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League of Legends Build Guide Author TanKDull

AD/AS Jarvan IV: Crush Your Enemies

TanKDull Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this will be my second build / guide, i really would like some well commented feedback on this.

Jarvan is just amazing.

Most people i've seen so far with jarvan are trying to solo, this is STUPID.
Jarvan has 1 of THE MOST annoying ultimate during ganks/teamfights as he can basicly stop the retreat of certain opponents (given that they dont have blink/flash ready) and keep other opponents out during the fight.
Ofcourse if you think your team can handle them all you might as well just use the ultimate so that it traps all of them.

Also, his standard gives a nice boost to allies and his shield's slow is just so good when chasing down opponents or fleeing/helping an ally to flee.

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Pros / Cons

- He can dish out massive damage to both squishy's and tanks provided there is no feeding going on in your team.
- He can trap, stun and slow opponents very well so is usefull in teamfights.
- He can reduce armor by 10% with his Dragon Strike and his passive Martial Cadence deals 10% of the opponents current hp as magic damage ( max 400 damage ) on your attacks, this can only occur once every 6 seconds on the person you hit.
- Can escape very nicely as he has slow, his standard+strike, his ultimate and flash.

- He is not so tankish with this build, so high damage output can really murder him.
- Vulnerable to CC like fear or taunt.
- Can trap himself or allies with his ultimate if not used correctly which could result in angry looks >:( to you

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Gameplay With This Build

Your focus should be harassing your opponents very badly at the start, you are quick and you are mean.
Should you follow this build and gameplay you should really read the "How to use your skills effectively" chapter and the "Items" chapter.

Where you should be:
To use this build most effectively try to lane with an cc'er or xin zhao (this combi rules).
During group fights always hug your tank's back and never hug the front, you might be a bit tankish but you are nowhere near an offtank, stay close to allies so you can trap opponents in along with your allies to pick off opponents 1 by 1 or just make a huge whipe at once.

When facing players alone:
For 1 vs 1, unless you are facing tryndamere or jax you should be just fine facing off your opponents, you should harass like a madman because you just can with jarvan.

Who you should play with:
- Try to get at least 1 tank and 1 ability power champion in the team.
- Try not to go with a full atack damage group as it will effectively murder you when facing tanklike champions such as Mordekaiser.
- Try not to go with a full ability power group, same thing as the one mentioned before.
- Try not to go with nukers only, this is like the previous examples.

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Skilling Order

1 Demacian Standard, this is for the bonus armor/attack speed aswell as for the combination with Dragon Strike later on, very important, this can also help you scout brush or terrain behind a wall.

2 Dragon Strike, you should always hit as much opponents as you can, it lowers armor and it hits multiple opponents so this is your nr 2 choice.

3 Golden Aegis, you should get 1 point for the fact that it can shield you and it slows any opponents down within the aoe when activated.
(the auto activation doesn't seem to work yet i think)

4 Dragon Strike, well, more damage on the skill, do i need to elaborate?

5 Demacian Standard, well, more damage on the skill and more stats, do i need to elaborate?

6 Cataclysm, This is your ultimate, your honey on bread, your sugar in thee, the topping of a cake, YOU WANT THIS.
Like with any other ultimate (except for a few) you should get it whenever you can for the increased damage.

After that it gets self explanatory, you are an AD build so you need Dragon Strike finished earlier then Demacian Standard and you need Demacian Standard maxed before golden aegis for the stats and the damage on the skill.

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How to use your skills effectively

I strongly suggest you keep the effects/passives in mind carefully.

Martial Cadence, this gives you the ability to grind the floor with high health players (works very well in combination with madreds).

Demacian Standard, this gives you armor and attack speed + a bonus when activated.
However, this is also usefull to scout out brush or locations behind walls so use it, never take chances by running in.

Dragon Strike, this hits the opponents within the line it is fired and it lowers the armor by 10%.
If it comes into contact with the standard you get pulled to it and you knock up anything within the line you travel.
This can be used to knock up teemo who sits in camouflage despite you knowing where he is, it removes the camouflage (at least it did so for me).

Golden Aegis, this gives you a shield which lasts for a few seconds depending on skill level the shield is increased and the more opponents nearby also increase it further.
Besides the shield it also slows any nearby opponent for 1,5 second.

