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Ahri Build Guide by Topaz Eyes

AP Carry A Name To Remember

By Topaz Eyes | Updated on November 14, 2012

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so,ive been playing ahri for very long,its a very "personal preferance" champion, basically, anything you build on her could be right, i played grail,abbysal sceptor,lich bane on ahri before, i liked them alot,but this build is best for soloq's and any games

MAJOR ISSUE - DFG Nerf Included
DFG Switch For Abbysal

Moba Made 2nd doran as main item after i added it after boots,just to note, 2 dorans better if you want to rush cap
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this is my personal one,but as i said before its good for soloqs

so,1st lets look at the items that arent included;

Athene's Unholy Grail - its an awesome item,but very costy, makes it very bad idea to build early or mid game ,if your fed id recommend building over haxtech


Lich Bane - its nice for pushing towers,its very good with ahri,but people dont like it too much for some reason, build it over haxtech if you want to backdoor or push2 win
(works only in low elo or normals)


Sorcere's shoes - its a good item,but you should take mercurys over it if your bad at juking skills

Doran's Ring - lets not discuss about ahri mana problem and hp usefulness

Deathcap ,and why rush it? - its best item ever, especially on ahri,since you got mobility like an idiot and all you need is not-to-get-caught and damage,its the best choice, if you feel underfarmed or behind in 5 mins,always buy Kage's Pick.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptor - this is a must be item on ahri, why?
insane range,can slow enemy team,can assure kills,still gets you a kill if you miss charm,also this would be the only hp item on you,which makes you not so squishy

Abbysal Sceptor - Always Get it Mid game or Early Lategame, gives you MR,and makes that G4y Effect On Enemy Carrys,to utalize it ult inside when some spells and stuns've been used,to deal massive damage,but dont forget you need some shots to come out

Zhonya's Hourglass - its a good item,if you like diving as ahri use it to confuse enemys, if you get caught - use it to make your team help you if theyr a sec behind, if you need cds and you cant handle dmg - use it!
also it gives you armor,cause lategame,ad carrys are your biggest threaths

Will Of The Ancients - its a good item,its a good choice if you want to not get outpoked,gives your enemy ap, and its my personal choice, if you feel like a pro,id recommend it as 1st item you would want to replace.
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in early game you do want to look for openings to land your q or combo,because you clearly outrange most ap's, if you want to make big plays or make ganking very easy, id usually flash + e ,or something, i dont save flash when im lv ~4-5 because i will have ult soon,with ahri you should never use skills on minions too much,because its hard to keep pushing and not get killed in early levels,if you see enemy ap building very squishy note that if you get to combo him,he will die. once you master ahri,it would make it easier to you to take out jungler at his wraiths that you should be warding

in mid game,you should focus on ganking bot or taking out your mid champ or enemy jungler,
to make sure you secure drake flawlessly, also look out for blue giveaways,since your ahri,blue buff is best thing you can have.

in lategame,you would want to keep trying to find openings with your charm, exept if they got hard cc, you will also be the main poke of your team,so make sure to play carefully, dont wander in jungle parts that arent warded,keep close to your team,
in teamfights your job is to deal as much aoe dmg with your q as possible,also use your deathfire on the one who dives for ad carry or play offensive and help your team take out ad carry with it,you should aim your charm for enemy ap or ad carry to disable him,making him be completely useless until the fight is over,if your team knows how to focus,that guy would go down, for e,just spam it randomly.
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Pros / Cons

good thing at ahri is that she is good at ganking/carrying but is vulnable to cc and silences, so when you play her,always look out to stay out of range of those or juking them,if you get hit,youd be mostly dead, people would be like, what about ryze and annie's, stay out of range,ask junglers to help you,if they flash,make sure you chain your flash asap

also note,if your going for ganks and not getting kills,enemy mid could dominate you, why?
few creeps= 1 kill since youll be missing almost 2-3 waves its gonna be very bad, id recommend gold/10 or ganking when enemy lane is pushed or when enemy is missing

Counters for ahri are;
Ryze, LeBlanc, Swain, Annie, Talon, Fizz, Akali, Malzahar, Veigar, Diana

if you want to counter her with an item,it should be Banshee's Veil,

if you want to pick ahri,make sure you pick it on a neutral champ or a champ that you counter;

if you get countered,try to CS under Tower,and try to win by CS, you can try to push ,but it reduces chances of winning
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well,that concludes my guide on ahri,check me out on fb,yt or add me ingame



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Topaz Eyes
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Topaz Eyes Ahri Guide

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