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Humor Guide by Mrheadless

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mrheadless

A jungle/aggresive player guide made for my friends

Mrheadless Last updated on September 18, 2014
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Hello welcome to my guide to a better jungle/aggresive player

first of all so anyone who reads this, i main udyr jungle, nunu support, nasus top,ezreal adc,and morgona mid

for those who are looking for legit guide to help you, im only making this to help my friends out in their weak spots and blind side, no idea if it can help you

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lets start with runes, if your doing jungle make sure you have alot of attack speed and defensive runes, that way you can clear very quickly without a risk of dying to creeps, if need be movement speed is opitonal for ganks

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masteries can follow the path of the runes, you can go either way with them, if your a sup-carry or carry jung make sure you have 21/0/9 it will help alot in ganks at low levels, be sure to look at possible ganks, if they are not half way it isnt worth it

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Team Work

always lead the team, as the aggresive player and jugnler, you must make sure your team knows you will do whatever it takes to get the victory, backdooring is a very hard thing to do at end game, for example, lets say the enemy team is taking the nexus, tell your team to hold off while u take bot or top never take mid, mid is the shortest route from you and the enemy, not a wise move to go mid

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Creeping / Jungling

creeps are your choice, you can do it either way depending on play style

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most important

now that we got the basics, lets get this straight, the best way to become a jungler is to master two other skill sets, first master top, top will teach you how to carry with builds you make, since its a one on one most of the time, it is the most important role a jungler can learn, the jungler will learn when to go in, and when to let the enemy walk so he can live, 2nd support, support will teach you how to help your team push and secure the kill, it always teaches you how to carry late game if the adc fails, also most don't do it but i do, the support can also anti jung if the jungler is a carry, to slow the enemy junglers process to feral flare or other items, to practice this, i recommend nunu and nasus, cheap champs but very strong late game like a jungler should be

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now for items, if you are doing a carry jungle like udyr, madstone build is a crazy fast build that make you overpower the enemy jungler, only works with high damage dealing carrys like nocturne,master yi,and udyr

for tanky role jungles spirt of the golem is the best choice,

sup-carrys should always go for the wraith or lizard spirt stones, depending if ap or not,for example lee sin,jax,jarven

other then that, mr and armor is mostly by choice other guides can teach you that, damage items are good no matter what just depends on who you facing and when you buy, always focus jungle items first

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last chapter

okay well thats pretty much for the basics, as for item sets and other important things, others have covered that,

all you need to worry about in jugnle after reading that, is practice being a leading role,a split pusher to apply pressure on enemy team, force them out of team fights unless team fights are the only way, and practice support and top, it will improve your jungle like crazy, hope it helped, if not then im sorry


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