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Yorick Build Guide by Klyern

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klyern

A Yorick that works (for now)

Klyern Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Guide Top

Why a yorick build and why its items and role

Why a Yorick build: Because i tested him to check how much he sucked after watching both spotlights (phreak's and the must watch mautsch commentary) , and he actually worked, but only decently, and has a support offtank (kinda like Alistair but less powerfull).

Why its items and role: I tried other roles on paper, many roles, and they didnt work as nice as this one, in fact most builds didnt work, and those that did, were so derp that you could just do another champion and do that role 10 times better, Yorick IS broken, because his ghouls's duration sucks, but i found out that with 40% CDR and enough mana, you can kill both lane enemies provided enough hp or ad and a good nuker teammate... or assist in making an ace, with the apropiate items's actives.

In this build, I wanted to test defensive items that granted CDR, and support items with CC potential; Randuin, Shurelya etc, to my surprised it worked. Well I started trying first items and realised I needed hp and mp to survive laning phase because Yorick's mp and hp suck big time, not just late but early game too, I got an item that would fullfill that need and synergise later with my other items, so after some deliberation, I figured out I needed to rush catalist to be able to endure the harsh odyssey that laning with Yorick is (being focused and all since everyone knows you are broken lol), what you see is what you get, a Yorick that can survive early lane phase by huging tower and not letting it break, while W E harassing and then moves on to making assists from mid laning phase onward... and mid and lategame has enough CC to prevent enemies from running (potentially building aces), and assists and tanks a bit... its an offtank not a tank ;). (test it, it works as long as you follow my guide, and your lanemate isnt an *** who wont let you tower hug/die and leave you alone... to that end I suggest at least a 2 man premade)

Why crit? because your damage sucks, you will need to crit to actually kill or to contribute some damage with this build, and atma gives damage crit and armor, so if you are going to crit and your skills scale with AD, your last item might as well be Infinity. And mostly, because giving Yorick defensive masteries and runes to make him a full blown tank is a futile waste of your and my time.

Guide Top

The most important thing

You need, REALLY NEED, and I cant stress this enough, DEPEND on having a ranged teammate laning with you, it doesnt matter if he has or doesnt have any CC abilities, the thing you need most is a ranged nuker/dps, one of the best matches for Yorick is Vayne, she can dish out damage, harass with you and Q roll to safety, and get kills, which btw, Yorick facilitates for Vayne. As for other champions, if they have high damage output and are ranged they pass, dps preferable over nukers unless they are pro and can obliberate a half hp enemy before he flees (annie for once, with her epic passive and epic damage comboes)

If you dont have someone who can kill, or more explicitly, deal damage quickly, you will be incapacitated from making assists, and dont kid yourself, you will not get kills early game, if you do they will be KS, deserved ks tou :P

And if you are incapacitated from earning gold tru assists, your early game will be a nightmare, you will most likely get ganked, and be underleveled, because Yorick is currently broken, and perceived by all as useless feeding bait.

To remediate that there is only one choice, get a freaking damage dealer, dont kid yourself either btw, if you get someone who can taunt w you, you will not make kills, only idiots dive when there is a shen or rammus, and normally those champions wont deal damage fast enough to get kills with Yorick assisting. Lane with a killer or loose it. SERIOUSLY. and for the love of riot, I hope its someone u started a premade with because someone who refuses to tower hug with you will just make himself loose his life, since all you will be doing is hit and run at first. Not laning with someone like Vayne will result in fail early game, and fail early game will result in fail the whole game, Yorick IS broken, and you can only play him if you keep a positive score, once you feed or someone else feeds and the fed champion ganks you, you cant be efficient with Yorick anymore. So also make sure its clear between you two, when you are harassing and when you are diving for a kill.

In case someone feeds; lets say bot, and you are top, keep in mind that you will sooner or later become a target, dont push/overextend ever in that case, because you will have no deaths if you played by my book and you will give more gold than your teammates, making you obviously, the juiciest target.

