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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheapy

AD Ezreal. So good

Sheapy Last updated on March 16, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Aight Ezreal is probably one of my favorite champions next to Blitzcrank. Even with the nerfs, he's still an extremely viable solo mid and DPSer contrary to what all pubs think. Good damage (assuming you land your Q reliably) and his W buff can make or break a teamfight.

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Pros / Cons


    Easily accessible blink
    Fun to play
    Good damage
    Extremely flexible
    Q procs on-hit abilities (this is really big)

    Hard to learn and master
    Every Q you miss is a noticeable drop in DPS (-250 damage and the 1 second CDR)
    Skillshots galore
    Requires good positioning and game sense

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Extra health can make or break you at early game laning phase.
Armor Pen Marks and Quints for the extra damage that Q and your auto attacks do
MP5 because you have mana issues

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Summoner Spells


I don't really pack anything other than these two to be honest. Ghost is invaluable at chasing and another flash never hurts. If you want an added nuke than ignite works fine too.

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21/0/9 or 23/0/7

Extra damage is obvious and some people might switch between extra ASPD or buff duration. (Red is pretty much necessary on you during mid game).

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I usually start out withas it gives good damage and health. Some people might opt to start with abut I don't think it gives as many benefits as a Dorans. Why? You shouldn't be pot-shotting Q to require that much mana.
Sheen to make your Q 100% more harder.
Some people are probably thinking, the **** did you get a Brutalizer for? CDR, attack damage, more armor penetration that's why. It's cheap to build and it gives everything you need. (You can switch brutalizer and Sheen acquirement order)
Boots of Swiftness if you feel like the enemy composition looks like they can break through your tanks. Else zerkers for extra ASPD. Merc treads are acceptable if you're getting CC'd a lot (You shouldn't be though because of positioning)
Trinitys is next because of how good of a well-rounder it is. The phage lets you slow sometimes if you aren't packing a red buff and it gives health. Zeal for faster attack speed and movement speed. Passive of Trinitys works wonders as well.
Banshees next because of HP and Magic Res. More survivability, more DPS. If the other team has absolutely no AP damage than you can opt to skip it. The only time I would ever grab Black Cleaver before Banshees would be if you haven't died a single time 20 minutes into the game (You're roflstomping opponents).
Attack Speed, Damage, more Armor reduction.

Other possible items:
More survivability as well as a second life

Some people get this but I don't think that it's necessary. With Sheen and Banshees you should have the mana you need to get by in teamfights and inbetweens. I wouldn't recommend it because it slows your other items, but if you're having a lot of trouble with mana go for it, it's a decent item.

A lot of people are probably asking, "but Sheapy where is my lovely Bloodthirster/IE/Black Cleaver rush?". Due to Riot's balancing Tanky DPS have been a trend in most games. With Trinity/Banshees you're sitting on a good 2200ish HP along with the MRES and Bubble. That alone will allow you to stay alive in teamfights compared to other carries. The longer you stay in a teamfight the more DPS you will do.

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Skill Sequence

R>Q>E>W with one level of W early on (20% for both teams is still a lot). R is obvious same with Q. E is taken over W though because of the lower CD that you get every time it's leveled.

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Early Game/Laning

Contrary to what most people say, I actually find that playing aggressive works well on Ezreal. If you can land decent Q's in between farming minions, you'll eventually be able to kill an enemy champion if they're below half.

Try and land your Q's when the enemy creepwave is about to die or when you see one of your own creeps get to low health. (Predict when the opponent will step ahead of their creeps to last hit). If your opponent is waiting for one last hit and you see that they only have two or so creeps you can E into a position where you can land your Q and throw a couple of auto attacks. Hitting both of those or even a Q + auto attack can drop an enemy about 200-300 HP.

When you hit 6 it's time to kill. Always make sure that creeps will be on your side (you have a bigger creep wave than they do), E in, Q/W and throw auto attacks. The hardest part will be landing your ult. I can't really tell you how to land your skillshots but you'll eventually start getting better. DO NOT TOWER DIVE. Unless you know 100% that you can hit them and run away with your life, do not risk it. Forcing an enemy mid to back off will give you 1 level advantage and a couple of hits on the tower.

Always be on the lookout for possible ganks on your sidelane. If you see an enemy champion low on health blue pilling back in tower range, give him a taste of your R. (It's okay to throw your ult at sidelanes when you see a gank because you can Q the CD off pretty easily)

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Mid Game

Positioning is everything

This is when it gets serious. Teamfights, ganks, dragon control, and pushes. If you cannot be at a gank than throw yourin that direction (unless you're trying to set up a gank yourself). By now you should have Sheen and your Brutalizer. Never try to engage first, always wait for a couple of spells to be thrown in before you//and possibly in. You rarely want to usefor damage. If they're backing off and you guys are chasing,after them. If not thanfor better positioning or for running away.

Positioning is everything

At this point in the game try and ask your jungler nicely if you can have the red. Red buff allows yourto slow (extremely long range slow if you can hit) which is what makes him "OP". With a red you can gank really easily. Never forget to auto attack. In between your rotation of spells always let loose a couple of auto attacks. It is possible for you to initiate a gank withor Ghost, but you should try to save yourif you can in case they counter gank.

Summary: Save yourfor positioning (Blinking behind tanks, over walls, closer to the target), land your ultimate, useto snipe off their weaker foes (useto get into a good position), and W into as many people as possible for the buff/debuff

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Late Game

Aight so you managed to hit late game, let's hope that you have minimal deaths and a couple of core items. At this point you want to have a consistent ward up on Baron and areas around the river. You'll be traveling in packs at this point so stay behind the rest of your team. Whether or not you get initiated on, or you initiate on you should be in an optimal position to R and W as many people as possible. After that, depending on how the fight is going, you'll either want to run up and start Q/auto attacking squishies or Arcane Shift away.

I've found that I usually complete my Bveil at this time and have to wait for the 1850 for Black Cleaver. This is a dangerous position. If you feel like you guys are winning teamfights than it's okay to save up for that B.F. Sword. However, if you have around 700 gold and are barely staying alive, Pot the **** up. Green/Red/Blue. All pots are GREAT on you, all of them give something that you need. Feel like your dying a lot? Red elixir. Not enough DPS? Green elixir. Feel like you can't auto attack? Blue elixir.

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Special Tips

Bushes are you friend. If you know how to weave in and out of bushes it's extremely easy to kite oncoming tanky dps. Use Arcane Shift to go between bushes and throw a Mystic Shot every time the CD is up at oncoming chasers. Hopefully if you have red/phage it might proc a slow allowing you to run a bit more.

Good use of Arcane Shift will make or break you. Stay behind tanks and have enough range to avoid their tanks/DPS.

Early on during laning creeps hurt a lot. If you're going to go for a kill try not to do it when the enemy is packing an entire wave that's pushing. More than likely you'll die or take a lot of damage. Use your own judgment but estimate about 100-150 damage from creeps alone if you go for a kill without your own creeps backing you

Will update with more pictures to show examples of my reasoning/strategy