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Not Updated For Current Season

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Malzahar Build Guide by SpaceFrog

AD Malzahar's Voidling Dominion

AD Malzahar's Voidling Dominion

Updated on November 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceFrog Build Guide By SpaceFrog 5 4 20,266 Views 5 Comments
5 4 20,266 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceFrog Malzahar Build Guide By SpaceFrog Updated on November 3, 2011
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AD Malzahar - The troll build that rules Dominion

It started as a troll build against some n00b friends at a LAN. But after spending a week perfecting it. It's OP!

It's very Item & Rune dependent.

For those scratching their heads thinking Malzahar has no abilties that scale of AD. You are technically correct. However the Voidlings do. They have a base damage stat + a roughly 1:1 ratio bonus damage. I haven't checked the damage personally. But I read up on suggested AD Malzahar builds for items that will effect voidlings.

So this build is basically Cooldowns & Attack Damage
I normally go bot, as I like to farm up my items. But he is equally good top.

Give it a go, and tell me what you think. I haven't come across another AD Malz and I've played around 50 games or more with him.
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General Play Guide

Get Tear and boots as starting items. And charge the tear before the game starts. You should be able to get the mana pool past 800. (cast a spell every 3 seconds) I keep charging it on the way down to the turret.

Head to bot lane and farm (you can top lane too, but I find bot lane is easier) Cast all 3 spells on the minion wave, and you should be able to clear it. Place Malefic Visions on the caster minions and autoattack them, so that it will jump to the next target quicker. This maximises the damage and also restores some of your mana.

Try and position yourself so you can grab the Health pack in the middle as soon as the first wave falls. Giving you mana and depriving your enemy of it.

If you push hard to their turret, place null zone at the point the minions come out from. and then harrass with q and e, or start capping the turret.

If the opponent is an equally good farmer or is being aggressive, punish them by placing Malefic visions on them occasionally. They'll usually back off instinctively, allowing you to follow up with a couple of autoattacks or a silence. And they'll be harrassed by a voidling or two once infected by Maelific Visions.

You want to spam spells often, to keep your voidlings up. Before entering a battle you want your first voidling out and have a 2nd voidling on next cast.

The only only time you don't spam spells is when hiding in a bush. Make sure you have a voidling ready for your next cast, and just wait patiently.

Keep your ult for annoying champs and use only when neccessary. Make sure before you ult you have been spamming your spells so that voidlings are out, that you have cast at least Null zone or Maelific Visions on the target. And also make sure there is not another enemey that can interrupt your ult.

If there are multiple targets and only one with CC, it can be beneficial to ult him before he CC's you. ie. Akali and Rammus attack you. Try to silence them both, Malefic visions on Akali, Exhuast Akali, Null Zone down under Rammus, and Ult Rammus. Akali will be trying to burst you down, but your 2 or 3 voidlings eat her up. Once akali is dead, Maelific Visions jumps onto Rammus, and bye bye.

If bot lane is too easy, Or your team mates can't defend Windmill. Hide in the top bush, get a voidling ready and wait. Once they start to cap, Q, W, E... R if you want to go for the kill. Otherwise continue to harrass with auto attacks and e & q.
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At first glance it looks like a tank build

But the goals are Cooldown, Attack Damage, Mana, Survivability

Boots are up to you. But I like merc treads for a little bit of magic resist, and obviously tenacity. Being an aggressive pusher in bot lane, can get you into trouble if you get Withered by Nassus, when Akali decides to pop down to say 'Hello'

I've also had some success with Boots of Swiftness. Allows you to chase to get those kills or to save a team mate with your ult.

Manamune will allow you to spam like crazy
Frozen Heart will help you to defend against their AD Champs, and has a high CDR
Aegis of the Legion helps your minions survive, and deal more damage, as well as yourself and teammates.
Trinity Force has a slow, movement speed, an on hit proc and more mana for the manamune.
Brutaliser is a cheap CDR and Attack Damage & Armour Pen item. It is rare that the game goes long enough to build it into Ghostblade, if you do you probably wont have time to use it on anyone.

Other items that I experimented with

Starks Fervor (lifesteal & Armour DeBuff. Lifesteal & attack speed does not apply to voidlings)
Atmas Impaler (Original build & runes had more HP and CDR Boots but no Frozen Heart) CDR boots gets you to CDR cap faster, but I find Frozen Heart is a much better item. Also Voidlings don't crit, so crit chance is wasted.
Hextech Gunblade I've been using this instead of Trinity, It's cheaper to build, and I often finish it when I decide to start it. Unlike Trinity where I build a phage and have to wait for 2.8K to compelete it. however you don't get extra HP or movement speed or Sheen Proc. But the active can be good if you remember to use it.
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Summoner Spells

Flash & Exhaust is what I take. I don't see any other combos being viable

The exhaust & your ult are your 2 defensive spells. So as long as you have 1 up, you can take anyone 1v1.
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Pros / Cons

Great farmer
Can defend a point well
Can push a lane very quickly
can zone people out
can deal %HP damage to tanks
Can silence/reveal bushes
Is highly underestimated
High output when CC or dead
Can poke/harrass very well

Need to spam spells for voidlings
Highly Item dependent
Weak VS multiple enemies with CC
Optimal damage achieved via correct combos
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Pics & Videos


Quadra Kill

Triple Kill

Heim & Malz Poke at the windmill - perfect example of getting kills without line of sight

Saves Kat & Trynd, then has time left over to show Vayne his voidling

Closest Game Ever & AD Malz Saves the day

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceFrog
SpaceFrog Malzahar Guide
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AD Malzahar's Voidling Dominion

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