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League of Legends Build Guide Author ewweg

A true nightmire-the burst way

ewweg Last updated on March 17, 2011
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read me ;)

first i wanna say sorry for my bad english, i am not good at spelling, bechous i come from an "not english speaking" contry xD also i wanna say that i carnt see his stats, so i dont know exachly how muth attaclspeed he gets from thos two builds :( i have never tryed to get full attackspeed item build (my seccond buld/jungling build). atm this side is bugged, so u carnt se the items, and runes/marsteries, i will try to get this guide udatet as soon as posible. ;( well hir we go ennywhy xD

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ok hello, this is two guides, the first is for going the champ in laning, what is warry good! u can get manny kills irly, and u can gank mid at lvl6 whit ulty brfor ennemye say ss/miss/mia :), the seccond guide is for jungling hwit hem. u can go two ways whit this champ, burst, and dps. burst is based on high damg, and is an ekspansive build, the seccond is for attackspeed, and is cheaper, but bust is best late game, so it is up to you. both attackspeed and attack damg build is good on hem. the summenerspells is up to you, tho i recomend that u use smite if going jungle ofc, but els gost, flash, exhurst, and ignite is good summenerspells, for hem. personally i use exhurst ignite, to offence summenerspells, this can give u manny kills, tho u dont have enny help to ur escape, ore chasing, but u dont really need that, bechus u have ur ulty, ur shild, and ur "q" to get movement, but if u like gost, the n take it, ore what ever u like, it is all what u like to play whit thats best!

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Pros / Cons

the bad thing, and the reson why this chmap not is op, is bechus he is SO squishy, and thats why we by frozen mallet. the good things is that he deal alot of damg, burst but also damg over a longer time (dps). he have good fleeing abileties, and good chasing abileties. also he have some cc. the best thing of this champs is his ganking... its just inzane.