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League of Legends Build Guide Author HailBookwyrm

A *NEW* kind of Jungle Predator

HailBookwyrm Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Chapter 1

Updated 1/1/11
Updated 1/15/11
Updated 1/18/11

Hi, and welcome to the New Age WARWICK JUNGLE GUIDE!!!

First off, there are a lot of Warwick jungle builds. This one is different from any I've seen, mostly because of the beginning item purchase and the pathing. With this jungle path, you will be hitting the dual golems first. This isn't what most builds/guides will have you do, but it can prevent an early game jungle gank.

Eternal Thirst: A great passive, lifesteal.
Hungering Strike: Bites an enemy for a good deal of damage and heals Warwick. Note that this ability has some range, so you can effectively harass with it if you're good.
Hunter's Call: Gives an attack speed increase to you and any allied champions near you.
Blood Scent: If there's any champion lower than 50% health in the range of this ability, Warwick will smell them and go into a frenzy, increasing his movement speed. Note that this is a toggled ability, if you want it to work and it's not, make sure you have it turned on.
Infinite Duress: Deals a great amount of damage and suppresses the target champion. Also applies on-hit effects, such as that from the Madred's Bloodrazor.

Smite: A must have for a jungler, giving you that extra damage versus creeps.
Ignite: Self explanatory spell, use it to get those kills on those champs that excel in running.

Exhaust: Use it to chase someone down or keep them from killing you.
Flash: Use like you would Exhaust, as a chase or escape mechanism.

MASTERIES: I choose a 1-17-12 mastery build. I get the improved Smite in Offense, and some damage reduction in Defense. In Utility, I chose my personal favorites until I got to the neutral buff increase.

RUNES: I chose runes that are good on any jungler, some armor penetration which is also useful for raping turrets, some cooldown reduction and the like. (Please note that if you have any suggestions for runes, I'd be happy to hear 'em.)


First of all, buy a Cloth Armor, thats right just a Cloth Armor, NO POTIONS. Run to the normal golems and dance until the minions spawn. Also, remember to put your first point into your Q ability, Hungering Strike. Next, initiate with your Smite and kill them, using Hungering Strike whenever its off cooldown, while being judicious with the usage. If you're at full health, don't use it just for kicks, you may need it soon. Now, run to the Ancient Golem after putting your second point into W, Hunter's Call. Use W and kill the normal lizards first,(this is to give Smite a few more seconds to get it off cooldown), then using Smite and Hungering Strike on the buff holder. After he's dead, run to the wolves and kill them. Run to the Wraiths, then the normal golems again. Quickly grab the red buff with Smite. Now, run through the river and grab the opposing team's blue buff, granted it's there of course. Now, recall to your base, buy your Berserker's Greaves and anything you can put to your Madred's Razor/Bloodrazor. Run and kill the dragon.

Now, keep in mind, that once you have your ultimate, Infinite Duress, ganking becomes an extremely viable option. Since it suppresses and deals a good amount of damage, you can kill easy, following them with Blood Scent on and eating them if you need to. You can also take over a lane at most any time. Your lifesteal passive and Hungering Strike will keep you alive until the normal person(s) comes back.

Madred's Bloodrazor: Such a good item... It deals a percentage of a champions Max HP as well as giving you armor, attack speed, and attack damage.
Berserker's Greaves: These are my favorite boots because of the attack speed. With Warwick, attack speed lets you take more health from your victims and rape towers even more. If you prefer any other boots, go for it, but I say your Blood Scent gives you all the speed you need.
Phantom Dancer: Great item, gives you move speed, attack speed, and critical hit chance.
Frozen Mallet: Another great item, gives you a good amount of health and also slows down anyone you attack.
Banshee's Veil: Gives health, mana, magic resist as well as the ability to negate one enemy spell every 30 seconds.
Force of Nature: One of my favorite items, bar none. Gives huge amounts of Magic Resistance and Health Regen.

As always, feel free to change up the item purchase or substitute another item.

Thanks for taking the time to read the NEW AGE WARWICK JUNGLE GUIDE! If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to post 'em. Also, PLEASE do not rate this down without telling me why first. Good Hunting!