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Warwick Build Guide by dougthedoug

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dougthedoug

Aaaaand it's Warwick with the carry

dougthedoug Last updated on April 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This WW build guide is for a top lane Ap bruiser/carry Warwick. It maximizes damage and sustain which will not only keep you alive in a fight, but will allow you to initiate and stay on your target until they are eliminated. This build gives a lot of attack speed and passive magic damage, which plays well with warwick's passive, but also builds heavy health, ap (healing yourself for 400 health and doing 500 with the press of a q is nice), and tanky items. Why not give it a shot?

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-Ridiculous sustain/poke
-Super solid damage
-great ganks
-tanky damage output
-dont need AD to to AA damage
-Awesome skins

-Need a decent team behind you. Ult without follow up is bad news
-Could be countered with MR stack (but when is straight MR a good plan?)
-havent played a top teemo yet, but i feel like that could
counter me pretty hard.

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There are a couple different options you can use for rune setups. Well, not really i guess. The only variance i would have is replacing the armor runes for mr if youre gonna be against another ap top laner. But since top is typically ad, i usually use my armor seals. These runes will maximize early to mid game damage, helping to carry you into late game. The mpen marks and the flat AP glyphs and quint will help counter any early magic resist well enough that you should be able to do plenty of damage until you can get your malady (unless your opponent stacks straight mr). The Health quints are for an obvious reason: starting with almost 700 health is great in the top lane. You are require to survive a long time possibly without ganks in top lane, so the more health you have, the better. It just makes sense. Last, the seals of armor or to counter your most-likely AD top lane opponent.

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These masteries maximize damage (magic) and give a little extra armor and slightly reducing minion damage so you can poke while taking a little less damage.

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Here's the magic. DISCLAIMER: I know I am by no means pro, i have not run ANY math on these items to calculate their efficiency vs. cost or anything, but i know that this **** works for me, so im passing it on.

Okay so we start dorans ring. 100 health, 15 extra ap, and mana regen. It's the complete package. 100 health brings us to 678 HP to start, the 15 ap brings us to a starting 29 AP (which means your q gives more health back and does more damage) and the mana regen means you're healing and poking more. Infinite sustain/poke.
By the time i make it back the first time, I usually have enough moneys for AT LEAST another ring and boots, (a ward or two is always smart). I recommend getting three rings if you want/can. At this point, it is literally impossible for your opponent to push you out of lane.
Continue farming/killing/ganking (you should be able to push pretty hard if you farm/poke right) until you can get a wit's end. This gives attack speed, and stacks with your passive for heavy damage output, and the dorans rings will help you keep your health and AP scaled well into mid game fights.
I wait a long time to get boots with WW usually. Basically just get whatever boots you need. I usually get ninja tabi or merc treads, just so i can stay on squishies without worrying too much about cc or auto attacks.
Next item is malady; an item i dont build on anyone else. However, with this WW build it fits perfectly. It gives AP (harder q), attack speed (stacks with WE, giving more passive heal), stacks even more passive magic damage onto your AAs (at 18 that's 107 passive magic damage per hit including your passive), AND it give mr shred per hit. Congratulations, you're an ANIMAL. You should have a pretty hard time dying if you can eliminate a carry and as long as you're not jumping into a 1v5 with no help in sight.
Late game (if the other team makes it there) should provide a lot of money. You can clear minion waves and towers with extreme speed and you can easily 1v1 anyone unless they're an insanely fed ranged AD carry. Finish your build off by trading your first ring for a frozen heart for armor, cdr, and attack speed reduction aura (again for anti AD carry). Trade ring two for a ROA (I know it's late game, but it replaces a triple dorans well and helps if the game drags on forever). And finally trade ring three for rabadons (i've never gotten this far in a game, but if the game goes this long the ROA/Rabadons combo will be nasty nast).

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is self explanatory: max q first for sustain and poke, get e early to scout out low junglers or lane opponents (free movement speed boost), max w second, for attack speed, and get your ult whenever you can. Easy peasy, shouldnt require too much more explanation.

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Summoner Spells

Flash/ Ignite. Ignite plus ult plus passive magic damage is A LOT of damage from a WW ult. Flash is good in case you somehow fail a dive, need to catch a running teammate over a wall/ etc. or need to escape (obviously).
Other good spells IMO would be:
teleport (get places faster from top lane)
Exhaust (stay on targets, or just get their red)
Ghost (some people prefer this over flash)
Heal (not necessary, but if you want it i guess it could be helpful)
I would anti-recommend any other spells. Don't even ask why.

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It's OP. Infinite sustain, heavy cc for ganks, heavy damage from both spells AND AAs, still get tanky. The perfect top lane.