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League of Legends Build Guide Author iownedya

☆ About The Current META (and more!) ☆

iownedya Last updated on June 4, 2012
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Hi! Iownedya here! I've seen a lot of players lately who have no clue what the META is. I am here to show you how to play correctly and win games! :)

Note: This guide is meant for ranked games. It helps you win normal games too, but there are ranked game terms in here.

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First off, What is META?

META stands for: Most Effective Tactics Available

What does this mean? It means what it says! META is the best team composition you can have. It allows people to have a great team while also winning lanes.

Current META

The current META goes like this:
Top Lane: One bruiser/off-tank solo
Mid Lane: AP carry solo
Bot Lane: One ranged AD carry with a support/babysitter
Jungle: A jungler is mainly a bruiser or a support tank who plays an important role in late game teamfights.

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Roles Playing the META

When playing the META, people tend to ragequit because they don't get the role they want.
Here is some advice: Play to your strengths!
If you claim your spots first, you will most likely play it.

Stubborn Claimers

Some people may claim the role after you do. They may stay stubborn, and if they pick your role before you do and lock in, you cannot play that certain role anymore. Be wary of these guys.
People who usually do this suck a lot. They don't play with the team and tend to get caught overextended. Stick with these guys so they are safe and do not feed.

First Pick

First pick is usually the person with the highest ELO. If you are first pick, be careful. It means most people below you are worse than you. They may just have bad teams, but be warned. As first pick, you get to ban three champs. When your team decides who they will be, ban their counters.

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ELO (Ranked Games)

Skip this chapter if you don't play ranked games.

Note: ELO will only show after 10 games in ranked mode...

1200+ ELO

When above 1200 ELO, your team will most likely be good. They will not troll or do anything bad for the team. Usually, they will cooperate with the team and pick a role they wouldn't want to play otherwise. If you are above this ELO, you are pretty much set for climbing the ELO ladder if you are very good... Lucky you!

~1200 ELO

1200 ELO is the normal ELO. It means that you lose one game; win one game. Your teammates will be both good and bad. It depends on how they play and who you are versing. Win one game, your ELO will go up, as well as the skill of enemies and teammates. Hope for a team that has good cooperation and no ragers.

ELO Hell (Below 1200 ELO)

Do I believe ELO Hell exists? Yes, because I am IN it. If you never get here, you are extremely lucky and should be glad because there are idiots, noobs, flamers, leavers, all the bad things here. I have found an excellent duo lane partner and we have dominated 3 games in a row. This is the best way to get out of here.
Don't be that noob who flames the team for one death. Always be optimistic to your team and never surrender. One team fight can win a game!

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What is my Role?

The AD Carry

The AD Carry is a ranged champion who duo lanes with a support/babysitter at the bottom lane. If the enemy team sends this group top, you don't send them top. You lose valuable EXP and Gold. Let them send the carry and support to the proper lanes.
The AD Carry's role is to deal out as much damage as possible to the enemy team without dying.

The Support/Babysitter

The support goes wherever the AD carry goes. If they roam, you roam with them. If they are about to die, you sacrifice yourself for them, unless, of course, you can heal them... Stay in bot lane and WARD!


Buy a Ward, Stop a Gank, Save a Life

Get Gold per 5 items, as you are giving the carry all the CS and gold.

The AP Carry

The AP carry generally goes Mid Lane 1v1ing another AP Carry. The role of an AP Carry is to Target the enemy AP Carry in team fights, shutting them down with your own CC and burst. Be careful of other people's CC because they can shut YOU down pretty easily. Some AP Carries are team fighters, such as Kennen. Their ults deal massive AoE damage and it might have big CC.

The Solo Topper

The solo topper is usually a tanky bruiser with a gap closer and/or a defenseive skill. They can 2v1 easily, but are focused the most often. On the list of priorities, thia character is usually 3rd or 4th.
The solo topper has only one role: Get to the enemy AD Carry and shut them down!
If the carry dies, shut down the enemy AP Carry, then the other bruisers.

The Jungler

The jungler is either a tanky bruiser or a tank. The jungler kills the jungle creeps and ganks lanes to get kills. The jungler's role is to INITIATE fights with a gap closer. Same priorities as the solo topper. The jungler gives out buffs to the AD Carry, Lizard Elder and the AP Carry, Ancient Golem . When using a tank jungler, get Gold per 5 items as well.

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Duo Top vs. Solo Top + Jungler

Duo Top is an extremely bad way to play. With a jungler and a solo top, each role gets their respective 100% EXP. While duo top gets about 75% each. Plus, duo top cannot get buffs. The only jungler can steal their buffs and easily win a game with good ganks.

However, duo top can ward very well, kill the jungler, and deny the solo top. This can be extremely devastating for your team.

It is your choice to change the META or not.

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AD Carry Mid vs. AP Carry Mid

AD carry mid is much less efficient. They are SUSTAINED DAMAGE vs. BURST DAMAGE this is deadly because the enemy can burst you down when you are half hp. The AD has more poke, but will not be able to survive against another good AP mid.

Sustained damage and support vs. The same combo will definitely help you out... A LOT!

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AD Carry + Support vs. No Support

Don't do it. With a good support and carry, anyone can dominate their lane. If you see the enemy without a support, get a healer such as Soraka because they may have better damage than you.

Ask for ganks if they decide to push the lane because they will not have a support to ward anywhere.

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Counter Jungling

When Counter Jungling

Be wary because the enemy jungler may start at the camp you are countering. If they are manaless or use energy, counter their blue. If they have mana and need the blue buff, steal their red. In this way, you are relatively safer.

Always travel with your whole team! This can turn the tides of a fight and you can easily win one. Remember to leave one small monster so the camp will not respawn until that monster dies.

When Getting Counter Jungled

Kill the leftover creep quickly. If they stole blue, steal theirs with some warding protection. If they steal red, warn your lanes, especially your pushed ones. They may decide to gank soon and you may save a life or two. Ward your buffs to protect them and gank more because your jungle may be clear and worthless.

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Positioning is very important, especially in team fights.

AD Carry
The carry ahould always be safe. Hide behind walls or your team to shoot the enemy team. Remember, the assasins may go for you and kill you, so get to the back. Careful of position-changers or champions with knockbacks. They can push you into the midst of the fight and kill you.

Stay near the carry! If you have a CC, look for an opening to use it. Reduce the damage assasins will deal to your AD carry with heals and shields. Interrupt any skillshots that would otherwise hit your carry. Sacrifice yourself for the carry, ALWAYS. Unless you have clutch heals, don't do anything else.

Tank (Jungle/Top)
One major role: Initiate! Forcing a teamfight on them will certainly do you the favor. You will be able to use all of your CC and still take all the damage. Take all of the CC and let your team waste the other people out!

AP Carry
The AP usually has a good CC. Wait for a chance to use this, especially. Against their carries. Burst down the carries to activate their defensive items, such as Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil. If there is no CC, then they must have a good AoE spell. Hit most or all of the enemies with this and you are almost guaranteed a win.

Tanky DPS
All tanky DPS characters have some speed up or dash. Use this to quickly get to the enemy carry (focus AD) and kill them quick. Wait for your tank to initiate and instantly dash for them. Stay with your carry until your tank initiates or they initiate.

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Adding more soon! Thank you for reading my guide. Leave comments below and don't forget to give me some feedback!

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Change Log

5/30/12: Published Guide
6/4/12: Added Banner by Xiron.


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