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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr_Sully

A Jungle Full of Sin [Vid in Link]

Mr_Sully Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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Introduction / Links

IGN: Rapinhoeson24s
note: does not reflect my nature at all. I do not rape people and most people are not hoes. 24s would be nice though. Though I do not have any D:

Feel free to send me a request in-game, and if you have a quick question, and need a short, simple answer, feel free to send me a message through my facebook, check user for profile.
I am on facebook more often for various reasons and will be glad to answer any questions. Suggestions are welcome there too

Jungle Vid With dragon at 6: Jungle Vid
Failed 4v5 Part 1
For the other 5 parts (long failed game), just click on the links at the end of each video
2-man Baron Kill(level 18 :/) Baron near beginning of video
^ I would have loved to show baron at 14, but anivia was the one available to help this game, and due to the entire game being 4v5, it did not work out 18 minutes into the game, so this was the first Baron kill :/

Quick Notes:
Q =
W =
E =
R =

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Questions for Feedback: What would you like to see?

I can record a video comparing jungling with scepter at lvl 1 to jungling with cloth armor and health pots to show why I choose to stick with cloth armor

I can record another game when I have time that does not include a Mordekaiser that leaves at level 1.

I can record a Baron kill in-game at level 14 or so with assistance from one teammate

I can record using a variant build and compare and contrast.

Let me know what you want to see

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To be adaptable, I have gone with last whisper against a heavy armor team, and thornmail against massive DPS (AD) characters.

would be the best for going up against an AP heavy team, but build it late game as your are the jungler and the creeps in the jungle do not use magic attacks.

I would never advise the while jungling. Too much of a sacrifice early in the game when you need to get Wriggle's and boots. Just no.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at their Wraiths if the enemy team does not have a jungler and start at yours if they do. If they do not, place your shield on yourself at 1:39 (wraiths spawn at 1:40).

hit one of the smaller creeps and instantly smite the large one, hit the small one again and press w a second time for the armor and lifesteal. USE W EVERY TIME IT IS AVAILABLE! (level 1) also, always wait for two attacks to elapse before using another ability or you waste the cooldowns and your passive bonus.

After wraiths, if they had no jungler, hit your wolves, get level 2 [unlock your e ability] and grab blue buff/give to an ally. Then hit your wraiths and golems, and red. then just do your thing. If they had a jungler, hit your golems (put a point in e after the first one), then wolves, blue as before and red. ability order again is WEQWER, then you can really do whatever the game calls for.

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Utilization of Abilities

Use (W) to dash to a teammate in a gank or flank and use to save/escape

(E) is great for slowing multiple targets and the damage is a nice touch since you dont have to worry about mana!

I have not really found (Q) to be as useful as its activation range is not terribly significant and if you would need to jump to a champion, often times you would be lunging into a turret or other champions.

Definitely use your ultimate defensively if you have to. you can pop 4 enemies into the air and send the initial one flying past them all and save multiple teammates. I have done this multiple times. Also a nice move to get behind an enemy and force them back to your team.
Works really well if you slow them with your E ability first, then run past them and R them.

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Additional Details (Could Help)

Dragon [and quick jungle tip]:

I normally can kill the dragon alone and fairly quickly (smite helps if the cooldown is up) as soon as I purchase Wriggle's Lantern.

Without the lantern, I have still attacked the dragon and had one teammate from bottom lane come up and help several time and the returned to the jungle and killed wraiths and or mini golems using safeguard and then activating again two hits later for lifesteal and then using E, attacking twice, Q, attacking twice, Q again, attacking twice, and safeguard (W) again if still fighting.

This is the way to jungle once you have one point in all abilities to ensure that you are taking full advantage of your passive and your ability cooldowns will not overlap so long as you do not stray from the build guide and build attack speed items.


So this is tricky before level six as I recommended having teleport, but now exhaust or ghost in exchange.

Obviously, I do not recommend my build guide is perfect, especially since some people are very set on using particular summoner abilities. You can switch to ghost and put one point in ghost instead of teleport in masteries easily, but map control mid and late game is sacrificed. Alright, so, on to ganking.

Before level six you will want to pick a lane where the enemies have pushed your teammates back past the river so that you can you the river to ambush them and get behind them. This is one of the few times I have been able to utilize my Q ability specifically.
Hit the target with Q (you will have to wait for good timing for the minions to not be in the way) then get close range and use E, attack once and Q again before you lose the chance to, then E again to slow them. You should have two points in E, so the slow should be pretty nice at first. This gives your teammates a chance to help.

