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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hskkyy

A Simple Udyr Guide ;]

Hskkyy Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup guys, ima bring you another simple guide hear about Udyr, Mistah Samoan Man of League of Legends.. Hes a unique champion because he has no ult. He has 4 abilities that you can chose to max out 3 of the 4 and leave 3 ranks on the leftover ability. He's Pretty tough to get used to, so expect to do horrible the first 10 games or so. So here we go.

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ARM PEN quints x3
MR per level/ flat mr glyphs
Flat armor seals
Atack speed marks

These runes give me the beefiness and attack speed needed to clear a jungle efficiently. I also need the arm pen quints in order to do more damage to creeps in the jungle because they have armor. Armor seals is self explainitory because creeps do physical damage to you and MR helps ap nukers slap you in the face and rape you in 2-3 abilities.

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Masteries: I either go 2 masteries with udyr depending on my current team composition.

I usually go 21-0-9 cause I love being aggressive as udyr in the late game. It also helps me clear the jungle faster. When you reach mid-late game and have your trinity force and some MR/ARMOR, you will begin to notice the dominating power of Udyr. You will have the beefiness, AND the damage mid-late game which makes udyr one of the best late game champions.

An alternative is getting 0-21-9 or 1-16-13

These masteries are more of a defensive type of build. These masteries make Udyr health efficient in jungling but slows it down, just slighty. If there is no tank in the team, I usually go these masteries. With these masteries on top of mr/armor + Turtle stance, it just makes Udyr a home wrecking tanky dps machine. You’ll definitely notice the boldness and tankiness of udyr with these masteries. However, the drawback of this build is that you’ll notice the dramatic lack of dmg you do compared to an offensive built Udyr.

9-0-21/ 0-9-21

Udyr is a face to face champion, and needs to withstand damage as he charges in head first into a fight. The cdr/mana regen/ movement speed is useless if you melt and get destroyed the second u run into a fight. I played a few games with these masteries and noticed that I did no have the sturdiness nor the damage to be useful in the teamfight. I just basically skipped into a teamfight said hi, and got ********* pretty hard.

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Items: More in Depth in Video Guide

Item Builds”

Cloth armor and 5 health potions
First trip back : Boots + health pots + maybe a ward
2nd trip = madreds razor + ward or Long sword + ward
3rd trip= Zeal or Phage. I don’t turn madreds into a wriggles because udyr already has lifesteal and it postpones udyr on items he really needs, like health from phage or movement speed from zeal. What you get if you go zeal first is dagger. If you get phage first, get ruby crystal. The decision to get one or the other is based on your gameplay. If they have annoying people that are fast or have slows *teemo, garen, janna* get zeal. If they have slow but buff people *renekton, ashe, tf* get phage
4th trip= Phage or Zeal depending on your 3rd item
5th trip= Trinity force. I like trinity force because of its buffed stats. It gives the movement speed, attack speed, some health, and a on hit effect that increased your physical damage on hit.
6 trip- merc treads
3rd item is based on your perforamce early-mid game
Are you getting raped by ap users? Get Banshee’s veil
Are you getting swords shoved up your ***? Get Randuin’s Omen
Are you Slapping and massaging people to death AND raping them in the *** after? Turn your madred’s razors into a blood razors.

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Defensive Build

Defensive build I usually follow the first build until trip 3. I then get a heart of gold or a catalyst depending on the enemy team. AD? Heart of gold. AP? Catalyst. Then I turn them into a randuins omen or a banshee’s veil. Then I turn my madreds razors into a wriggles lanter for warding purposes. Then I get get bv or Randuins( depending on what I got the first time) This build is usually tank udyr which is only used for stunbotting. Which I will go over that later in the guide.

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Jungling: Please see Video Guide for this part, i explain it clearer.

If you do not jungle with udyr, don’t play Udyr at all. Udyr is lackluster in laning, no joke. He has no harrasability, neither does he have lane lasting ability. It’s best to keep the beast tamed in the jungle and letting him out to play later on in the game.

I have quite an amount of jungler routes. First one is my general route. Blue golem, wolves, wraiths, mini golems. Blue pill, buy boots, and kill red and gank. You should always want to have someone leash you golem or maybe have some people speed up the process by hitting it a few because it saves you unnecessary health loss if you solo’d it. If you don’t, then your teammates are *******s and you should rage at them and say * GG no help, no ganks. **** off you suck I troll*.. JK tough **** , you should do just fine without it, but it would be nice for a leash. The reason I skip red in the process is because the boots I get when I bluepill greatly increases the chances of a successful gank because of the mobility you have over enemy champions and the attack speed you have that applies the red buff. You also regain health from bluepilling, having more health to gank.

