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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Therodimus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Therodimus

A Short Guide to Dunking at Bottom: Kill Lane Jarvan

Therodimus Last updated on July 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings, fellow summoners. My name is Therodimus, and I am here to explain to you all one of many ways to play the Exemplar of Demacia, Jarvan IV.

Jarvan is the first champ I really got into, and he is still my main. Jarvan is an excellent choice for a "kill lane" bottom; this is due to his natural tankiness, cc, and stat boost for his lane-mate. However, a kill lane bot leaves your team without an AD carry, which is a little bit of a ****ing problem. This build attempts to remedy that by going for a straight AD Jarvan IV, relying on his natural tankiness and gap closers to do damage to the enemy.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is an excellent spell on Jarvan, due to the fact that you can be almost anywhere in a teamfight, Flash E-Q-R and be on top of the enemy AD. This gives you a lot more fluidity in your positioning whenever flash is up, as the area from which you can kill the enemy squishies is vastly increased.

Ignite is useful for securing kills and negating the very common bot lane setup of Heal on the carry and a support that can heal.

Other Viable Spells

Ghost- This Summoner Spell is a decent alternative to flash, it allows you to chase like a boss and escape over time better than flash. However, it does not have as much synergy with your ult. It is a good choice for whenever you are laning against Ashe, because she is the Queen ***** of the Kiters.

Heal- If you don't think that killing the enemy lane is going to be that much of a possibility, then you can take heal to allow you to sustain yourself in lane and win trades with your opponents. A surprise heal when your enemies are diving you will oftentimes net you a kill or two.

Exhaust- Exhaust allows you to slow an enemy to a crawl and make them do almost no damage for a few seconds. This skills is percentage based, so it retains its use all game, whereas Ignite is more for the early-mid game and to counter people like Mundo and Sion. If you have Exhaust and the enemy AD does not, you automatically win 1v1s unless you have mental problems and the enemy AD is Chaox.

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I prefer AD marks when playing bottom , due to the fact that you need to farm to win your lane, and AD marks combined with your passive make last-hitting very very easy. The only other marks that I would consider running on him are armor-pen, to increase your harass on the enemy laners.

Flat armor seals are more or less mandatory; they give you a nice amount of early-game armor that allows you to trade well with your opposing lane.

For glyphs I use standard magic resist per level, these allow you to have 23.6 magic resist at level 18. A little bit goes a long way, and you'll be surprised at how much damage you take from enemy APs if you don't run these.

Finally, quintessences. These runes are definitely the most variable, as they are on most champions. I like armor-penetration quints because they allow me to negate a major part of my opponent's armor. Flat AD is also an option, though I feel like with your passive and AD reds last hitting is already easy enough. HP quints will give you that little bit of extra tankiness that you need, and Movespeed Quints will allow you

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My masteries are pretty standard, 21/9/0 gives you the most damage to help with those early game kills, and you still get the absolutely ****ing wonderful Veteran Scars. Not really a whole lot to change, if you really really like Utility 21/0/9 is also an option.

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Q-Dragon Strike: Dragon Strike is your main source of damage with Jarvan. It is a line skillshot with a short cast-time and is more-or-less instant across its hitbox. There are very few times when I would advocate using your Q without also using your E:

    Trading at Level 1
    Catching a runner
Other than that, you should only use Q to follow up on your E, in my opinion. It saves mana and makes you think a lot more about when and where to use your abilities.

W-Golden Aegis: Golden Aegis is Jarvan's weakest ability, in my opinion, but is by no means a bad skill. It costs a ****-TON of mana, but sometimes you walk away with 30 health and can thank this skill for saving your ***. It also slows people in a fairly large area around you, so use it to stop people from running away if they are low.

E-Demacian Standard: This skill is a medium-sized AOE skill that leaves a flag on the ground wherever you target it. It also provides Jarvan with 10-22 armor and 10-22% attack speed. The flag gives everyone around it bonus attack speed and armor, including you (This means that Jarvan get 44 armor and 44% attackspeed FOR FREE). The flag also interacts with your Q, Dragon Strike; If you touch the flag with your Q, you will be pulled to the location of the flag. This provides Jarvan with excellent mobility, utility and damage just from this one combo.

