if you have enough gold grab the needlessly large rod. after that you should pretty much donminate your lane with your standard combo. after you have a few kills go back to base to finish ur death cap. at this point you should be able to burst any one down in the game. and if the enenmy team is starting to stack magic resist then you should finish your void staff before deathfire grasp. it will give you enough magic penetration to burst them down. then if the game is still continueing at this point get a deathfire grasp that would give you more burst to be able to kill 2 people.

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Summoner Spells

take ignite and flash as summoner spells. ignite will ensure an early game kill and flash combined with your distortion and mimic will let you escape pretyy much any ganks the enemy makes.

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Team Work

as leblanc your major goal is to focus 1 person on the enemy team. you should try to focus the ad carry or the ap carry on the enemy team. your goal in a team fight is to burst down their enemy carry as quickly as possible before doing too much damage to any of your teammates. she should not be the initiator. once a team mate initiates a team fight then leblanc should go in and use her standard combo to kill one of their carries. and try to save your snare for the either the end or thier tank since you are one of their main focues.

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Unique Skills

usually with the normal leblanc build with a majai's soul stealer leblanc is really a character you want to take the kill from the enemy team. but leblanc is not a strong late game carry. many character can counter her late game with a moderate amount of ap or burst such as veigar or ahri. so with a majai's soul stealer you really need to worry when you dont want to die. for example once you have full stacks on the majai's and then you get caught by the enemy team then you will lose some of you stacks and your team would be short one player since you are the target of the enemy when the enemy team sees the majai's soul stealer it is just a insinct that they want to focus you to make you lose your stacks. another major thing you want is to really pressure the enemy mid. your major goal is to try to kill thier mid champion as much as possible before any one gets any tower. if you were able to do that then in a team fight their enemy mid would be useless in a team fight because he would be underlevel and underfarmed. and another major part of leblanc is roam. after you kill your mid you want to push the minion to thier tower and look for a good gank on the map. but make sure you get at least 2 doran's ring 1 sorceror's shoes and needlessly large rod before roaming or else you would not have enough damage.

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leblanc does not have any skill that would help her farm at early stages of the game. so you should try and practice last hitting with just your auto attack. unlike veigar and any other bursty mages leblanc does not have a good aoe spell that would help you farm. her distortion is on a 20 second cool down. so i dont recomment using it to farm early game it is always better to try and save it for a possible gank from the enemy jungler. after getting the death cap your distortion should do a moderate damage that would take the whole wave of minions so i recommend using distortion to farm after you get your death cap or needlessly large rod.