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Lulu Build Guide by RickR

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RickR

AD/AS Lulu mid

RickR Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off...

you will hear people laughing at you when you say, "I will play ad lulu." One thing you have to understand is the reason this is op is because of lulu's amazing auto attacks. Things you should know, all your moves are not meant to be used for damage, but as a utility to support yourself. For instance, you are fighting a fizz mid, so you auto attack him, I usually do about 1 bar of hp per auto attack, when he uses his trickster and gets up in your face squirrel him, then use Help Pix! and Glitterance to slow him while he runs. this should kill him. You will want to level up your whimsy first, because this is a 2.5 second stun that will give you a huge advantage in a 1v1. Help pix! and Glitterance, which recently got nerfed, are meant to slow your unwary foe. Your ult is another great part about any lulu. Once you have it you will be able to trick people into trying to kill you when you are at low hp. After this happens retreat let them get close use your ult, which is a stun, then squirrel them, then destroy them down with auto attacks.

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Good and the Bad

The good...
1. This build of lulu gives you a ton of attack speed and attack damage that lets you demolish people
2. You will also be underestimated by your opponents, and be able to get a easy few kills early in the game.
3. Lulu is able to support herself while you are carrying.
4. Able to turn the tides on a team fight that you appear to be loosing.
5. Amazing last hitter on minions.

The bad...
1. You are the squishiest champion ever early game, but becomes sustainable end game.
2. The public appeal for AD lulu is low at the moment.
3. You need to take caution in team fights, or else you will die and loose the team fight for your team.
4. This champ will be easily ganked and is horribly slow until you get the berserker's greaves.
5. AD lulu looses her mana extremely quick, however mana is not vital for this lulu, but it will help you slay people. In other words use your mana with care.

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Your rotation should be whimsy -> auto attack -> Wild Growth -> Help Pix! -> Glitterance.
If your foe is running away use whimsy on your self to catch up to him then use Help Pix! and Glitterance to slow him, if he is still breathing use one auto attack, which should finish him off.

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Early, Mid, & Late Game

Early Game
Things you should know. With the doran's blade as a starting item will give you a strong advantage, which enables you to demolish you champion with your auto attacks pretty quick. CAUTION! If you get to aggressive, and greedy, you will easily be bursted down to death by any other mid champion. This being said lulu is squishy early game which means stay cautious. If you have spare money, buy wards to stop a gank.
Mid Game
Team fights start up you should have your zeal by now, which will start up that amazing attack speed. In Team Fights stay in the back and try not to be bursted down, this will most likely kill you in an instant. Get as many cs and kills as you can. Try not to get into a 1v1 with anyone in this phase.
Late Game
In team fights, still, stay back don't get bursted. Whimsy their ad carry, or their most fed champ the whole time, and if the ad carry is dead whimsy their support. Try to gank people in lanes by themselves. Remember to whimsy before you initiate and save your ult until that start running, as well as your q and e. If your almost dead go into the jungle and beat on some creeps for some free money and gold. If you can run this build correctly you should be able to support some of your team mates while changing the tides of any fight. Good Luck!

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(My league name is Ninjahooker)

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Thanks for reading

If you read this thank you for your time! This is my first guide, please give me feedback to improve, thanks again! ^_^