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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elitelink

AD Akali. She IS a hybrid!

Elitelink Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my AD Akali guide.
I know that there is a lot of AP Akali fanboys out there, so i will not be surprised if you start flaming my build right away. For that perticular reason, i have added a "Maths" section in the guide, showing you with raw numbers that i am not ******ed or (too) stupid.

I will not go in depth on how to play Akali, as you play the same way with this build, as with other Akali build. And as there is so many great Akali build out there, so i do not see a reason to why i should repost it in my guide.

I highly reccomend trying my build, at least try it before you start flaming my build.

Also, if you find any misstakes in my math and/or statements, please let me know.

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Below is my damage calculations. I have calculated the damage of all spells and autohit plus the proc from LB and TF:
NOTE: All calculations are pre resistances etc, numbers will not be this high ingame!
NOTE 2: Calculations are at level 18!

For those of you who do not bother checking my mathematical skills, skip to bottom of chapter to get finished numbers and conclusion of my geek homework.

AP Akali:
Magic damage bonus of 112%

Autohit: 170 + (170/100*112=190)=360

Lich bane proc: 483

Mark of the Assassin:
Kama throw deals 150 + (483/100*40=193)=343
Second hit deals 150 + (483/100*40=193) + 360(autohit)=703

Crescent Slash: 130 + (483/100*30=145) + (170/100*60=102)=377

Shadow Dance: 250 + (483/100*50=241)=491

Now, let us calculate the damage of a normal burst rotation from AP Akali.
For this, let us use the normal rotation of: Mark - Shadow Dance - Autohit - Mark used - LB proc - new mark - crescent Slash - Autohit - mark used. Calculated in that order:

AD Akali:
Magic damage bonus of 56%

Autohit: 295 + (295/100*56=165)=460

Trinity Force proc: 295/100*250=737

Mark of the Assassin:
Kama throw deals 150 + (253/100*40=101)=251
Second hit deals 150 + (253/100*40=101) + 460(autohit)=711

Crescent Slash: 130 + (253/100*30=76) + (295/100*60=177)=383

Shadow Dance: 250 + (253/100*50=126)=376

Now, this time, let us calculate the damage from an AD Akali burst.
Same rotation as with AP: Mark - Shadow Dance - Autohit - Mark used - TF proc - new mark - crescent Slash - Autohit - mark used. Calculated in that order:

Attack Damage VS Ability Power
Auto hit: 460 VS 360
Mark of the Assassin: 251 and 711 VS 343 and 703
Trinity Force: 737 VSLich Bane: 483
Crescent Slash: 383 VS 377
Shadow Dance: 376 VS 491
Total from burst rotation: 3420 VS 3443

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AD Explanation:

The burst queen Akali have as we know insane burst damage, a lot of it coming from AP, but AP is not the only source of burst Akali got. She is a VERY good hybrid, because of her passive. The more AP you have, the more bonus damage you get on your auto attacks, and the more AD you have, the more Spell Vamp you get.
But the core from this build is, believe it or not, the bonus magic damage you get from AP.
Because where is your bonus attack damage coming from? Exactly, you melee damage. The more melee damage you got, the more your damage increases.

Difference between AP and AD:
AP takes a huge amound of damage from a small damage pool.
AD Takes a smaler amound of damage from a big damage pool.

As you can see, the more ad focused build i use have about the same amound of true damage burst that the most common AP Akali build does. So why do i bother using this build then? I just stated that i like it better?
The reason for this is simply her passive's second part (Beethovens 9. symphony!) The spell Vamp you get from your attack damage, which is 38%! Together with your lifesteal, this will give you great survivability. Secondly, Your autohits hit for more, and they hit more frequently, giving you more sustained damageoutput WITHOUT the loss of burst damage.
And to top this, stacking magic resistance will not harm your damageoutput as much as it does with a more AP focused build.

The above reasons is the reasons i play Akali this way and i have lots of succesfull and entertaining games with it.
Now, i'm not saying AD is better than AP for Akali, because they are about equal, but it's a good solution if your team is all AP users and/or enemy team is stacking lots of magic resistance.

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Skill Sequence:

There is three choises when using this build with Akali, either max Mark of the Assassin first, max Crescent Slash first or upgrade them simultaneously.
Maxing Mark of the Assassin first gives you high burst against single targets, means you max this if you think you can get lots of killing blows.
If you max Crescent Slash first, you will farm minion waves faster than you can say the shortest word in you vocabulary. You still deal good damage to champions, but not as much as with Mark of the Assassin. Crescent Slash also costs more energy.
Upgrading both at the same pace gives you good farmning capabilities and good single target damage.

Pick Shadow Shroud at level 4, don't bother upgrading it before everything else is maxed and upgrade Shadow Dance whenever you can

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Runes and Masteries:

All standard Akali runes.
Magic penetration for late game advantage.
Dodge seals for those few moments those brutes have the opportunity to hit you.
AP Glyphs and Quintessences to activate your passive at level 1.

The masteries is also mostly standard for Akali, i just added more Armor Penetration and AD at the cost of less HP. As i realy do not see the reason to have those, they are only good early game. 48 HP less with a HP pool of 2000, realy? Not worth it.

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Summoner spells:

I choose to go with Flash and Ignite.
Flash is an all around good spell for chasing, escaping and uotmanouvering opponents.
Ignite is good for Early kills and the bonus of 10 AP when on cooldown.

All spells have their use, but i(as every other Akali player) find Flash and Ignite the most usefull.

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Akali is a hybrid character, and thus, i choose to pick the items with both AP and AD first.
The boost are very occasional, but Berserker Greaves and Sorcerers Boots is the best for pure damnage output.

The core in my build is:
Guinshoo's Rageblade
Hextech Gunblade
Trinity Force

I also reccomend Rylai's Crystal Scepter for more bonus damage and slow with your spells.

The only item i am not quite sure about is the Bloodthirster. I chose it due to the high AD and the lifesteal for more survivability.

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First, thank you for reading my guide, hope you found it interesting.

Again, let me know if you find any flaws in this guide, and i will correct it to the proper.

PS: If anyone would bother teaching me how to insert mouseover images of items, runes, spells etc, or give me a link to where it is explained. I would much appreciate it!