Dont go bot either, dragon is bot, I shouldnt even need to explain that bot is more aluring because of that (prospect of doing dragon while bot is dead/broken). And I shouldnt need to explain either that if the most broken champion is bot (Yorick), they will more than gladly, own bot 3vs2, then dragon/break tower and do the other (break tower/dragon). Because they will by all means, own you, and get away almost unharmed, most likely not fearing a gank from mid.

Guide Top

The Setup, your role early, mid, and lategame.

Ok, first of all, why crit, and why not a lifesteal ad build? (itemsbased)

Simple, the only items that give spellvamp are all ap, so its a waste of gold to try getting spellvamp, and hell, god knows that if you are going to raise your hp at all, for your W ghoul to survive and help you prevent enemies from fleeing, they are going to need some hp, enough so that the enemy thinks its better to let them fade than waste time standing and autotargeting them, or even nuking them, but Yorick is not a tank, so that is why i devised this offtank, guetting back on the lifesteal ad question, no lifesteal because, simply put, Yorick isnt designed to be an autoattack character, his Q rocks, but its not good for harassing, going in for a melee makes you vulnerable to harassing early game, AND YORICK'S MOVESPEED IS ABSURD EARLY GAME, that is the sole reason that an ad Yorick will always fail, because his Q is epic but not epic enough to contest against other melees, let alone ranged champions in lane phase, when he most needs to out kdr his lane enemies, before he is ganked on, or else he will grant a free tower and be a feeder all game long.

So the whole point of this build, was to make him usable in both laning phase, midgame, and lategame, I tried many builds on paper, but this is the one of the only ones that can do that, and the one i consider best.

Your Role:

Your role is simple, you support with your W, making it easy for teammates to get kills, you W Q/E Q/E, E W Q, or Q a minion to get close, then W E, whatever fits the ocation, but dont kid yourself, most of your kills will be KS until you get 40 CDR and Atma, in fact very early game, you shouldnt even use Q, because it makes you vulnerable, and you cant shouldnt until you have confidence you'll outlive your prey. And even then, you will still play a support, and tank role, not a killing one. For ult, I shouldnt tell you how to use it, you should realise that by now, its the same as any other Yorick build, you use your ult when a teamfight is going to ensue, on the champion that is most likely to get focused, or if the teamfight started, on the teammate that is about to die, if 2 are, the most usefull one ofcourse.

The main advantage of using your ult is to confuse your enemy, into believing your ghost is the real one, that you can only do when you are brushing, and they are about to enter your ambush, which happens rarely since so many champions have scouting abilities, and wards have a decent casting range, so much that someone could throw a ward from the other side of a wall or the river, depending what brush you are on. So how and when you use your ult is entirely situational, depends on what champions there are (if they can scout), and if someone is dying or getting ganked. You "can" use the ult to confuse the enemy when not brushing, but only on rare ocations, because when in the open, while they cant see the ghost's real health, they can still see you summon it, and if the original was exhausted or ignited before being ulted, then sadly the ghost wont have the same status effect, the visual effect from exhaust or ignite or other skills can easily give up the original. That or casting it in front of ppl lol with two eyes in their sockets, is pure stupidity, so be wise and smart when casting your ult.

The Start

DO NOT RUSH SECOND BRUSH, be content staying on your brush, and W out of trouble, let your teammate know you wont go for first kill. Either let him know or dont brush at all. Winning with Yorick now that he is broken, with this build, is all about the early game. So dont let your lane's oponnents draw first blood at all cost. Any and all disadvantages early game could be fatal. (scorewise, otherwise if you follow this build and guide, and dont **** up, you should be fine)

