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Wukong Build Guide by comeouthackin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author comeouthackin

A monkey belongs in the jungle!

comeouthackin Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have mained wukong since he was first created. His relatively easy skills and deceitful play has made him a very fun character to learn. The reason why I have started to start jungling wukong is to throw the enemy off in team select. WK is know mainly as a solo top bruiser, so whenever I am first pick in draft mode I try to select WK to see if they try to counter me.

IMO here are STRONG COUNTERS for WK at solo top: (riven, gp, cho, garen, pan, vlad, ryze, kennen, rumble, ren, etc.)

So I bait their solo top pick in order for my team to counter their pick and I just proceed with wukong in the jungle.

Also I want people to note that this guide focuses on the early game of wukong and the predictability of the first 15 mins of gameplay, because anything can happen during the game that you will have to adjust to (being a jungler you have to learn to be very flexible) and deviate away from your normal ways.

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I take heavy armor in runes because I want to get the extra damage/life/life steal I get from a dorans blade versus taking a cloth/+pots.

At level 1 with dorans, WK will have 50 armor and 79 attack damage. Both are plenty for a quick/safe clear.

My justification for the selection of my quints/seals are because you will have plenty of armor/life steal to survive the jungle before you make your first really strong gank at level 4 with all you skills.

Flat AD is better than flat ArP because your goal as wukong is to get that first blood at level four. Also the flat AD scales well with WK's Q (1.1 per attack damage) and mildly at best with E (.8 bonus attack damage).

Flat MR per level is one of the rune groups you can experiment around with, but MRpLVL will help you be more tanky late game.

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Damage. Damage. Survivability. Damage.

Wukong does a ton of damage on ganks early on (lvls 4 through 11) with Q and E, and 21 points in the offense tree helps him do even more.

Only when you jungle WK take two points in butcher (+4 dmg to monsters/minions), two points in tough skin (2 less dmg from monsters/minions), and one point in bladed armor (returns 6 dmg to monsters/minions): these abilities allow for a quick clear in jungle and are quite fundamental with most heavy offensive tree AD junglers.

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In the current meta your team is kind of dependent on the jungler and solo top laner in providing the team with some extra defensive stats.

In team fights (assuming the whole enemy team is there) wukong will have an additional 40 armor and MR, so with any of these items through any course of the game wukong will be extremely tanky.

First item you get is a dorans blade mainly for my justification in the runes section.

Next, get tier one boots and rush a wriggles latern. A wriggles is great for clearing the jungle fast with the attack speed boost wukong gets from E. Also the extra armor isn't half bad...

Tier 2 boots is next. Since I always play WK as a tank I either get Ninja's Tabi if AD heavy team (the jungler and solo top lane decide whether or not they are usually AD or AP heavy) or Merc treads for AP/CC heavy team.

After those three main items your build should differentiate depending on how your team is currently doing and how the other team is building their characters. Wukong is a great initiator, but that comes at the expense of taking a lot of damage, so pay attention to who is doing the most damage on the other team and adjust the priorities of your items accordingly.

Typically I like to build armor heavy first and follow this item order:
wriggles / phage/ atmas/ frozen mallet/ force of nature then you sell dorans and either get more damage (blood thrister or last whisperer) or more defense (warmogs, banshees veil)

P.S. I rarely ever get to a full build in rank lately so the sixth item is highly situational on how the game is going. I like to purchase elixirs as well as the game drags on.

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Skill Sequence

For jungling: R > E > Q > W
For solo top: R > Q > E > W

Q and E are the biggest debate here for jungle, but my reasoning for E > Q is because of the extra attackk speed you get that compliments the wriggles proc for quicker jungle clears and dragon/baron kills.

A trick about wukong you need to master: Upon using your E ability WK applies a autoattack right away on completion of nimbus strike. Immediately after the autoattack you should press Q to reset the timer for the next autoattack and complete a crushing blow attack. Essentially you get two attacks in the time for one.

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Summoner Spells

Top Tier: Flash/Smite

Flash is great for escape and initiation. With WK you sometimes need to surprise the enemy team with a decoy W initiation. From decoy you should W then Q then immediately R and knock up the whole team. If someone on the enemy team flashes to avoid knock-up you simply flash and catch them with the extra movement speed R provides

Next Tier: Ghost/Heal/Ignite

I think ghost is ruined by CC and almost useless late game where almost every character as some sort or crowd control.

Heal is mainly used as baiting the enemy in thinking they have a kill when they truly don't, since WK is not the best dueler in the jungler, you don't need heal.

Ignite is just for securing kills, but you shouldn't need the extra damage because if you do then you probably miscalculated your gank.

Next tier:
never use anything other than the ones listed above

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Wukong in the jungle is all about timing (keeping track of blue for mid and dragon fights) and clear speed.

The route I begin is a quite simple clear with strong blue leash:

By the time you get red you should be level 4 and ready to make your first gank at mid/top or mid/bot depending on whether you are purple or blue.

Also when you lead into a gank in any lane from a bush, lead with decoy when you know they do not have detection of where you are then lunge at them with nimbus strike/crushing blow and your ultimate if need be.

Any questions let me know, I love this monkey.