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Janna Build Guide by Daisieheart

AD Janna

AD Janna

Updated on November 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daisieheart Build Guide By Daisieheart 12 5 106,008 Views 34 Comments
12 5 106,008 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Daisieheart Janna Build Guide By Daisieheart Updated on November 21, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Okay just to let you all know this is my first guide. I made this guide for a friend of mine who recently decided to play AD Janna. He asked me to make a build for him and i gladly helped him out and after using it a few times he suggested i post the guide on Moba Fire, also this way i don't have to pull the paper out to tell him everything,. Now i used to not believe that Janna could go AD but her shield does give an attack damage buff and she does attack fairly fast. I hope you enjoy the guide if not that is Okay, like i said i am making this for a friend and if you guys think its bad i would understand.
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I went with these runes for a few reasons and here i will explain why. I went with Greater Mark of Desolation for the armor pen. this one was actually pretty self explanatory. The next one is Greater Seal of Critical Damage times 4 and Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage times 5, i went with this because i do have a Manamune in the item build so by that point you should be okay with mana but if you are having problems you could trade the seals in for mana regen. Next is Greater Glyph of Critical Damage times 6 and Greater Glyph of Critical Chance times 3, i went with these for a few reasons the reason i went with more cri damage instead of crit chance is with phantom dancer and infinity edge you will have a good amount of crit and with the glyphs of malice you should have enough crit chance to get you through the game. Last is the Quintessences, i went with the Armor pen. quints for a number of reasons, we have the crit chance/damage done and the attack speed from items as well as the life steal and the mana (unless you do not get the manamune)you also get armor pen. from the masteries i chose so the armor pen. from the quints will help alot.
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Okay now on to the masteries. I went with Offensive AD for a few reasons, obviously utility would be for a mage or support but since we are going AD i saw it best to go offensive although i did throw in some utility for the last 9 points but you can feel free to put them into defense if you feel you die too fast or it just makes you feel safer overall.
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I went with these items for a few reasons. One reason was that i saw an AD janna with some of these items and she was decent enough for me to consider them. Another is that i looked at other AD builds and found these to be highly popular for AD champs. Doran's Blade will give you a nice health buff at the beginning as well as some early life steal and AD. Berserker Greaves for the attack speed but feel free to get Mercury Treads if you would like the tenacity and the magic resistance. The Black Cleaver i got for the extra attack speed and the armor reduction is always nice if you attack fast and have the armor pen. runes you should do quit a bit of damage. The Bloodthirster is pretty obvious you always want some life steal on AD, well almost always,. Manamune as i have said before it help with the mana problems you will have and it also gives you extra attack damage equal to 2% of your mana so by increasing you mana it also increases you attack damage and for those of you who may not have noticed unlike Tear of the Goddess it gives mana per basic attack not ability used. Phantom Dancer is next for crit attack speed and movement speed, i like this item alot on AD champions and i feel it will help Janna alot since she is so squishy she will need to get the job done quickly . The last thing i have is Infinity Edge, this is for the extra crit and the critical damage increase this will help you not only crit more often but it will also further increase the damage of your crits. Combined with the runes and masteries your critical chance should be around 55, 56%. If you find these items are not to your liking go ahead and change your build or if you feel that you should get one item before another go ahead and switch it up (meaning if you have mana problems early game get manamune earlier then i have poseted).
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Skill Sequence

For skills its pretty obvious, you want to max your Eye of the Storm first since it will shield you from damage but it also increase your attack damage while its up. Next i have Zephyr posted for the speed boost and it slows those you hit with it. I get Howling Gale last since its an AP spell but i do get 1 point in it at level 4 because its nice to have when running or in team fights you just shoot it out and the enemies are knocked upward allowing you to get away or giving your team the advantage. As for the Ultimate, i get it whenever i can because Janna is a squishy champion its a great way to heal up and if you in a bind it will knock you enemies away giving you time to run just hit it to knock back then run like crazy!
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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Flash for AD Janna because ignite will give you the finishing damage you might need and flash will help when either running or chasing, another spell i think would be nice is exhaust for obvious reasons. Since the Fizz patch the spell Surge has been added and it would be nice to have the extra speed but if you reach the max speed (2.5) then it loses its usefulness.
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Wrap Up

Okay now for a wrap up, i would just like to say once again i do not play AD Janna but a friend of mine does and he wanted me to make a build for him so i am posting this for his benefit. If you guys happen to like the guide or find it helpful feel free to comment or vote i would love to hear feedback and i am sure my friend would love the suggestions. Thank You for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daisieheart
Daisieheart Janna Guide
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AD Janna

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