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Ryze Build Guide by Jarhead212

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jarhead212

A Wall of Text About Ryze

Jarhead212 Last updated on April 25, 2012
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Hello! The is the first guide that I am actually putting more than a few seconds into here on Mobafire. Please tell me what you think of it in the comments!
Ryze was the first champion that I ever played (aside from playing as Ashe in the tutorial). Ever since then, I have played as Ryze. Over the time I have been playing LoL, I have picked up many wonderful tips from all of these different people, and these, combined with my own touch, brings you this guide for Ryze, The Rogue Mage.

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Greater Mark/Quintessence of Knowledge These marks give you a good amount of mana at level 18. As you may or may not know, Ryze's Q and W abilities gain damage from mana. Also, you'll (almost) never have to worry about running out.

Greater Seal of Vitality More survivability, especially early game, when your at your squishiest.

Greater Glyph of Focus Gives you plenty of CDR, especially in the early game. With these, and your passive ability, you'll always have something you can cast.

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I take 9/0/21 masteries because it's what works best for me. You get a small bit of AP from offense, along with magic penetration and your all important CDR. Utility gives you an endless supply of useful perks. Mana and CDR, of course, along with increased experience, movement speed and buff durations. I don't take the mana regeneration mastery in the Utility Tree. I prefer to spend less time dead. If I do die, I wont have to sit around as long, and quite frankly, I don't believe I would ever even need to regenerate much mana, because you'll have a near limitless mana pool. If you feel that you will never ever die, or you somehow have a mana problem, go ahead and take the regen instead.

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I buy sapphire crystal first, along with some health potions. This starting set up gives you mana right off the bat so you can stay in you lane longer and not have to worry about being totally dry of mana. However, if you are up against a skill shot junky like Ezreal or Nidalee, by all means go ahead and grab your boots first.

You should immediately build your Tear of the Goddess so that you can start ramping up that bonus mana. After you have that, get yourself some boots if you haven't already done so.Next I grab a Catalyst for even more mana and some health ( and I guess the heal and regen on leveling is alright too) to soon be built into a Rod of Ages. But before that, I make sure to get Sorcerer's Shoes, for obvious reason, and Glacial Shroud for CDR and mana. Now is when I build the Rod of Ages. You meant be wondering "Why do you wait so long to get the Rod of Ages? Should you rush it to get the extra stats on it?" Well, my friend, it still isn't that far into the game yet. I like this build because it is relatively cheap and doesn't take long to complete (if your farming like you ought to be). Now I take my Glacial Shroud and make it a Frozen Heart, and build myself a Banshees Veil, if not for the ever so helpful spell shield, then just for health and EVEN MORE ******** mana. Finally, I take the Tear of the Goddess that I have been holding all game long, and build it into an Archangels Staff. This keeps the mana bonuses you have collected so far on the staff, taking all of your mana that you have built up throughout the game and turning into AP. Along with a considerable amount of mana, you will have few hundred AP. Your main abilities gain power from both of these things, which is why I think this build works so well. For your 6th item, you can really get whatever it is you think you'll need.

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Skill Sequence

Prioritize ranking your spells up as follows: R>Q>W>E. Max Q first, because it is a great source of damage, and you can use it ridiculously often. Max W after that, because it also does a decent amount of damage, and it is a snare, one of the most effect forms of cc. Max E last, because it isn't very useful, other than just randomly throwing it around to lower some cooldowns with your passive. Of course, you rank your ultimate at levels 6, 11, and 16. Ryze's ultimate is good for healing your self. Using all three of your other spells on a decently sized creep wave with your ultimate activated can heal you for quite a bit.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to take Flash and Teleport. They are both covered in one mastery, first of all. Flash is great for everything. Close gaps, widen gaps, go through walls. flash does it all.

I like Teleport because I don't have to run all the way to an area that needs my help, and most likely arrive too late. If you don't want to take Teleport, you can also go with Ignite or Exhaust. I strongly recommend that you ALWAYS take Flash, though.

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Well, that's my guide. Please tell me in the comments below what you think of my build and how you think it could be improved! Vote the guide up if you liked it or it helped you improve your game as Ryze!