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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crampus

AD Jungle Eve Smite/Revive

Crampus Last updated on December 16, 2010
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AD Jungle EVE

Because the recent interest in SorakaBot's way of playing Jungle Eve i am motivated to make this build, this is also my first build so please dont flame about (Insert reason here). So, lets get started...

I. Evelyn

Evelyn is only true assassin in the game at the moment, other stealth characters lack certain factors to be called assassins. So, lets take a look at Pros and Cons.

  • One of the fastest Champs in game.
  • Long duration Stealth.
  • Capable of insane damage.
  • Makes enemies paranoid.
  • Makes enemies spend money on Oracles and Wards.
  • Counter Jungle capability.
  • Warding the map without being noticed

  • Wards and Oracles makes things harder. (Doesn't shut you down)
  • Smart playing is CRUCIAL!
  • Cant take down tanks till late late LATE game.

From this we can conclude that Eve is champion with a lot of utility and damage capability but requires from you to be and play smart. Once you get the hang of it, its easy mode. One important tip is that even when you are in stealth, don't think you cant be seen, there is nothing worse than be ganked while attempting gank. Don't let it happen to you.

II. How to jungle (Using Revive)

This is what this build revolves around, Eve starts out pretty squishy and can have problems jungling and attempting first ganks. So that is where Revive steps in. Look at the jungling path map.

Now, this is what you got to do. Follow closely...

0. Game starts, buy Cloth Armor and Health Potions x5. Go to 1.
1. Take Q, start killing golems. Use one pot while fighting. Take another potion and go to 2.
2. Smite big Wraight, kill small ones. Take pot and go to 3.
3. Go behind Big Wolf and E on him, then kill them all, don't use pots. Proceed to 4.
4. Kill small creeps, then die to Big Blue. Revive And go to 4 again, E on Big Blue and kill him without using smite. Go to 5.
5. Start killing him and use Pot. Smite to finish. Get the small ones too.


0. Cloth Armor and 5x pots, it is common for almost every jungler. Eve doesnt need all 5 of them but buy them anyway, you might need them if it is your first time.

1. Level Q and start pounding on one of them constantly spamming Q. Use first pot when you lose 2 bars of your Health. When you finish, pop another pot and proceed to Ghosts.

2. Right away smite big one, then kill others with Q spam and Auto Attack. This is not a problematic spot, justa make shure you dont loose too much health.

3. Go behind the big wolf and e him for magic resist debuff, then finish them all of without taking potion. You need to die on blue.

4. Most important spot, focus small ones and kill them, then die. when you use revive you will have 400 Bonus hp for 2 minutes, enough to finish red and blue buff spots and gank someone. Before you revive buy Boots, then Revive and run to blu buff, he is turned face to the trees, E him from behind for bonus damage from your q. Then throw everything you got at him. DO NOT USE SMITE!

5. Try to start the fight with E on red from behind. Then spam him with q and autoattack, when he is low enough (500-600 HP) finish with Smite.

III. Ganking

Now it is time to visit one of those funny faces on the map. things you will need to gank smoothly...

1. Revive Buff!
2. Blue Buff!
3. Red Buff!
4. Enough HP!

If you have everything then take a look on the lanes, if there is someone with low hp ask your team mates to let him push a bit. I usually gank mid, most of the time there is some squishy champ that just happens to be at low health at this time. (I have no idea why)

If you manage to kill him, Blue pill back and finish Madreds Razor. From this on, jungling is easy. Go jungle a bit more then gank again when you are ready. You dont need Revive buff anymore.

This is it basically, i need to add few more sections, and pls can someone tell me how to make those item and skill icons. Tnx... :)