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Alistar Build Guide by MycroSparks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MycroSparks

AD Alistar - What the hell?

MycroSparks Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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7/23/2011 - Ok,it seems that his passive has been changed so he can't push anymore with extreme power. This is a set back for this build but still,the build is made simply for fun and not for real use so it can still do that :)

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Hello there summoners.This is an epic build that i just made up and it actually works.Oh yeah.

So give this build a try and tell me your opinion.Also,i'd recommend laning with Karma or Soraka so you can acctualy kill people early on to.

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Summoner Spells

Ok so these are crucial.In order to successfully block out your enemies,i choose Ghost and Exhaust.Activate ghost,use your pulverize and throw the enemy back for an easy team kill or even a solo kill.Exhaust is useful in every situation,while chasing or while running too so it's a must.You can replace flash with ghost but i think that ghost is more useful.

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Skill Sequence

First off you need to start with your highest damage spell which is Headbutt.It's an amazing spell which enables you to manipulate with your enemies.Then you need to take Pulverize which you will be using to get into a good Headbutt position most of the time.Your Thriumphant Roar shouldn't be that useful with this build so i recommend that you lane with a good support character.

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Well for this build i made a full critical damage rune page,with a few attack speed runes.Also,some flat out physical damage runes wouldn't go bad early on,but they will be quite useless later in the game.

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Use the classic dps 21/0/9 mastery build which allows you to do more damage and get some money that you lack to.

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You shouldn't play offensively at the beginning cause you're to squishy and weak.

1. Phantom Dancer - It's obvious why you would want this weapon for any dps character in the game.The bonus movement speed helps you get into position while the critical damage and attack speed bonuses add to your complete damage.Also this item makes you run away when being chased easy.
2. Boots of Swiftness - Always nice having some extra speed and it works well with Phantom Dancer.
3. Frozen Mallet - Yet another item to let you get into position easier.While slowing the enemies on hit,it gives you more damage and more health which is crucial.
4. Madred's Bloodrazor - A well rounded item.It has it all,bonus damage,lots and lots of attack speed and you are finally able to kill or just scare off the enemy tank.
5. The Bloodthirster - By the time you get this item it's pretty obvious why you need it.You cannot rally on your ulty for every single battle and which this much damage and attack speed you'll heal yourself a lot.Especially while your ulty is active.Be sure to stack it up tho!
6. Atma's impaler - I'm not sure about this item,but it seems like an obvious choice when playing a character that's made for tanking as a dps.The bonus armor can help you,the critical chance is nice and same as with madreds,you will probably get around 50 bonus damage via the passive effect of the item.

Although i think this is a pretty good item combination for a dps Allistar,i'm sure that there must be a better one and i'm open for suggestions! So please,do post them in the comments and thanks!

After these items you're a crazy dps with no chance of dying with your ulty on so enjoy it!!!

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How to play this build

Ok guys so this build is pretty hard to play with cause he isn't that much of a strong damage dealer but instead he's an excellent team fighter.First off you should try farming as many creeps as you possibly can in your lane.

Until level 6, i rarely go for kills.After you get your ulty,it's easy to get kills.Just activate your summoner spells and ulty and push back your enemies for an extremely easy kill.But beware,when your ulty expires you are extremely squishy.

Also,you will most likely have a problem with mana.I ask my jungler or teammates for help with the blue buff,if the jungler doesn't mind me taking it ofcourse.With it,you can pretty much throw spells whenever you want without caring.The second option you have is creating a mana item,such as Manamune which can be good although i haven't tested it yet.

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Pros / Cons


1.Allistar is an amazing team player and a ganker.
2.With his ulty activated,he doesnt have to worry about dying.
3.After a few items you should be able to kill any combo of 2 players.
4.Extreme crowd control.
5.Your enemies arent that confortable attacking you because they are not used to him being squishy.
6.The Phantom dancers give you the speed that's needed for easier kills.


1.To squishy.
2.Very weak at the beginning.
3.Hard to lane and farm.

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Well in my opinion this is a pretty cool build,very fun and if you play it well you should do great.

Ok so guys,this is my build please let me know what you think about it and enjoy it :D

Also,just to prove that i ain't messing around with this build,here's a screenshot of the last game i had,the game below it was me playing with my custom tank build which i might show to you guys later on to :D
Click here for the image for some reason i cant upload it as an IMG file so you guys can see it up here -.-