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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hegino

Ad katarina afterall !

Hegino Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Greetings Katarina player's,

First of all i want to thank everyone who is reading my build sins this is my first build i wrote on mobafire. I will garantuee that this build is worth trying and even better that this is a very succesfull build promissing a good score.

AP vs AD

Who or what is better, AP of AD? Well i've tried them both and their equal to eah other. 2 big differences. AD makes your mind go crazy in the beginning of the game to the end, en AP makes your mind going even crazyer mid/late game. Choose wisely.

Pro's and Cons

Pro's AD

Extremely strong against all players except for tanks.
Assasination of a player done within 2 seconds from lvl 6.
Gaining good gold with Q ability and perfect for harasment.
Super deadly Ult late game perfect against multiple enemy's and triple kills.
Destroying towers like they are baby toys.

Cons AD

More fragile then AP. Before purchasing Frozen Mallet
Shunpo doenst do damage. But great for escapes and positioning for your Ult.

Summoner Spells

Ignite * Perfect for beginning assasination.
Exhaust * Prevent players from running away from your ult.
Later on your frozen mallet makes sure your Ult will do 100% from its damage.

Flash whould be a good alternative for ignite later in the game. If you let players slip away from their dead you can make sure to end their lives by flashkilling them. Also perfect for escaping when shunpo is on cooldown.

Item choice
Dorans shield: Health in the beginnen and the regen when opponent is difficult.
(When confident enough you can start with a long sword).
Sorcerers shoes: Penetration of all Kats ability's.
(When you have a *****-team, use boots of mobility for quick ganks).
Sword of occult: You need it for generating as much physical damage.
Bloodthirster: Also for a lot of damage and the lifesteal for a litle healing between ganks.
Frozen mallot: Also enemy's grow stronger so need some health. The passive is just great for Kat's ul.
(I'ts possible to buy frozen mallet before the bloodthirster, I just prefer this way of playing).
Infinity Edge: More damage, 1/5 crits after shunpoíng. But i dont believe the game wont take this long.

Early game

Mid or lane it doenst matter, personally i prefer mid bacause most of the time you got a squichy enemy against you. Your Dorans shield gives you some extra health and health regen. A long sword in place of dorans is also a good option if you play kat often. Your bouncing blade can keep harrassing your enemy when its over lvl 3. Make sure when your enemy is nearby his minions that killer instincts is active. If its on cooldown then make sure you hit your enemy first with bounding blades.

When your confident enough to send your enemy to the dead pool use killer instincts in combination with your shunpo so that his damage is reduced. After shunpo���­ng on your enemy tap your ult to assasinate him. If that dindt do the trick your bouncing blade and ignite will. Hello kill and money!

Purchase the sword occult so your atack damage can stack. With all the escaping methods and quick killing atack damage is garantueed.

See to it that the enemy turret is destroyed or that he has problems keeping up. Overview your map if the lane's can use some ganking help. Its very important so they can push and you can gain physical damage. When mid try not to be ganked and plant some 2 wards. 1 in the top bush and one in the bot bush.


I hope you had a good early game and already have a bloodthirster. When you have this item try to kill as much creeps, minions en enemy's as possible. Your atack damage needs to stack out of the box and do tons of damage. The bloodthirster gives you 1 psysical damage for each minions or creep. The lifesteal is also very handy for auto atacking. Also 1 to 1.

Its team ganking, pushing, and defending time. When a fight is started try to come in a second later so they wont focus you in the start. Hopefully you have a good tank, or some beefy characters that can take a knock or two.

Now you got 2 options. Use killer instincts for bouncing blades so all enemy's get some good damage because your blades wont do reduced damage. Or use Killer instincts with your shunpo to pop in the midle of the enemy group and active your ult doing a ****load of damage.

Killer instincts + shunpoo when your dont have a frozen mallet so your durability will be longer and Killer instincts + bouncing blades when you have a frozen mallet. Because you have more health and can do more damage.


I dont think the game will let you buy a infinity edge because it takes a-lot of time and money to buy these items, but Atack damage is your goal to succes. Try to gain as much as possible so even tanks cant handle your killing abality combination.

Only use your ult late game for 2 or more enemy's. Your lvl 3 ult hits 3 enemy's per dagger. Command your team tanks to take the damage while you can sleaghter you enemy's of.

I hope you enjoyed this Katarina build. Like i said i know that AD Kat can be *** powerfull then AP kat.(I think even more) But AP kat is a litle more difficult, esspacially in the beginning.