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Urgot Build Guide by pwnagecarry123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnagecarry123

A Guide to own as the crab:p

pwnagecarry123 Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my guide to playing as Urgot

In this build I will detail how I play Urgot and how I build him. I personally build Urgot as an AD carry with extensive damage in his abilities and his auto attacks. This makes Urgot a powerful champion who can harass throughout the game and believe me it is hell to be in a solo lane against him. Even other ranged carries such as Ashe can have problems with the damage and massive ranged attacks from your Q and E. This guide should help you to dominate in solo lanes and duo lanes.

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Pros / Cons


Very high damage output for his abilities and his auto attacks
Very high crit damage
Fairly straightforward to play
Very potent in 1vs1 solo lanes
Great farming and last hit with abilities+attacks
can solo Baron at full health at level 18 with complete build (true)

Long survivability in lane because of his long range attacks


Quite squishy when built with no survivability(needs a good tank/team to do well
Ultimate can put you in harms way
easy to kill when focused

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For marks I take armour penetration because of course it is standard for all DPS champions and obviously this will also improve your armour pen in conjunction with your Youmuu's Ghostblade.


My recommended seals are the attack speed seals because Urgot as a DPS champ will need to auto attack as much as he can in the cooldown of Acid Hunter. Also late game your attack will also be doing tons of damage and attack speed is a great tool for then.


People may ask why I choose MP5 glyphs over CDR glyphs. My simple answer is this: Urgot relies on his mana early game to do tons of damage and harass. Acid Hunter already has a very short cooldown and without mana regen, all the mana lost from spamming his Q and E together will only be slowly refunded. The MP5 glyphs allow you to stay in your lane for longer early game (when your mana pool is small) and this can make all the difference later on since, if you play well , you should be a higher level than most of the enemy team. Also, you already get CDR from the Youmuu's Ghostblade and the added bonus you would get would not make much of a difference to your Q and therefore you don't NEED it. (Remember, this is only a guide and if you feel comfortable with CDR glyphs then go ahead :))


Because Urgot is an AD champ and his offensive abilities do AD and as I have not had any other AD in this Rune build and to give some early game advantages I find that flat AD quints are useful and give your abilities just a little extra damage. You could also use Crit chance Quints but with your items you don't really need that and ability damage early game is much more important than auto attack critical chance as your abilities are much more powerful early game than your auto attacks.

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I don't really need to say much about my masteries. They are the standard 21/0/9 mastery build that is useful to most DPS champions. I take the improved exhaust because your exhaust is obviously a useful tool and you will need to use it for ganks and also possibly in conjunction with your ultimate to stop them getting away after your ulti (if they are not particularly squishy). The mana regen and health regen utility is useful as mana is a problem early game for Urgot and health regen is also useful to help you stay in your lane. The other offensive masteries are for general extra damage in your auto attacks and abilities. The Sorcery mastery is also useful for ability cooldowns, which are not a real problem on Urgot anyway but it is stil nice to have the mastery to just give you that extra cooldown boost

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The explanation for my items is probably the most important part of the build. The items here are focused at AD and auto attack effectiveness.

Early Game

Firstly you need to start off with a meki pendant and a couple of health potions, you need the pendant because in order to spam Urgot's Q you need a decent amount of mana regenration due to the constant mana costs of the ability. Next you need a Tear of the goddess and build it into a Manamune which is great for urgot as it not only gives him more mana to spam his Q but it also give him more mana when he uses abilities or attacks (which you will do quite often) but it also give him attack damage equal to 2% of his mana which at the end of the manamune mana stacks is quite a bit. Next you can get the Berserkers Greaves and start to get into the build. I buy the boots after the manamune because I feel that manamune is more important for damage at this stage as you will be using your abilities a lot early game and mis to end game is when you build more carry.

Mid Game

For Mid game your first item will be a Youmuu's Ghostblade as it gives armor penatration, CDR and AD. It also has a nice active ability as you gain more movement speed and ATS. Make sure when you are building into the Ghostblade that you buy the Brutalizer before the Avarice Blade as the Brutalizer is much more helpful to you at this stage. Next you can get the Infinity Edge because of it's high Crit Strike chance and damage. Also it's passive is extremely helpful when you are more powerful late game. Lastly for mid game you need a Bloodthirster for it's high lifesteal and damage which are extremely helpful as the life steal helps you live longer in a 1vs1 and the damage boosts your abilities and AD.

Late Game

Late game is where you really start to build ATS. Firstly you need a Black Cleaver as it's on hit effects (the armour reduction) really goes well with Urgot's passive to help you rip through squishys and cope with tanks. Also Urgot benefits form the ATS and AD from the Cleaver. Your last item should be Phantom Dancer as Urgot really turns into a carry with high crit chance and ATS. The movement speed increase also help chase down enemies. Don't forget to sell your Manamune to get the Phantom Dancer!

Situational Items

If you are getting focused by the enemy team and need some survivability then a Frozen Mallet is a great idea as it not only helps you to survive but it helps with chasing and works well with your W. I would recommend swapping your Phantom Dancer for this. Other items such as Hexdrinker are also viable and a Thornmail for 1vs1 with enemy AD champs. It is also viable to get Mercury Treads instead of the Berserkers Greaves if the enemies have a lot of CC.

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Summoner Spells

My Preferred spells are Flash, to quickly set yourself up to get the enemy in range of your ultimate if they have overextended or are running away and aExhaust to stop the enemies from getting away if your W is on cooldown.

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By the end of this build you should be owning people in 1vs1 with massive lifesteal, farming minions with 1000 damage crit strikes, lowering enemy armour and shredding squishys, catching overextended anemies and putting them into the middle of your team and soloing BARON NASHOR.

Please rate, comment and give me feedback. Hope you enjoy this build and see you on the fields of Justice (my summoner name is ultracheese). Enjoy! :D

BTW this is my first build.:D