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Taric Build Guide by Spider

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spider

AD Jungle Taric. Yes Really.

Spider Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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really remarkably effective. he's an amazing jungler.

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Chapter 2

So I started reading about which champions have the overall highest win ratios in lol. And along comes taric who was.. well.. way up there. So I start getting interested in this guy. From the very moment I wiki'd his stats I'm like... this guy is gonna be fun packing some at least some ad carry gear. So I started experimenting, then experimented more, and started winning... alot. Then felt confident enough to write a guide. So here it is.

With the strong ad component of this build he does remarkably well paired with an ap nuker. By the end of the match this build typically delivers 60 percent physical and 40 percent magic damage. Really a pretty even split.

You might also say that going AD nerfs taric's support abilities. The answer is not really. I frankly think this is the way he was intended to be built. His ultimate's damage scales with attack power, but its damage/ap buff does not. Most importantly, his passive only regens mana based on auto-attack damage. So a traditionally mana starved taric now can repeatedly heal his teammates. Note too that I haven't completely neglected AP items and am still delivering 100 ap, plus a potential for 70 more with the ultimate.

The later build is really totally situational. Taric will have a lot of armor but little magic resistance late. If a caster is fed, getting a negatron cloak is probably a good idea. My basic tendency would be to build atmogs last in most situations tho. Likewise you can also build more tanky early as needed.

I like the ignite flash combo for all the usual reason. Flash gives ridiculous utility for quick attacks and is your only escape. Ignite combines well with your hextech as a strong kill move plus offers an outstanding 5 damage and ap on cooldown. Just what you need.

I think he's moderately difficult to learn. With the cooldown reduction of heal based on auto-attacks its somewhat hard to get into an ability use rhythm. Plus you'll have to make some relatively quick decisions about where to click since both allies and enemies and movement is on the table. Your killshots also require you to use an activateable item. So enough about that, smartcasting is just critical.

I did spend some time pondering the usefulness of a rylai's to add some cc and make him more tanklike. I'm just not that sufficiently impressed with it. The radius of his aoe's really isn't that big and it just doesn't pack enough pop. The 500 health is certainly nice, but... the defensive tree balances that out quite a bit. That said, this taric build has enormous push factor. He very readily steps into the offtank role and can be a prime contributor to tower takedowns.

He does require good teamwork. I've built him with a lot of good solo powers but we all know this is a team game. And taric is the ultimate team player. You could certainly build him with aegis, but I think its better for the main tank to build it. That 1.5 second stun is really powerful, and really long. I've seen level 1 kills happen almost within the space of it with three auto-attacks and three ignites hitting. DONE. I guess you could also say that you're trying to do too much with this build by satisfying every possible weakness, but frankly the stats speak for themselves. Taric = wins.

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So its a pretty standard jungling setup. I really like getting the early 3 percent lifesteal. I also went heavily into the red side rather than getting the increased jungle buff. Personal preference really. I just think the red side has more juice.

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So there is definitely a cooldown focus along with attack speed. This gives a solid punch. Not at the level of the pure crit monster ad carries, but the ability to land some solid hits during the killshot sequence. I like the trinity with its high movement speed bonus and of course great procs. He will hit hard. His only problem is going to be pursuing and hopefully he's got teammates for that. The goal here was survivabilitty over kills. Basically filling a super multi-role here doing tank/jungler/ad carry kinda all at once. he's a baller toon tho with a lot of firepower. really brings a lot to the table.