R-Cataclysm: This skill is what defines you. It is your most important, most useful, and easiest to **** UP skill. Proper usage of your ultimate is what sets apart good Jarvans from great Jarvans. When you use this skill, you will jump at the enemy champion, DUNKING THEIR ****ING FACE IN while creating an arena that enemies cannot escape unless they have a blink/dash. Their are 3 skills in the League that can truly **** your teammates over, and this is one of them. A bad Jarvan traps his entire team in his ult when the enemy team consists of Morgana, Kennen, Amumu, Varus, and Leona. A good Jarvan will be able to spot opportune times to ult and separate, catch, and destroy the enemy team.

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Skill Order

When bot lane, I like to give equal priority to my Q and my E. Both are essential to proper play of Jarvan; when you use E, you will be using Q directly after 90% of the time. I take one point in W for the slow, but the mana cost is slightly horrendous so you should only use it if you are nearly sure of a kill.
You have a choice when skilling: you can either get E or Q to rank 5 first. If you are think you are gonna ****ing destroy your lane then you should get Q at level 1. If you are worried about a tough lane enemy, then you should start E instead. If you are unsure, just start with Q: it will allow you to win trades that would be extremely close otherwise.
You will of course level up your ultimate ASAP.

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Early Game

Early game you should focus on 2 things: zoning your enemy laners and farming. Kills are nice, but it is more than enough to starve an AD carry of farm and/or XP. 15cs= 1 kill, so farming is more profitable than killing for the most part. However, since this is a kill lane, if the opposing laners extend themselves out ONE LITTLE BIT, you should not hesitate to jump on them with your ally and BRUTALLY DOMINATE THEM. If your opponents die and lose XP, all the better. One good thing about Jarvan is that he is fairly difficult to gank, having a knockup-gap-closer and a slow allows you to get out of most sticky situations. If you are level 6 and get ganked, you can simply ult and then E-Q out, leaving the hapless enemy laners sitting on their ***es.

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Mid-Late Game

I put these together because they are pretty simple. Mid-game is when towers start going down, fights involving more than one lane and a jungler happen, and when major objectives like dragon and enemy buffs are taken. During this time you should still be farming and destroying the enemy lane, unless you see your lane opponents roaming you should probably stay bot so you can deny them farm and all that good stuff. Lend support to your jungler when he wants to invade buffs, and generally just do work.
Late-game is a little bit difficult for AD Jarvan. You start being focused more than you already are, and deaths last longer than Ron Jeremy. Your team should always keep dragon, and more importantly baron, warded, and you should try to push mid and force a teamfight if you all have the advantage. If you are behind, play safe, play smart, and try to catch your opponents alone or out of position to close the gap. During teamfights, you should try to come in a few seconds after the initiation; if you land your full combo on the enemy AD carry (E-Q-R-W-AA), they should instantly die if you farmed correctly. If they aren't they should be pretty damn close so just stick on them until you finish the job. After that switch over to the other squishies and repeat.

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Good Supports to Lane with

It is very important when playing bot-lane Jarvan that you have a good lane-mate. They should be someone with a large amount of crowd control who is also good with few/support items, and tanky as ****. Champion who I consider good lane partners for Jarvan are:

    Alistar- I just love the cow. He has so much innate CC and tankiness, and at level 6 he lets you towerdive like a ****in boss. He doesn't bring that much damage to the lane, but his other traits make up for it.
    Pantheon- Pantheon is a less common choice, but he is still excellent. He has a stun, ranged harass, auto-crits to finish people off, and a passive that lets him turret dive EXTREMLEY well. He also does a lot of damage early on without building many offensive items.
    Taric- There are more ideal people to lane with, but the Gem Knight isn't bad at all. With your armor stacking E's you will be at your tankiest when paired with him, but your kill potential is pretty low.
    Leona- The ABSOLUTE GREATEST LANEMATE FOR JARVAN. Leona is literally the perfect support for when you want to DESTROY the enemy lane. She has extreme tankiness, a dash, an insane damage passive, and 3 ****ING STUNS. She will let you deal the most damage, have the most CC, and has the 2nd strongest tower dive with Jarvan, only surpassed by Alistar. If you have the opportunity to lane with Leona, you had best do it.

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I hope you all enjoyed my short guide to Kill-lane Jarvan. If you see anything I need to improve, or would like me to modify something, just post a comment. This is my first guide on Mobafire, and I think that guidemaking is something that I could really get into, with more conventional builds for other Champs.