Back to your main role, you start off leveling both ranged skills, you dont rush boots, because your W's slow, believe it or not, is enough to provide a safe hit and run at low levels (if you dont go far, really dont go far man :P), your aim at early game until you get banshee and boots is huging the tower since your oponents will harass you constantly, that or, if the situation is optimum, harassing them and zoning them, that however is VERY rare since Yorick feels like he had the scaling of a carry while not being one (actually its his CD and his ghoul's duration that suck not the ratios). On the contrary, you will be the one being zoned out almost all the time, so you should hug tower and only last hit so your minions dont push beyond tower range, once in a while, you will be able to land a W or an E, in your oponent's head, do so, landing a W will help your ranged teammate score a kill if they are half healt and getting cocky. Your role early lanephase is just that, huging tower and not giving kills or letting them hit the tower, while watching out for oportunities to score an assist (you need as much gold as you can take, to that end, farming with your W and E when minions are low on health is adviced, you will later on have enough mana to squander, but for now its up to you wheter to save it or not, just remember you will need cash to rush your first 2 items, and to keep a score above your lane enemies if you dont want to get owned).

Early Game

After you get banshee and boots, that is where the real game starts, you can start harassing, just dont get cocky, you are still limited to assisting your teammate, with your ranged skills, if you want to use your Q, do so to get in range with W or E to harass. Your lane's kills will be entirely dependant on your teammate, you will only E and W harass until they are mid health, preferably both, and then use all your slows one at a time (W and Exhaust), and your skills, to support your teammate's kills. Once you have your third item, thats where the fun starts, you can then start to harass and stay mid lane, farming more efficiently, and ideally, harassing and zoning the enemy together with your teammate.

The enemy will feel like you are snowballing, and probably ask for help, beware of ganks, a ward now and then after your third or second item doesnt hurts but i never needed one in my first games, nor any potions which is hilarious, your W, and i swear, your W's slow and your E's leeching, will be enough to sustain you early game, if you dont **** up, on other champions you would normally get potions despite any healing abilities (udyr, xin, cho, etc), but since Yorick's E is so long range, u can leech with just that, and towerhuging should keep you safe... (this worked for me in practice, I won my first 2 normals with Yorick, with a 6/6/13 and an 8/5/20 and then the third and fourth I had positive scores but on both 2 of my teammates were failpeople who feeded w a kdr of 2/15 lol, seriously some noobs) (-_-U)

Once you have your third item (Atma) you are entering Yorick's midgame, laning phase shouldnt be over yet, just about, now is the time to score a kill or gank someone, you can do it just have fait, be wise with your timing, and dont tower dive :P (or gank anything risky/tanksy like xin). Towerdiving will be open to you only lategame, once you have your second chainmail. And even then you are an offtank, dont get cocky and always have an escape route. If laning phase ended, play it safe and roll with your teammates, doing what you can when you can, remember you are an offtank so you can most likely survive if anything happens, and you arent focused (honestly at this moment you shouldnt, your nuker squishy teammates should be a better target in a teamfight, and by now you have good armor and hp).

A quick note about 40% CDR By now or soon you should have 40% CDR, if you do, that is when you start to shine, blue buff helps truought the game not only with cooldown, but with mana regen, only lategame you dont need the regen, and even then its useful to have. So remember, managing your mana, deciding when to waste it farming and when not to is crucial at this point, you cant be recalling every 2 seconds, but you cant stop farming either. So try to use only your W when farming now, unless you are full.

Mid-late game, you should roll, with your allies, or bait, you will ensure with your W and your Randuin/Exhaust that any loners you find, or low hp runners, dont live to tell another day, now you have 3 slows, 40CDR and potentially depending on how fed you are, a Shurelya which will boost your team out of ambushes, into safety, and into aces. You will by all definitions, start and break teamfights, that is your role with this build, and you can do it exceptionaly if you have faith (and dont screw it by soloing or overextending).

Once you have your fifth item, it starts getting tricky, its lategame, and people know what you are up to, you are also starting to look apetising since from your defensive playstyle you should have around 4/2/12 kda ratio, or so, while your teammates might have 5/4 6/6 etc, meaning you have a positive and possibly a streak. Watch out and as always never overextend. breaking towers from early to lategame is only possible for you when you either score an ace, or no one is mia and your lane is dead, this shouldnt be/have been imposible to pull if you have done your job and assisted your teammate, Vayne btw, is like i said, a good teammate for Yorick, reasons? she is a both the easiest champion to feed, and a good carry, which is really op early mid and lategame, making her crazy good alone, and laning with Yorick is similar to being alone since his damage is almost nonexistant until he gets items.

