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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xykotech

AD Ezreal, my style

Xykotech Last updated on July 18, 2010
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Its all skill - this is my first attempt at a public build, please give some feedback

The reason I am writing this guide is to give you some insight on how I am play AD Ezreal. I see a lot of builds and most of them tend to be good, but something just doesn't feel right about it.

I am not going to dive into the basic functions of this champion, hopefully by now you've played him a few times and understand his skill sets. If you would like to know more about them, look at another AD Ezreal guide, you're sure to have some info dump.

Ok now lets get to it, summoner skills!
The reason I choose this is due to the fact that spamming mystic shot destroys your mana pool, since we're going AD, we're not going to be getting much mana from items. We will counter this mid game by keeping the Golum buff.
I go with cleanse, because AD ezreal is extremely squishy. He has amazing escapes but if he gets caught in a CC and focused, its pretty much always instant death.

Any adjustments to this can be perfectly fine to suit your play style. Play with the skills make you feel more confident in your champion, that's the winning ingredient.

On to the core of the build, the ITEM LIST!

You can see your core items in the top to get an idea on what we're going to be building towards, here I am going to tell you what my progression is and the reason I do this.

Try to confirm that you're taking mid before the game starts, in my opinion if you're not in mid with AD Ezreal, you will be under fed and be a burden to your team. This is under the assumption that your team is not carrying you to victory.

Once the game starts grab theand 1then head to your lane. The reason for the Dorans blade is that you will need the additional HP. The extra damage and life steal will keep you in your lane till you are ready to go back to buy. Keep moving! I cannot stress this enough, do not stand still in your lane and just auto attack mobs. Last hit minions with your basic attack and mystic shot if need be, but keep there hero running. Any distraction on his leveling will keep you in control of your lane. When the mobs bundle in the center, I tend to go towards 1 of the sides closer to bottom or top, nearest to there tower. They will either have to move back to there tower, keeping them out of XP range or they will have to move into the fray. I don't need to tell you that at level 1, minions hurt. By level 6 you should have killed the enemy at least once if he over extends. The reason I choose clarity is for this reason alone. I let myself dump my mana pool last hitting minions so the enemy will think you're an easy target. As soon as he jumps on you, Clarity > Trueshot Barrage > Arcane Shift away > Mystic Shot. If he's still alive pursue with Mystic Shot again. The reason we start this way is that once they're the aggressor, they don't attempt a dodge 90% of the time. This is all circumstantial and dependent on the enemy champion so take this as more of a suggestion than anything else.

Once the enemy is downed, its time to go back and heal / buy. If you have over 1000g, buy your speed boots. Boots are all preference really, but I go withbecause I play Ezreal for his mobility and chasing mechanisms. The faster you are, the easier it is to line up a Mystic Shot.

Ok now we work towards the. So go back to your lane and keep fighting. After you beat them down again, for my experiences you will start having ganks so pay attention to your teammates lanes. Do not wait for them to call MIAs. If you don't see the enemy icons, and they aren't dead. Stay where you know you can get away if it comes to it, do not commit to a fight.

Next build the. Once you have this go straight for the Golum buff. It should take no time at all to kill now. You have an infinite supply of mana and the 25% cooldown reduction will make your mystic shot a nightmare. Now at this point do not wait for the champion in mid to get aggressive, Push him back and bolt straight to the nearest lane to gank and come straight back to defend your tower. You should be getting some very nice kills. By you doing this, welcome to MID GAME!

Keep fighting till you farm the 1100 gold for the next purchase and go back for youronly if you need to heal. If you're good stay because its only 300 gold to upgrade all 3 items to the
The reason I go for the trinity is the trio of effects, 1v1 you should kill any champion now as long as they weren't fed. The slow from the phage combined with your Arcane Shift and Mystic Shots, no champion alone should be able to get in melee range.

At this point in the game, you're going to be the teams carry. You will be getting most of the kills and you're rarely going to die so I rush thefor the added dmg on my mystic shot and basic attacks then follow it quickly with the. You'll be getting 20 stacks on both and keeping them that way for most of the game.

With this build comes a warning, you will slaughter most teams early and mid game. It will be getting 80% of the kills on your team. However, from what I've seen, no AD Ezreal is that viable late game. So try to not KS your teammates, let them get kills and keep them fed as much as you can. If you start an enemy fleeing and your teammates can catch them, let them have the kill.

The next item we go for is the. Its great for the cooldown reduction and the armor penetration. After that jump back in the fray.

Most Ezreals I've played against tend to save the Trueshot Barrage till the end of the fight to try and feed themselves. On the contrary I open a team fight with mine as long as they're bundled. Fighting 5 hurt enemys is better than fighting 5 at full health.

Grab athen work towards your. If you play this right, these items you will have before the game is over. I get to my IE on 90% of the matches played with Ezreal.

At this point rally your team and push for the win.

If the game continues on, sell your dorans and buy something with HP on it. I usually go for a. As the gold comes in, you wont really have much use for it since you're all locked up on your 6 slots. Once you get around 1200g, sell your boots and buy, chug,, chug,, and chug. Then rebuy your boots of choice. I suggest doing this on any champion late game, 900g for the stats you get is insane. Think of it as 900g for the best item in the game, that only lasts 5 minutes

When attacking a target the general progression of an attack is Arcane shift > Essence Flux > Mystic Shot. Spam these as fast as possible. If they chase, Shift away and repeat. If they flee, Shift to them and repeat.

With this build I generally always get a 5:1 KDR, give it a try. I know a ton of people hate wasting gold on a trinity but give it a few attempts, once you get the hang of it you might grow to love it. So that is a general run down of my AD Ezreal, please give me some comments and suggestions as this is my first attempt at creating a build.

Thanks for taking the time to read it