Cataclysm, This is a monster skill in both defense and offense, you can trap your opponent(s) and keep others out to prevent any unwanted help from their allies.
You can cancel it but you can also flash out of it or use the Demacian Standard outside of the area and Dragon Strike out of it keeping the opponents trapped.

When minioning:
You can basicly just plant your Demacian Standard there and normal hit everything, you are an AD/AS build thus you should have no trouble doing so, do plant it wisely so you can keep opponents away/harassment or for possible escape if the opponents are dangerous and hard to run away from like Nunu and Maokai in one lane.

When harassing a player:
Plant your Demacian Standard behind an opponent so you can knock them up with your Dragon Strike.
To prevent alot of damage from high output champions like Jax use your Golden Aegis to shield yourself and slow the opponent.

So > >Normal hit once>Retreat(and use if needed)>rinse and repeat.

When going for the kill:
You want that kill don't you?
Here is how you do it, you plant your Demacian Standard just before you initiate the gank, Dragon Strike in, hit untill he runs, Golden Aegis for slow and shield, Dragon Strike again and Cataclysm (you might have to do this earlier to prevent a tower dive to be needed, don't use it when the opponent still has teleport spells ready) and finish him off in your cozy prison.

So > >Normal hit> when he runs> > >rinse and repeat.
You could Ignite right after Cataclysm if he has heal or if he is still alive after the prison is gone.

*will add more situations later*

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Optional Items

Like i said in the previous chapter, anything beyond Infinity Edge is optional.

Having trouble with tanks? Get Last Whisper.

Having trouble with dodgers? Get Sword of the Divine.

Though luck with CC'ers? Get Banshee's Veil.

Having trouble with high hp? Get Madred's Bloodrazor.

Having trouble with healers? Well thats what ignite is for but if you think it is not enough get Executioner's Calling.

I don't suggest any AP items as it is just a plain waste of time on an AD/AS build, want to hybrid it? Be my guest and let me know how that goes :P.

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Jarvan is quite team dependent. If you have a good team or lane partner, you will do very well. He literally is like a General in battle leading the warriors to victory. But if your team can't handle it, you will all fall.

Laning Phase

He works well with Burst DPS, AOE DPS, DPS w/ CC. His knock up combo early game along side a smart lane partner will let you win the lane over and over again. Laning with someone who can use your flag is also a bonus as both of you will hit faster. You have to pick your battles however. Because he can't get life back like Xin, you have to be smarter on your harassment. Use your Q skill here. It has a pretty damn long range, so harass with it smartly. Be weary of mana usage as well. Can't mindlessly harass without hitting. Once you have your ult, be smart on not ulting someone with flash or an escape, like Shen's dash, as they will walk out of there and just leave you trapped. Try to prey on the ones who will be sitting ducks.

When laning phase is over, try to be with a teammate at all times. It works wonders as he has synergy with so many people. Jarvan isn't a gung-ho type player, you have to play with people and use that great synergy to your max advantage. I walked around one game with a Katarina while we just combo'd the **** out of the other team. Your best prey are obviously 2/1 champions by themselves. 2 v 2, you will win most of the time. Single out the weak link with your Ult, Hit them to death with your teammate then switch to the other one running for his/her life.

Team Fights

Now this is where it get's tricky. You just can't ult randomly on a person trapping everyone and getting everyone killed. You have to be smart about it. You also have to be smart on using your E + Q combo to knock people up. I usually let the tank engage then:

- E+Q the group and knock people up and allow my team to decimate a target. Rinse and Repeat. Keeping the flag in the middle of things help's everyone hit harder.

- Ult on their Carry and let my team decimate that target from the outside. (IE. Akali / Jax / Katarina jmping inside with me)

- Ult on a group of people and let some AOE damage happen. (IE. Katarina / Miss Fortune) Be Careful however, you have to gauge if your team will completely decimate them. Then use your E + Q combo to knock up everyone trying to leave after your ult.

You have to be smart on using your abilities. They aren't just spammable abilities that you throw around. When used correctly and efficiently, it is hard to counter you and your team.

Any stragglers still left alive, well i just Q them as the range on that is quite nice.