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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nights_Judgement

A Vayne in the ***

Nights_Judgement Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I don't want to write tons, so will be keeping the sections short and sweet. Basically though, this build focuses on an old school idea of Atmogs - the ability for Vayne to do insane true damage right up until mid-game without any real damage items makes it very viable, and makes her deceptively tanky!

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Marks - 9 x Mark of Desolation
Seals - 9 x Seals of Armor
Glyphs - 9 x Glyph of Alacracity
3 x Quints of Desolation

This gives the big Armor Pen you need to deal out early damage. The Armor is decent for survivability and the speed nice for last hitting. You can mix and match as you like, but so far I've found this most effective. Feel free to comment if you find something better :)

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No need to go much into this. Masteries are offensive - we want to kill - HUNT OUR PREY!

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Skill Sequence

Maxing the Q first gives for excellent dodging (Devil May Cry Style) of most attacks because of the tiny cool down. Gives out tons of damage as well! :)

I like to put the silver arrows out max next because of the true damage, and I only like to use my condemn to stun for the kill or the escape rather than aggressively, and it does it's job just fine at level 1.

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Start with regrowth pendent and lane it up to a Warmogs. Go back if you have to and grab a giants belt and your boots. Then get it up to a warmogs.

For boots, really it's situational. Merc treds are still decent for the tenacity and magic resist against a heavy AP/CC team, but greaves or boots of speed are legit too. Go with your own style.

Next make up a sheen. The sheen is insanely strong on Vayne. Attack, Attack, Roll - Attack. The burst you get on making that combo is incredible and the extra mana from sheen lets you just do it endlessly. Being behind the warmogs makes you a lot less squishy.

Move into an Atmas as the early game moves out. You'll have a little under average damage compared to other builds, but you're sturdy and going to be a real "vayne in the ***" to your opponents (oh gosh, what a pun..... -_-).

From this point on, you want to be holding onto an agility potion pretty much all the time, and activating it if you go into a team fight. That's why I spammed it at the the end of the items. Having this on you at all times from like level 11-18 gives you the extra attack speed/crit that the items leave out and make you incredibly dangerous and difficult to kill.

From here move into either a frozen mallet or a banshees, depending if they have annoying AP that's killing you or not. Either way, get both in whatever order since they both boost your atmas. The Frozen Mallet means nobody will ever escape you, once you have this there is no running from Vayne ^_^

Finally turn your Sheen into a trinity force, and just triple pot up until the end. The game should very rarely get to this stage. I usually only get as far as Banshees/Frozen Mallet and that's about 35-40 minutes.

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This built covers up the weakness that I've found with my first 20-30 games with Vayne - a little stun or CC on you and then you're just dead. Doesn't matter if you can go invisible and roll, you just die because of tiny life. This build allows you to stay in the team fight, getting off your true damage repeatedly without having to worry so much about getting zoned out of every team fight and not being able to land that 3rd attack down.

Give it a shot before you diss it, it's strong :)

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How to be a pain in the ***

1. During laning, abuse the roll + attack often, especially once you have sheen. Very easy to roll forward into range and get the attack off and then run back. You'll do tons of harass damage this way.

2. Your Ult adds a ton of extra damage. Pop your ult, roll, attack, condemn, attack again. With sheen you'll proc it twice, and it takes into consideration your roll bonus damage and the ulti bonus damage - it does awesome burst and % true damage. You will get kills like this quite easily every minute.

3. In a team fight, condemn enemies away from your squishy champs and whail away on whatever is closest. You can easily use your roll to keep out of zoning range, and you'll be pretty darn tanky with this build, giving a very difficult choice for your enemies to focus you or not! :)

4. Don't forget the potions of agility as of about level 11, they really make the difference. Keep one on you and pop it when a team fight is about to start, they tip the balance.

5. Don't be afraid to use your ulti often. It lasts like 10 seconds or so and has a minute cool down so really there is only about 45-50 seconds down time between uses :)

6. A great escape is to ult - roll - flash over a wall. Has a very "shaco" feel to it. They just don't know where you've gone :)

I'll add more to this build as I play more games and become stronger with her. So far though, I think this may be one of the stronger builds available and I haven't seen anyone else posting anything like this yet :)