If your teammates have no CC's [Crowd Control aka. stuns, slows, etc things that piss off the enemy], then it is up to your slow to slow the enemy enough for you or your lane to kill that player quickly. Worst case, you didn't waste all of your mana on a failed gank and you probably got that player to use a summoner spell or both and use health/mana potions and most likely forced a recall and you can just head back to the jungle and lifesteal your health back with your ability that follows safeguard.

After level 6:

If you have played Alistar, you do not even need to read this. Assuming you have not, the reference is that Lee Sin's ultimate functions in the same way that Alistar's headbutt does. It forces the enemy away, in the direction in which you were using it.

Lee Sin's attack however, has a longer cooldown, but does a massive amount of damage if you are building AD (attack damage), which you are if you follow the build guide. So, my particular strategy is to hit a target with Q, then rush in behind the enemy so that the enemy is between you and your turret/teammates and use E, then use R (ult / dragon's rage) then instantly use Q again to jump back to the enemy you kicked away, and use E to slow the escape and finish the kill) Use W as well if you have the energy left for it. This one rarely fails, but flash on an enemy can be a pain sometimes if your teammates are not helping in the gank.

Good luck and I will add more as comment ask/suggest so and as I derive more fun ways to destroy enemies with Lee Sin

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Killing Baron! [Before a 5-man Baron kill]

at around level 15, I have killed Baron each and every game, as the enemies did not know I could that early and I had one teammate each time that was willing to help. I would place the ward from Wriggle's Lantern near Baron where I could also prevent ganks against my team, and then I would have any teammate, preferably one with teleport come to baron with me right after buying another item and I initiate and take the attacks and use the same attack sequence as I do when I jungle:
W (but this time I use on an ally and shield us both)
use two attacks
W again
use two attacks
use two attacks
use two attacks
Q again, use two attacks
Repeat until dead. Lifesteal makes this no problem, but when Baron throws you up into the air several times within a small time frame, you will reach low health, but I have never died with another teammate present :)

This really helps the team as the kill is worth a lot of gold, and your teammates, who are not Lee Sin, and do not have massive lifesteal, get the very generous health regeneration gift that comes along with killing Mr. Baron Nashor

Vid is uploaded. check links at intro

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Update Notes / Etc.

I just realized that Mobafire had an error and never saved my Mastery Tree. *Sad Face*

I am currently 11-1 with Lee sin, the 1 due to what I will blame, not on bad teammates, but on lack of coordination and guess that my elo and the elo scores of my teammates lead me to be matched up with 4 randoms against a pre-made 5 man team that ganked our team in the jungle several times. Though my team failed to avoid the jungle or set wards to keep it from re-occurring. D:

I think this guide can help you all a lot. At least until you are comfortable playing the character and judging what situations each item is best for with Lee Sin.

At 3 PM E.S.T. my first build guide ever (though I have played this game for nearly a year) hits 10k views. People still cannot rate, but comments are helpful :) thanks guys

Good luck guys!

Jungle Vid with dragon at 6 is recorded. Kind of big file, so it is saving, which will take about another 25 minutes. Then I will upload it to Youtube and throw in link in up at the top in an introduction section

Jungle Vid Uploaded

I recorded a Solo Queue game to show how the jungling ties in with game play and our mordekaiser left. Cool stuff. We lost for that reason, but the video still shows how to go about the build. Hope it helps. I will upload when it is done rendering

so I have been personally attacked by a user by the name of "thatsnotmypirate", who has voted down my build with a **** reason of "its not pretty enough" (happens to have the top-rated build guide somehow...hmmmmm) and then proceeded to continue voting against my guide through friends or multiple accounts. Fun stuff. Don't build up ego's everyone, or you will end up spending hours out of your day singling out people that appear better than you. Remember that

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First Baron Solo (Level 18): 04/03/2011

First 30+ takedown game w/o deaths: 04/01/2011

First loss: 04/01/2011

10:1 Win:Loss Ratio: 04/02/2011

First game with a leaver Mordekaiser (while recording!): 04/02/2011

first person that I know in real life that sent me a facebook message saying, holy ****, that was your build? I used that! : 04/04/2011 :)