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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mojojojo

AD Kata hop-swish-dead

Mojojojo Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First there is always the question what is better an AD or an AP Kata... i personally prefer the AD Kata out of some reasons:
1. Bouncing blade is more secure than shunpo. Especially at the beginning of the game you can profit pretty much of your bouncing blade range.
2. Auto-attacks. An AP kata is absolutely useless after her ulti, so you can only jump in, use your ulti and pray.
3. Easier Farming. With an AD kata you can easily farm. You can even go shortly into woods if you want to.

Because of these 3 mainreasons I play her on AD.

Some short forms i will use: bb= bouncing blade, ki= killerinstincts, sp=shunpo, dl=deathlotus, eg= early game, mg= mid game, lg= late game, cd= cooldown, bt= blood thirster, magi pen= magicpenetration

At first the summoner spells: Exhaust+ exhaust masteries is important for the magi pen and the slow, which is important for ganking, because they otherwise just run out of its range.
Ignite+ ignite masteries is important for the eg-dmg and for finishing. The mastery is important because you get some additional ap, what is always good.

Masteries: Important is the additional magipen and dmg of all kind, this is why i pick the 21/9/0 you can also go for 9/0/21 if you think cd-reduction is more important. I would pick the 21/9/0 because you have some Armor you really will need.

The runes are obvious: You need the magipen and cd-reduction. Additional i got some for more dmg, because it helps pretty much for you ulti.
Lets jump into the game:
I recommend you to hit the midlane, you can easily farm and lvl, so grap dorans shield and a h-pot and run to the mid-tower. There are champions which are harder and some which are easier. The easy heroes are harrassed fast so easy to kill. If the harder heroes are in mid I strongly recommend you to take a sidelane:
Easy heroes:Hard Heroes:
The hard champions are hard because the either have lifesteal, like vlad, or they deal big dmg with single spells, like leblanc, or the have huge range, like karthus, or the have much life, like morde.
Special about Anivia is her very annoying passive. It really sucks hard because you take her down and she revives, that means that you have not kill in Early Game, what sucks hard :)

Now the game:
Early Game: The early game is explained easily, you grab your doran's shield and a h-pot an hit the midlane. Important is to stay at tower until the creeps start to fight. Otherwise you are a easy aim for a firstbloodgank. Until you are lvl 2 you can only stay behind, maybe you can hit a creep, but all in all you stay in XP-reach and wait until the first creep is down enough so you can kill it with your bouncing blade. This requires some feeling for lasthitting but after some time you will have it out easily. Now when you are lvl 2 you can start using your spells, to be honest: you dont have mana, that always means your spells should be on cd ALL THE TIME. Important is the permanent harass you have to do. It is pretty easy, you can either throw your bb at a creep near the champion and hope it hits him, or you can throw it directly, if he is in range, what does more dmg but you are in bigger danger. Sometimes you can use shunpo and directly after run back and use your bb on him, this does huge dmg in the eg and you might use it 2 times in a short time and your enemy is down to sth bout 200 hp. Here comes a important point. Many players would chase the enemy now, but in the eg your cds are too long, so you can only hope he is dump enough to stay in range. Then you can use your spells+ignite too kill him, but never chase after him after using your spells. You should go back when you have enough money to get haunting guise+ normal boots of speed so th around 1750. You may think this its much money, but if you stay on farming all the time and do 1-2 kills its reached pretty fast. with this buy my early game ends. IMPORTANT: dont forget the dragon...

Mid game:
Your mid and endgame is explained fast. You should gank, gank and maybe sometimes clash. Nothing else. Best is this with Gallio, shen and Rammus, because with their taunt you can use your ulti easily without being in danger. And a gank is for you this: let someone initiate, wait shortly so they all go for him, after that using ki+sp on the squishiest of them and then use your ulti. Ki is important for the dmg reduction which helps you to survive longer. You normaly harrass 1 or 2 of them hard with this and might finish him with bb and ignite. This boosts your cds, so you can allready shunpo on the next one, best would be the mage, who should be finished with sp,bb and a few hits. now your ulti might be ready again, so you can jump on the next one and use your ulti again... you do this as long as they or you are dead. Your mg ends when you have bought both b.f. swords.

late game:
You do the things you did in midgame in lategame. You only gank and gank and clash. Sometimes take golem, for the cd-reduction, and farm on the lanes, which is done fast because of bb and your dmg. Important is to keep the bts stacked, that means that you have to take 2-3 creepswaves and a short run through the woods until you can move into the fight again.

some Illustrations will follow.