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Nautilus Build Guide by Xanther211186

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xanther211186

AD Nautilus...could it be?

Xanther211186 Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Hey yall, this XXanther here with a build that seems to be pretty OP. this being my second build, I hope you guys enjoy. Comments for advice are appreciated and encouraged. Please note this is NOT absolute as different games may require different order, etc, but this is a general guildline to build Nautilus as AD and not as an AP or tank

I was intrigued to try this after playing him one or twice and seeing him naturally get really really tanky even without items and such. when you add attack speed and lifesteal, it gets just a tad insane.

Only vote down if you are willing to leave a comment as to why. thanks and enjoy guys!

**NOTE** Id like to thank SaiyanKyo for his absolute help in making this build and guide.

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OK, so the runes are pretty standard.
Marks for Armor Penetration as well as the Quintessences
Seals to give you more Attack Speed and a little armor for survivability
Glyphs to give you some CD and a 'lil MR

again pretty straightforward

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So the good ole 21-0-9 build

Also really straightforward

All the AD and Crit masteries
Utility to help with Mana Regen and Movement speed

The movement speed is huge simply because Nautilus starts out so anything to help at the start is a good thing

As you will see that speed ends up making a huge difference later on with the item build

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Ok so this is where I have to explain myself just a tad

Nautilus starts of SLOW!
so the items you build for an AD build need to give him damage and increase his speed
Combined with the runes he becomes relatively fast for a champion who starts off this slow

Doran's Blade is a great go-to for starting an AD build in my opinion so we start with that

Beserkers greaves give him movement speed and attack speed. The faster he attacks when he has Titan's Wrath, the more damage you do overall

Zeal not only increases his attack speed but also his movement speed, which will help him keep up with other champs, especially with dredge line and riptide to slow their retreat down

After Zeal, get the Heart of Gold, since the extra money will help finish him off as a truely dominate AD presence

After the Heart of Gold, go Bloodthirster, since the amount of damage you will do will just constaly regain you a remarable amount of life

Turn Zeal in to Phantom Dance after that and at this point Doran's Blade becomes expendable

Build Atma's next and her is why. The whole time Nautilus is leveling, he is gaining a rediculous amount of life. Since the next item after ATma's is Warmogs, and the only real damage item you have is the blood thirster, get some more damage before you get Warmogs

After warmogs, it is time to lose the heart of gold, but Randuins provides and excellent way to not have wasted the Heart of Gold. Its passive and Its active make you a more utilizable AD champion. However, you an also go locket if the situation presents itself

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Skill Sequence

So we start with hisas it gives him a nice way to grab overextending champs right into the turret early game. Also a great escape tool if you get facplanted in the bush or to grab the escaping champ so you can get FB. Very effective

After that, i leave it alone unless its all i can choose.

The first skill you want to max asap is This slows enemies, does aoe, and just all around allows to to CC.
When you cant level this, you will want to level as the extra shield is good in a pinch and the extra damage you do to everything around you while it is active is impressive

As always, take at 6, 11, and 16

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I think that about wraps this up...hope you guys like it. Any comments good or bad, please feel free to post, and again, Enjoy this build which is a farcry from other currently in play :P