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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kccorage

AD Kennen - Surge of Death

Kccorage Last updated on May 12, 2011
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I know what your thinking. I'm crazy, I'm stupid. Kennen is a terrible ranged carry. There are many other people who fulfill his role better, (Ashe, Caitlyn, Vayne). But here is what I have to say to you, it is extremely fun. I have killed Caitlyn, Ashe, and Vayne before as Kennen. So Nay to you Nay Sayers.

The first time I even thought about Attack Damage Kennen was when I realized that the Ninja Trio, all had multiple builds. Each of them with the ability to be a Hybrid. Akali is AP, AD, or Hybrid.

Shen is Tank, AP, or AP Tank.

And Kennen is AD, AP, or Hybrid.

I had actually previously bought Kennen for his AP Build, and I just didn't like it. He didn't have enough damage output, because you had to spend so much of your time on defense. But a ton of Attack Damage items give reliability and survivability. Such as, Frozen Mallet. A slow with every attack, and some pretty decent bonus HP.

So please, don't knock it before you try it, Play AD Kennen.

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A bit confusing, I know. But I'm here to explain.

Marks of Desolation Are easy to explain. They synergize well with The Black Cleaver. Not only can you punish people you don't buy armor, you can slap right through it with these.

Seals of Meditation/Lucidity
Okay, so Mobafire doesn't have the energy runes yet, but I added mana just to take their place. Seals of Meditation provide .63 energy regen/5 and Seals of Lucidity provide .064 energy regen/5 per level (1.15 at 18). I HIGHLY Reccomend seals of Lucidity, because they give you 60.35 energy regen/5 at lv18. This will let you spam your skills more, without worrying about the energy cost. Alternatively, if you have early game Energy problems get the Seals of Meditation and you'll have 55.67 energy regen/5 seconds. Wow, what a difference.

Glyph of Warding/Fortitude/Sapience/Acumen

And it gets even more tricky here. Well, if your having normal survivability problems with Kennen, which are natural, get some Fortitude or Warding glyphs. If not, and you need a bit more spell spammability, get Glyphs of Acumen or Sapience. Acumen grants 2.2 energy and Sapience gives .161 energy per level, 2.9 at lv18. Simple, just depends on play style.


Yes, the almighty rune, the Quintessence. These really vary on play style/ problems. Lets go from the bottom down...

Greater Quintessence of Acumen. Gives 5.4 energy, BAZOOM! Thats a lot. Stacked on with your energy glyphs, Shurikens will be everywhere. (An upside to these runes are, his Dash doesn't consume 1/2 of your bar anymore, allowing a bit more room for mistakes in combos)

Greater Quintessence of Meditation. Gives 1.575 energy regen/5. Combined with extra energy glyphs, or energy regen seals, you won't lose track of your energy. An okay Quint to have, but not my first choice. If your fine with spammability, then you should either get an AD rune or the Quints of Acumen. These a bit situational.

Greater Quintessence of Alacrity. Simple, really. These are for if you want more Powered-Up Shurikens, or if you just want to take down enemies quicker.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation. If your having problems with tanks/ off-tanks, then get these. I've 1v1d with a Xin Zhao and won, because of these. They RIP through your enemies, just be sure if you get these to make sure to use regular attacks.

Greater Quintessence of Strength. Okay, so, Even I admit... Kennen isn't doesn't have too good Attack Damage until you start getting items. By the time I get my BF Sword, I notice large differences. And the more Attack Damage, the more damage the passive on your W does. If you focus more on basic attacks early game with Kennen, I'd suggest these.

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Checking the Brush

This is so easy, yet I've seen people die before from face-checking brush. Its so easy to check brush as Kennen, because he doesn't have mana and he has a very high energy regen, so you can just use your Shuriken to check any area and basically have another one ready in seconds.


Okay, normally I lane as Kennen because Mid is in high demand, So the way to check the brush for your partner is...

Throw your shuriken into the brush, and watch it.

If it dissipates and a thunder noise is made, an enemy has been hit. This means, somethings in there. Depending on who your laning with make the decision to charge in after a few more shurikens of harrassment.

HOWEVER, if you just happen to be going mid...

To check the sidebrush, walk by the two exit paths by the tower and throw it through the wall. Or, just throw it diagonally through, if you think you pinpointed their location.

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Item Build - Core vs Secondary

I would now like to take the time to explain the core item build, and include a number of items you can buy to switch your game up.

As a first item, I always get Long Sword and a Health Potion. If your new to Kennen, having problems with his extremely low early defense, or there is a high damage capable team that your playing against, (ex- Garen, Nocturne, and Morgana are all on one team. Ashe is going mid, so Morgana's snare + Either Garen or Nocturne's high damage output will devastate before minions arrive, possibly resulting in first blood against you.) I would get either a Doran's Shield, or Doran's Blade.

WHY FROZEN MALLET FIRST? Because, Frozen Mallet gives Kennen some well deserved health. Also, since the Black Cleaver is expensive, it will take a while to get some good Attack Speed. The slow on the Frozen Mallet helps you get more of your W Proc on Champions. The slow also helps you chase down enemies who dare come too close to you. Even though AD Kennen shines late game, I've still gotten some nice kills early-mid game.

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To Be Updated!

Man, I sure am tired. I hope you enjoyed my AD Kennen build, I'll be back later to update it. Please, enjoy and upvote!