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League of Legends Build Guide Author badandy

AD Eve - invisible yi with a stun.

badandy Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there readers, this is my take on attack damage Evelynn. The intent here is to play as an attack damage Eve, in the jungle and as a roamer at the same time. Its my first guide, so comments are appreciated, and welcomed!

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These masteries are great for this squishy blue lady to take a few hits form creeps, and the "Ardor" mastery is pretty great, to boot.

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I feel the runes are fairly self explanatory, and likely common for a jungling character.

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Pros / Cons

Alright AD eve has a few pros and cons, as with any champion.

your invisble yi with a stun.
demolish carries, likely before the stun wares off.
decent survivability with lifesteal and self heal on ulti.

still squishy despite the lifesteal.
Prone to CC.
your eve, people probably will que dodge you, or complain a lot.
requires half-way decent decision making skills.

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Skill Sequence

I didnt make a skill sequence bar for eve here, since its not complicated. First skill is hate spike, level 2 is Shadow walk. Continue to max shadow walk, and ravage second. Ignore hate spike unless you cant get anything else. Level Ult any chance you get.

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Creeping / Jungling

So, the start of the game take your armor and 5 pots and head to wraiths. I feel that its one of the safer places to start than blue even though with this set-up you CAN take blue at lvl 1 with someone leashing it for you. your second camp is wolves, and this should net you level 2. Save a little bit of mana, enough for stealth. With lvl 2 and stealth ready, its time to start ganking. This is technically roaming, but i consider it some sort of a mix between the two. Plan your gank, tell the lane with the squishy to harass heavily until about 50% hp. stealth up, stun and ignite. your damage and the other champs is generally enough to net first blood. afterwards, continue to jungle, switching between the wraith camps and wolf camps when you can. essentially you can ignore the "buff camps" until you run out of hp pots. at this point you should be close to affording madreds. With madreds you can take any camp you want really, assuming your not as unlucky as I am, and the thing actually procs for you. continue to jungle until you see gank opportunities arise, and thats how it becomes sort of an abomination mix of the two concepts. It allows you to keep up on level and creep score while providing ganks for your team. Once you have wriggles, ward the enemy teams red or blue buff if they have a jungler. It's really fun to steal their buffs or steal it then even gank them with the buff they thought they would get. wait til its low, pop out and stun the jungler, smite the lizard/golem. a Final note here is that once people start to pink ward/oracle, they think they are safe. pay attention to placement of wards, and you'll notice a lot of times, you can sneak in behind them as enemies flee form harassment. if your not comfortable with this tactic, its also effective to wait just out of sight range and allow a character with a stun or slow to cc your target before you walk into sight.

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As far as items go, I find this order to work best. If your on fire or have very good cs, try to finish black cleaver first. Sheen adds a nice little burst early game, cleaver gives great armor pen and speed. Finishing trinity force gives her just enough attack speed be right under the cap with her ultimate activated. Spamming q like a mad man of course procs Tforce. As far as defensive items go, it depends on what your up against. if they have magic damage, get banshee or Force of nature(the movement speed is really handy), and if they have physical your actually fairly well set from the armor runes and wriggles, but more armor never hurt anyone :)

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As far as farming goes, your in the jungle. Those are easy creeps, and if someone has to leave their lane to buy or heal, hold their lane. its great XP and last hitting in a lane for even a minute or two can get you a fair amount of gold.

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Team Work

Just to touch on teamwork with eve, she can be a great team player if you want her to be. you have a fantastic initiation tool pre oracles on enemy team, and other attack damage characters will love the fact that ravage and cleaver shreds near 70 armor from whoever your attacking. another option for eve is holding back a little while. If your support is getting beat up, or your ranged carry/mage carry are getting whaled on, your there to provide an escape stun, and with trin force or one of the red buffs on 5's, a slow. One thing you want to be careful about with team play on evelynn is making sure your actually helping. I see way too many eve players simply being a janitor. Yes, the easy kills are funny/get you gold, but make sure your not simply waiting around to kill steal. Your team won't like it a whole lot.

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Well, thats about how AD eve plays! hopefully this gives some sort of insight onto how evelynn works, and you can get out there and start doing some terrible damage :P