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Malzahar Build Guide by emachel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author emachel

AD Malza epic pwnge

emachel Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings and welcome to my brand new build. I've been recently using it with great effects and I'm really proud, cause I think that I fully designed the whole new way to experience the amazing champion Malzahar is. To be honest, I bought him just for the fact that they remade some of skin's artworks and I really fallen in love with the Shadow Prince skin. I mean, the art for it is amazing! So here's the first tip for you here: if you're going to play Malza, be sure to get that skin! It's freakin awesome!

Anyway, very soon after getting him I realised that he's not as good on mid lane as people claim. Instead, I started playing him as a bottom lane AD kind of thing and... It worked pretty well! With nice CCes, amazing farming spell and nice damage, he really stands out as AD carry. It's sad how little people realise about his potential in this field, so this is the main reason for me to write this build.

Open your eyes and experience Malzahar in a way you never did. Prepare for epic ownage.

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I'm a legend

Just a screen to show off how this works:

And so, playing with this build, you can become a legends on your own. Are you ready for this?...

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+ you are a legend
+ your damage is op
+ your spells are op
+ everything about you is just op
+ you can nuke with spells being AD carry
+ you have silence and slow
+ easy farming with E
+ ulti to stop the chasers
+ fully utilizating TriForce

- some noobs may call you "troll", start trolling and make you lose
- you don't have a good escape mechanism
- you don't do much with your ulti on this setup
- your attack speed is kinda low early on

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Meaning of the spells

Every single spell of Malzahar is important and you need to know how they all work, when and how to use them. Let's browse through them quickly. Notice that the damage the spells does are quite broken for an AD carry, so don't be surprised how easy it is to dominate your lane early on with them.

Summon Voidling (passive)
Well, this is triggered automatically when you pull off 4 spells, but what you really need to realise is that comparing to AP Malza's build, this Voidlings will hit some pretty hard damage to opponents. Keep that in mind, when you have one ready, since they will attack champions with your E on it. Use it as your advantage.

Call of the Void (Q)
This spell you want to max out as second one, since it requires some luck to strike the targets you want to. Use this to get more harassing early on, but don't forget that it's a silencer. You can easily escape from gangs just when you strike with it on chasing enemy, so they can't use their spells to reach you. On teamfights, aim this to AP carries. When they're silenced they can't do any damage and become easy targets.

Null Zone (W)
Max it last, since it sucks. I mean, it has some kind of slow, but it's not really good. Use this to either escape or chase, since you have nothing better to do. Use this to push even quicker. Use this to activate your in-built TriForce's Sheen. But don't expect this to do much dmg.

Malefic Visions (E)
This is the best of Malza's spells. Really awesome one and in most cases it doesn't even take your mana! Wow! Take it on level 1 and max as fast as possible. Use this for farming mostly, just put it on a minion and keep autoattacking it. If it dies while spell is on, it passes on another minion and you regain some mana. It takes about 3 minions to get all your mana back to you and if you're good you can clear the whole minion wave with just one shot. Use this also for harassing, since it does pretty op damage to opponent AD carry, especially early on. Plus, your creepy monster kind of things would attack them as well.

Nether Grasp (ulti)
Comparing this to previous spell, Malza's ulti is a bit dissapointing. I mean, you surpress and do some damage, but it would be whole lot of better if you could autoattack while the duration instead of doing some magical damage. As most of AD carries' ultimates, you want to use this to finish off the escaping champs with low health. You can also use this for ganging, so others can easily kill the target.

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Laning with a support

First off, as an AD carry you are going down with a support. With this setup, you are going to have 68 AD to start with, which is more than average AD carries' result of 63. This gives you an advantage and kinda makes up for your low AS. While laning, you want to concentrate on farming, which you can do easily with your E.

What would be a good support for Malz? Considering his low AS and the fact that he needs room for setting his spells, stunners will do well. Lux, Alistar, Ryze... My best pick would be Taric, since he can tank Malza and do a good CC making it easy for him to land his spells. When your support does the stun, land a silence on your enemy, so they can't trigger their own escape tools when they get the stun off.

If you happen to see a coming jungler, try to land a silence on him before he reaches you. This will disable his own CCs and would let you get safely back to your turret. If they happen to be in a mood to pull of a suicider, just ulti them while they tank the turret.

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Epic Malza ownge

When the laning is over, it's time to fight with your team a little. Here's what you need to do.

First of all, you should find out your focus. Surely, AD carry and AP carry are usually the biggest threats, so you want them down as soon as possible. Keep in mind that AD carries are really weak to your E! If you do it, make sure to put it on them, so you can keep them away from your team. Later on, your ****ty creatures do weird amount of damage on their own, so just one E can reduce the carry's HP down to the half or more.

