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League of Legends Build Guide Author c4ke_333ter

A guide to Veigar

c4ke_333ter Last updated on March 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm a bit bored today so I thought I'd make a quick guide to Veigar. Veigar is a mere 1300 IP and is one of my favorite champions in the league. He is an ultra-squishy late game nuker, and while he has unmatched burst damage mid-late game, he is near useless during laning. I'll try to update this build when I get more time. It is also my first build :>

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner spells

For runes just use whatever you use for other casters. The most important thing here are the mana regen seals that allow you to farm AP with Baleful Strike.

For Masteries I take 9/0/21

Summoner Spells I use Teleport and Flash. Teleport greatly helps you in your weak laning phase and to get around the map easier in the mid-late game. Flash can either be used to flash into range of Event Horizon to nuke an opponent who thought they were safe, or to escape when your Stun is on cd.

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Start with a meki pendant and 2 hp pots. This should allow you to farm Baleful Strike without running out of mana. And because Veigar is easily harassed you really need at least 1 hp pot.

First trip back turn the meki pendant into a tear and get boots if you can.

Second trip get Sorc shoes and a kages lucky pick.

Then Deathfires Grasp(dfg)>Rabadons Deathcap>Arch Angel

At this point you should get a defense item, by that I don't mean an Abyscal scepter. This will sacrifice some burst damage, but you're not doing any damage if you're being instagibbed by a Xin Zhao. I reccomend either Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil depending on how the game is going. Obviously if you have 20 mejai stacks and haven't even died yet you can skip this.

For your 6th item you can get

1: A Void Staff if your main target is starting to get MR
2: Another defensive item if you're still dieing
3: Another Arch Angel
4: An Hourglass

Deathfires Grasp

For some reason I see alot of Veigars not buy this item, or buy it later in the game. It is in my opinion the single best item to have on him. Along with mana regen/cdr/ and ap, its active does 1/3 a targets current hp in magic damage.

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Skill Sequence

You'll want to max Baleful Strike first as it is about the only skill you'll use from levels 1-5
You use it to farm, harass, and it is your most consistent form of damage during teamfights.

After that most people will max Dark Matter but I like taking two extra points in Event Horizon, At level 1 you wont hit targets with Merc Treads. Or anyone you you couldn't immediately use Dark Matter on. At level 1 the stun is just too short to get off your full nuke.

Obviously take your ult whenever you can.

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Passive: Veigar's Passive 'Equilibrium' allows him to consistently farm Q without running out of mana

Q: Baleful Strike is Veigar's main ability, that will be used for farming and poking. Whenever you last hit a creep with it, you gain 1 AP. Which may seen small at first but it can really add up. Also killing champions gives 1-2-3-4-5 AP.

W: Dark Matter summons a meteor dealing high damage to anyone it hits, this is your main damage ability for when your ult in on cd. It will almost never hit champions that aren't stunned/snared. Later on it can also be used to farm the wraiths and wolves easily.

E: Event Horizon is Veigar's most interesting ability, you'll use this to start your nuke. It has a longer range then most abilities. When using Event Horizon, try to place the stun so that your target is on the edge of the circle and is immediately stunned. If you place it around them they can dodge Dark Matter.

R: Primordial Burst is Veigar's highest damage ability, dealing huge damage to the target plus 0.8 of their ability power. This is what gives Veigar his reputation of being an anti mage,although this ability is still extremely effective against AD enemies.

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Nuke Combo

You're laning against an Ezreal who you've got down to 1/2 hp. He is standing near his tower, you flash towards him quickly lay down your stun, then call a Dark Matter, Deathfire Grasp, Primordial Burst and Baleful Strike.

The nuke:

I recommended using smartcast (look in the keybindings in options) it will basically cut the amount of time it takes to nuke in half. Using smartcast on Event Horizon will make it slightly harder to land though.

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Good Teammates

Veigar in most situations will need a protecter like Shen or Alistar, because of how squishy and defenseless(after using his nuke) he is. The most important thing is for your team to have hard CC (stuns/scares/knockups/taunts) this can also make it easier for him to land Event Horizon.

Role in Teamfights

Veigar specialized in taking out the carry, your job in a fight is to try to stun as many people on the other team as you can, the W>DFG>R whichever of their carries is giving you a harder time. Just because Veigar does more damage to mages doesn't mean you should target a 1/4/2 Vlad over a 11/2/6 Tristana who's destroying your whole team.