Sometimes, the enemy team decides to take your blue and claims it like a dog so you cant do blue. Have no fear, Mr. Samoan Man has a solution. Basically you just start from wolves, go to there wraiths, go to your wraiths, do mini golems, blue pill, buy boots, do blue/ wolves, red , gank. This is probably the safe route after they pee everywhere in your jungle. When you take their wraiths, make sure u leave 1 hanging so it messes up their jungles spawn timer. Even if its for a few seconds, it’s a few seconds for him later in game doing nothing and waiting for spawn. Be aware, you need to be confident you can get his wraiths without being spotted, or else it'll set you back very far from there jungler. I only do this when I know he's not there so i can set him back a few too.

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Ganks: Please see Video Guide for this part, I show things you should be do

Basically you have to be well coordinated with your team to pull off successful ganks. This is in general, but it is especially with Udyr cause he has to walk up to the target, get into high-fiving distance, and slap em in the face for the stun. If you don't land the stun on the gank, chances are that it is a failed gank and you messed it up. Try to gank lanes that already have a dependable stun * taric, sion, ashe arrow, tf goldcard*. This increases your chance of a successful gank and a first blood of 400g that will greatly help you reach your trinity force faster. I noticed that when I get first bloods, it just starts become a snowball fest for me because of how fast I reach my trinity force. If the laning partner has a stun and he lands it before you, tiger stance first then switch to bear and stun him again, then tiger for slow, then stun again. This is a stunlock and WILL slap people in the face real hard and just rape em. Even if they have tenacity, this combo is still deadly.

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Early Game:

Early Game:
As udyr early game, you are REALLY weak. You’ll run out of mana almost all the time without blue and the only way to regain it is through turtle stance or bluepilling. You don't want to waste mp5 on runes either because it becomes useless later in mid-late game where Udyr is really threatening. You wanna keep yourself in the jungle and help gank lanes when appropriate, but mostly in the jungle or to take over a lane for a while to level up. Udyr is in his baby form in early game and cant really do anything because he doesn’t have trinity force yet and he doesn’t have decent ranks into his abilities yet.

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Mid Game

UDYR starts to become a man in mid game. You have to start playing agressive during Mid game. The moment you hit your zeal + Phage phase, you will begin to notice the potential of how dominant Udyr can be. You want to gank as much as possible and always have double buffs at this point because your performance mid game sets you up for your performance late game. The more you take advantage of double buffs + ganking + dragon, the more easier it'll be for you late-game. You also want to have double buff to discourage enemy teams from doing dragon because the objectives of the game changes. You always want to ward dragon and maybe there blue and red because you are the jungler and can roam anywhere and don’t have to stay in lane. You'll begin to notice the beefiness and dmg as you get zeal and phage. As you transition into a trinity force, you will soon be a force to be reckoned with. You’ll begin to get focused more often as late game comes near so be cautious on how aggressive you play.

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Late Game

Udyr is far dangerous in the late game. An Udyr can 1-2 champions no problem. A fed hardcore Udyr can rape a team 1v5 at a point. (I have done this before, its possible). Once Mr Samoan Man gains the defense, the dmg, and the ranks on abilities he needs, he will dominate in teamfights. You will begin to notice that you will be focused hard because of the damage you do. Once you notice this, pop turtle stance and then bear stance to sprint away. In certain situations tho, you can just tiger stance and kill them instead.

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Team Fights

Udyr excels in crunched up team fights. He can shut down an enemy carry/support and just ignore tanks because of his beefiness. What you wanna do as udyr is imagine yourself as Rambo. Go in like a G , get the job done, and get out. You can sprint past tanks and immediately zone carries and down supports fast. But be warned, you will get focused so be careful. Your beefiness should help with being focused and your teammates should follow you in.. In most occasions you want to wait for an iniation from other champions such as ashe’s arrow, amumu, malphite and then charge in with bear stance. Although, you can also catch carries off guard and charge in there and stun and activate randuins. Your Job in team fights is to burn down the enemy carry/support/ and stunning everyone. In my offensive build, I usually charge in and aim for carries / support. But in my defensive build, I turn into a stun bot because of how lackluster my dmg is in that build. Basically, You can only stun A champion once every 6 seconds. Key word being *A* champion. So that means I can go in there stun the carry, then switch and stun the other carry, then switch and stun the previous carry, or stun the support continiously. But be warned that u don't wanna stun and run and stun and run. Your not a range carry, You have to stun, tiger stance or turtle stance, and stun again. If you do this correctly, you can severely cripple a team, especially if they all have channeling ults ( before fiddle crowstorms, kat, nunu, caitlyn)