Important : I didnt write in early game about breaking towers, because that isnt something you should focus in, its something that if it happens, happens, nothing more. It is not your objective, you cant push fast enough and you cant break alone, u are NOT an attack speed champion, nor a pusher, you are a bruiser at most... and i will say it again, AT MOST, because like i said, Yorick = non-existant damage early game. chinese voice: Laning phase Yorick, haaaaaaard, haaaaardo

Kills and assists in teamfights/lategame 1vs1

How do you actually kill midgame and lategame 1vs1? well 40% CDR paired up with your good endurance, decent crit and damage, will normally make you look like an easy target for more op champions, some of which will have less than full hp, kitting those, until you can finish them, then doing so, is easier said than done, but totally do-able. You just need to have a better movespeed than said target (when he is under the influence of your W), then just use W, run, E, Q when he closes the gap, then run preferably not towards a tower so he wont stop chasing :P, and then repeating, until he gets the hint, and when he wants to bail and run, you dont let him, by all means necesary, then you own him with ult and everything you have available. If you cant do this to anyone because they play too defensively, then just assist your teammates, pray for KS, and get as many assists as possible while not being reckless. Remember that your playstyle is similar to Ali's, but you are by all means inferior, except in that with 40% CDR your W will refresh fast enough not let those with inferior movespeed flee. That coupled with Exhaust, Shurelya and Randuin make you deadly. In teamfights you should start with W if possible, followed by Q or E, and with 40% CDR your W will wear out before it refreshes, so you need to follow up with Randuin, then a W before Randuin wears off, If the target doesnt dies by the time your second W wears out, you use exhaust, if you havent wasted it in another champion to save your/someone else's *** (sometimes you just need to, friggin carries do so much damage lol, exhaust is the only salvation)

Your W, Randuin, W, Exhaust, W combo (followed up with Qs and Es inbetween) is epic, trust it, you will see results, and dont forget you can dive/towerdive once you get your second chainmail. But also remember you can save fleeing allies too, dont get too greedy that you forget CC can support both ways, defensive and offensively.

The End (oh man you are ****ed)

If the game extends itself until you get Infinity Edge, either you ****ed up and your teammates cant finish it even tou they are winning, and/or cant divide themselves to defend efficiently from backdoors... or you got incredibly fed and farmed and got Infinity before you winned, which is weird, not rare, weird. You should by now, pray that your teammates dont **** up, because you are STILL just a support, and by now with the score being surely 30/15 on your team's favour, they are onto you (your enemies), they know what you are capable off from being owned multiple times in tfs and failed backdoors, they know they should be on the defensive and ace or backdoor efficiently (care, tf could end this alone by now), and basically they know they arent gonna win unless they MAKE you screw up (not you, your team), so they WILL make you screw up, the perfect outcome of a match would be to end it before the sixth item, but if you cant push that much, then you need to supervise your teammates and make sure they dont **** up, they will get cocky for sure with your score, but damagewise you dont count for **** (so its like 4vs5 at endgame when everyone is built), and your enemy will most likely pull an ace and **** up all your hardwork, which is incredibly infuriating since you just owned the other team with the most broken champion ever :D (yes you did, yes you diiiid abubububububu who is the little man, abububububu) [yes treating you like a baby, sorry. ^^]

Yes you are going to loose if its endgame and you cant finish the match/defend properly :), because by the time YOU, the fail broken Yorick who owned the match and only has 4 or 8 kills, gets your sixth item, the other team, will most likely have all their items too. At this point your team is minus one because your damage sucks, you are just a CCer offtank lol. This build is supposed to help your teammates get fed, and end the game before this happens.

Anyhow that is all you need to know about Yorick's phases, the rest is essential too, so be sure to read the Extra Notes.