While fighting AP carry, the most important thing is to do early silence. When silenced, they can't use their spells, which makes them completely useless. If they try to escape, W may grant you additional autoattacks, if performed correctly.

As an AD carry, you want to have red as often as possible. Malza is no difference - get this buff for additional damage. Even if you can't kill the enemy on the spot, giving them E and damage from red, they may soon turn to ashes after they get back.

As your items goes, one of the most important thing is to get TriForce right off the start. Although I suggest getting B.F. as a first major dmg source, you don't need to finish off bloodthirst right after. Do it only if you need to get more survi with life steal, but concentrate on TriForce. Start off with Phage, for some health and slow effect, then Zeal to get your AS a bit higher and lastly Sheen to boost your spells and get the bonus damage. You can change the order as you want, but personally I find it the best in this version most of the time.

Remember one thing. As soon as you get TriForce on Malza, you stop being a champion. You become a god. And what the god needs? More damage! Infinity edge is a great choice. Combining with your in-zeal, you can pull off some awesome crits, push more efficiently and be even more destructive.

If you decide to keep the game longer to show off even more epic stuff, prepare for epic Malza hybrid. Start off with rushing Rabadon's Deathcap. This way you would do even more impressive damage with your spells and your ulti wouldn't get so wasted. Rylai's also a great AP items, which will grant you more survi, since everybody will probably start to focus you. Plus, we heard you like to slow off champions, so we gave you a spell-slow in addition to your autoattack-slow with Phage, so you can slow while you slow while slowing with your W as well. Holy ****, Ashe can't compare to your CC at this point anymore... It's OP.

While you have baron buff, your AD gets to about 400 with stacked bloodthirst and your AP should be about 300 or higher. Is there anything that you can't do at this point? Plus, do you really believe that Jax or Akali are OP? If you do, better think of another tier to put this champ into it.

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How to fight for dummies

VS caster

Silence with Q -> autoattack with Sheen -> give them slow with W -> auto with Sheen -> present them E as a goodbye -> auto more if you can

VS figher

Start with E -> autosheen -> slow with W -> autosheen -> silence Q -> autosheen -> moar auto

Vs both

Finish with ult if needed.

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Adjust some stuff

Everybody can play a little differently, so here I go with some stuff, that you may consider changable.

First off, runes. I like to have some mana regen on my carry, but if you don't like it, find something better for you. Also, armor stuff can be altered - I used it mostly to counter opposing AD carry on lane-phase fights. Instead of them, you can put some AD to get higher advantage or AS to cover your lack of it.

Secondly, masteries. I think 21/0/9 is pretty much standard, but as long as the details go, if you find some better ways to fill them, do it. I chosen what I think is the best in the attack tree and what I like to have on the utility one. My last choice there is greed, but you may consider to put another point in movement speed (since Malza doesn't escape very well), or in the shrine one if you tend to get lots of buffs in game instead. This is just showing how I like to play, but you may have different styles.

Thirdly, items. When you're AD carry, you may want to stick with AD items, so you may not like the endging in my build. It's ok, I'll tell you what to do. Just keep in mind, that I honestly don't recommend skipping TriForce though. It's such a good item here and hardly any champ uses it better than Malz. Go full AD, but just get this one. Your bursting sheen damage and slow will do well. If you really want to go full-AD, you may change it to Frozen Mallet. Then you get a better slow and some more survi.

If you have problems early on, instead of getting early Bloodthirster you may want a Wriggle's Lantern instead. It will help you with farming and grant more survi plus a free ward. It costs less money, so you may grab it on earlier recalls.

Lastly, your final choices. I suggest going AP at finish, since you may be countered by opponent's stacking armor or magic resist, so being able to strike with both of them at a time may really come in handy. However, if you got decent AP (like both mid and top are APs) or your opponents get hard on magic resist, you may prefer to keep going full AD instead. Grab a Phantom Dancer to get more of critics that you enhanced with IE. As your final item get either another Bloodthirster for more damage and survi, Black Cleaver or even Madred's to deal with enemy tanks.

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You don't have to say "thanks" in your apprecation for this build. Just try it. Find out how does it feel to become a god on your own and write about it in the comments below.

I personally think that Malza is currently one of the best AD carries in game. He pretty much counters everything we have there and combining with a good stunner he can get fed really easily and deal tons of damage later on. With addition of amazing TriForce utilization, there's no more for me to say, but to encourage you to try this on your own.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for moar,

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No, I'm not a troll.