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Nidalee Build Guide by ninjacupcake

Ad Bruiser Nidalee, Safest Top choice possible

Ad Bruiser Nidalee, Safest Top choice possible

Updated on April 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjacupcake Build Guide By ninjacupcake 14,714 Views 1 Comments
14,714 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjacupcake Nidalee Build Guide By ninjacupcake Updated on April 24, 2012
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This is a work in progress, will probably be finished before the end of the month.
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This is going to be a short and simple guide to how you can become an unstopable nidalee.

First of all i need to point out that you need lots of experience with nidalee to pull this off, but i can pretty much guarantee dominating my solo lane 19/20 games (the fail one is those games where their jungle simply just camps my lane) and that hurts them more than me becouse of their jungler loosing preacious farm and exp.

And another thing, i havent LOST top a single time, simply just dominated except for the two times ive ended up in a draw(ish) situation. One of the matches i ended up alone versus Lee Sin and Miss Fortune so i had to be very passive (ended up carrying the game thanks to a jungler who helped me out at a later point) and the other time was when i was versus a good volibear who had a constantly ganking mundo in the jungle, he pretty much camped my lane...

But now on to the build!
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Pros / Cons


#Can counter most
#Hard to counter
#Great mobility
#tanky and pretty much uncatchable (when using this build)
#Great asassin
#Great burst


#Need lots of practice
#MUST have farm (as you WILL get every game if played right)
#CanĀ“t sustain longer fights against equally fed autoattackers like warwick and Master Yi.
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Skills and summoner spells

I love Prowl, just love it! Dont have to say much about it but i will bring it up later.

As in this build your javelin will be next to useless. Takedown on the other hand will be
your main damage source. When you have a bit gear you wont have much trouble to get that finishing blow in before they even react. just with 200 basic attack damage and a sheen youll do over 1000dmg to finish some one off.

Bushwhack is a extremely good spell to have in your arsenal. it can do really good scouting
but never forget the fact that in a 1v1 fight where you manage to get the debuff on the enemy they will get very weakened versus your attacks.
Therefore giving you a really good advantage.
Pounce on the other hand can be used in so many ways so i will just make a list...
Use it:
#For Getaways/chasing
#To cross smaller walls
#for initial burst together with swipe to lower opponent hp (that way increasing first takedown damage)
#farming a wave (with your W/E combo you clear a minion wave or wolf/wraiths really quick)
#Duking. This is where your passive becomes really nasty. If you get chased its easy to punce in to an brush and just duke or run straight away with that speed boost. 15% should never be underrestimated.

Primal surge is your heal (Captain Obvious speaking) that helps you with the lane sustain and can save you in a pinch. BUT the passive on the other hand is just sick. if you can buff your self before jumping on the enemy in catform youll get a highly increased dps over a short time, but dont forget to use the passive when you scratch the towers, or even better. if you see the carry bash a tower just throw a heal and the odds of an successfull tower crush gets increased.

The swipe on the other hand aint rly much to brag about, but it gives you some extra dps and works great with your Pounce in the initiation stage where you want to deal asmuch damage as possible before you Take down.

This is your Primal skill ofcourse.
Increasing your resistaces, buffing movespeed and puts your skills in devistate mode!
get away, initiate, chase, burst or just eat a cookie! you name it, this skill can do it all for you.
Oh, and you loose your ranged attack. pff so what? you just need that for the lane anyways.
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This part is pretty basic.
You ONLY last hit minions with your basic attack attacks in start, and if your'e not the best last hitter in the world the runes will help you. But with nidalee top lane theres something more important than last hits: Harassing!
Harassing with some denial will give you easy kills when the opponent feels cornored.
In most cases the opponent donesn't learn to just stay away untill he/she have fed you about two kills.
Basicly deny>kill>Lasthit in my opinion, works for me 95% of the time if not more.
And ofcourse when youre skilled, counterward enemy jungle. Steal their jungle/harass their jungle or simply just kill them. ;) But try to be level 6 before invading to much. Its always an risky move but your cat form will help you burst them down quick and getaway without any bigger trouble.
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Sample videos (Best way to understand the Playstyle.)

Please watch these, they will show you in a much clearer way how my build works and how
this build is executed in playstyle.

A simple lol game to show you the power of this build.

And another video where i completly dominate, but hey... cant always win, doesnt matter how well you do.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjacupcake
ninjacupcake Nidalee Guide
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Ad Bruiser Nidalee, Safest Top choice possible

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