Guide Top

Extra Notes

The dangerous things.

I wont list every single item and ability that is dangerous to you, since that is to me a waste of time, I will just write the things you need to watch out for "in general/the most".

CC is your bane, if your lane has a CC and a nuker, you are done for the moment you are feared, stuned, slowed mid lane, or simply snared. My build doesnt ask you to tower hug for the funz, you start with one of the lowest healths (yhea yhea ur not teemo, **** off, you are still a squishy early game -_-)

Exhaust and ghost are going to screw you, flash should not really be a threat to you, it will only give you a hard time getting kills since your CC will be 3 slows. So be on the lookout for flash so you dont waste your exhaust or Randuin, using your W until they waste their flash will help you later on when you REALLY need exhaust, and if you are whitin range use Randuin ffs, exhaust has too much CD.

Ignite? meh ignite is always dangerous lol. No matter who you are.

Just be carefull of globals like TF Panth and Karthus, you can still win when they are on the oposing team but its seriously harder, I won a match against a TF and a Panth an hour before i finished this build, so yes it is possible. Just pray that if they focus you they either suck or you are lucky/have the support of your teammates quickly. Still, the REAL threath is TF, his stun and slow will own you, but Panth isnt that much of a threath, you can kill or run from him, mid to lategame, as long as he isnt fed.

Xin is someone you dont want to mess with, and Yi is someone you shouldnt even lane against. Tanksy dps or tanks are a tough bargain, your best bet is lanning against 2 squishies, either mages or ranged dps, still if you get a tanksy or tank in your lane its still possible to score kills, just be careful of Cho, or similar tanks who's ult can really own you, im going to stress this again, your early game is shaky, you cant tank only harass, if you are skillful enough. So be careful on the desicions you make, sometimes its best to let your teammate get the kill while you run, if you are sure they can get it,

And for the love of lol, early game dont focus someone you cant harass, dont focus a champion that can leech, a champion with too much ms that you cant reach like Sonna w or a champion with a kickass range like Maokai (sapling), he will just b when mid health, bait you, and harass from beyond your range until you are ready to die, then own you and serve you for dinner... when you are lategame you focus who you need to and if you can you take your pick but be serious early game or loose it. (actually, loose it too if you plan on being cocky midgame, Yorick is broken, this is just a makeshift patch build so you can own if you dont screw up, screw up, give up your advantage and you are dead, im just making this build because Yorick was fun to play for the lulz, just to show it can work if you hold it by the hand lol. Its not a viable champion yet, and i said it and will say it again, he is broken atm)

Optional Items.

Yoomu, is a potential sixth item, its infinitely cheaper than Infinity (rofl), and provides an active boost to speed with a decent cooldown, this will help you catch up to fleeing enemies so you can W them and then Randuin, then W, so they dont escape your nuker friends, this item has more support potential than Infinity, but you end up dealing **** damage, so I decided to keep Infinity, you however can try Yoomu, if you liked playing support while dealing 0 damage.

You can also skip Atma, and build only Randuin for armor, getting Infinity or phantom dancer as a fifth item, and then the other. That or just one of either, and then a circumstancial sixth item. Again i would stress that this is the less ****ed up Yorick i could come up with, Yorick being broken is an understatement, so at most all you could do is give him PD and Yoomu to raise his MS to hell, so no one can run from your W's CC. But damagewise you want Infinity, so how you variate this build is up to you, but I recommend you keep the runes, masteries, spells (tp not necessarily but it helps), and Banshee, LB, Shurelya and Randuin as they are, or you just cripple the build's CC and survivability.

Yes thats it

That is the build and that is all, **** around with it as much as you want, if you read, you should understand the pros and cons, your Yorick works, which is to say the least a lot, making a broken champion work, and he can perma slow until almost everyone dies. But the cons is like i said that your damage is non existant endgame, your team is 4vs5 if you didnt finish before everyone got their last item in the oposing team. So ace, and milk it as much as possible. Even if you have to die for an inhibitor. Just dont give them an ace ;)