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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Crystal-scar-miner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crystal-scar-miner

Acid Kog Maw for N00BS- Dominion Kog Maw full game

Crystal-scar-miner Last updated on May 1, 2014
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Kog Maw is a very good champion if yoy know how to play him.This guide is a bit of an in depth way to play Kog Maw. This can help you very much, but it is still flexible. If an item does not work for you, replace it!

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Pros and cons

Ad offtank with poison and slowing effects.
Has both ability power and damage.
Not very hard to play.
Turns into a time bomb when he dies.

Not very good for creeping.
Expensive champion.
Rarely played, (less advice can be given).
If he gets pwned early game-he's a minion for the rest

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Abilities, skills, and farming.

Farming is a term used for killing many minions for gold and levels. Kog Maw is very good at this because he is partly a CC champion. CC is crowd control. This helps kill many minions at the same time. His abilities include poison and slowing, so this helps for weakening enemy champions and minions and then you can finish them off.

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Team work/team role

Kog Maw is a ranged and powerful champion. He has many different attacks that allow him to single somebody out, Cc, or even get more range. His role is a marksman/fighter. I always give him about 500 more health because he is usually targeted for his damages. The rest is just damage and attack speed, which are the basic things a Kog Maw needs. The boots will help your team win because you will be able to get to towers faster. Be sure to stay with another champion, you are not melee. That is your team role.

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Do not worry about runes or masteries until you are a higher level.

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Summoner spells.

The summoner spells used are just the basic heal and ghost. Ghost is the blue one that allows you to run faster. This is very handy in situation when you are at low health. The second one is the green spell, this is Heal. Heal is a spell that heals all your teamates and all your minions around you. It helps very much in team battles or in situations where you cannot use ghost but you are at low health.

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