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Nidalee Build Guide by NRNL RiceCakes

Ad Nidalee Bruiser

Ad Nidalee Bruiser

Updated on February 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NRNL RiceCakes Build Guide By NRNL RiceCakes 8,102 Views 4 Comments
8,102 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NRNL RiceCakes Nidalee Build Guide By NRNL RiceCakes Updated on February 18, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Nidalee
  • LoL Champion: Nidalee

Ad Nidalee

Basically this build is a very useful build if your team doesn't have any bruiser or assassin. The whole gameplay of Ad nidalee is roaming and ganking as much as possible giving your team a advantage in their lane or gives your team a good jungle control. Before level 6 Nidalee isn't so strong but as soon as you hit your cougar form its lights out for them. Ad nidalee is very capable to take out straglers and escape in a pinch. With this build you can dive them on turrets and make it out easily. Also very important you get a good cs score or at least get quite a bit of assist very essential Ad nidalee solo's a lane or you will kinda be screwed over with your gold. Preferably top solo is best for this build.
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For runes I would go with flat ad marks, Armor pen Quint ( x3 ), armor seals ( x9 ), and cdr glyphs ( x9 ) now it is your entire preference to choose what type of runes you go. With the ad marks it gives my cougar form a little more power behind it and the armor pen gives a nice advantage as well. You will need some armor seals just to have a little more sustain because as Ad nidalee your heals wont be that strong. Cdr glyphs allow me to spam my swipe and lunge more often to maximize my damage and getaways with lunge. Again you dont have to follow my runes entirely up to you how to set yours up mine is more offensive
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Ad nidalee is basically like any other dps or bruiser so my masteries are 21-3-6. In offensive i get 1 in summoners wrath for the boost in ghost. 3 brute force 4 in alacrity 1 weapon exp 4 deadliness 1 lethality 3 in vamp 3 in sunder and finally 1 in executioner. 3 in armor for a little sustain so you wont be so squishy. 3 in expanded mind so early game you can keep yourself laning longer and give sustain. 1 in improved recall for quick getaways if you manage to juke them and finally 2 in swiftness for roaming or getaways.
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I begin Ad nidalee with a vamp scepter to keep me in lane longer and it spares my mana from healing to much. After you have enough buy your wriggles lantern and you can begin to ward a bush or ward dragon. Next would be your boots now for me i like getting ninja tabi to give me even more sustain. After this your next item should be Phage and build it into a frosthammer this is essential for you to be a bruiser and stay in combat. After buy a atmas impaler this will help trust me gives a nice armor bonus and good ad from the passive. After this buy a trin force to give you extra chasing capability and extra burst damage from sheen / But if your team has no other tanky people i suggest you get a sunfire cape it really helps when chasing a low health enemy the passive should keep lowering there health and sets you up for your Q. After get a guard angel just for more sustain.
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Summoner Spells

I choose ghost mainly because i roam a lot and yes even though nid already has a nice roaming skill i still get it just in case if a teammate is getting ganked and i need to get there speedy or if im getting chased i can escape even faster. Cleanse can be very usefull for getaways as well. Heal is also a good choice. I dont use flash because its not always a guranteed escape. Ignite really isn't needed but can be used to get some early kills. Tele is a ok option not the best though. No point in using surge as nidalee and no point in promote. Revive isn't needed at all for nidalee.
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So in all if played correctly and have a good team behind you and very nice cc ad nidalee is a very big threat maybe even top priority as in previous games i was 1st target of most team fights. Kiting is very easy with nidalee so have your team pick enemies off easier. I did not come up with this build in fact i saw this build from idk but its not mine completely. Although i did switch it from warmogs to either my frosthammer or sunfire thats proably the only thing ive changed. Note that the actual damage is more than what it says on the page its about 200 and above when i play and thats the ad count.
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Ranked Play

You dont see a lot people using this build in ranked but it gives them a huge shock when they see this going on and how there losing to a bruiser nidalee. I have yet to use it though in ranked but please give feedback if you have ty.
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Pros / Cons

1. Very tanky so you can take out low health enemies even under there own towers and safely lunge to safety.
2. In cougar form the lower there health is the more potent your Q is and when you fed its almost a insta kill.
3. Very had for a enemy to get away from you.
4. If somehow they end up out of your cougars range can easily switch to regular nidalee and slow em down with your range attacks.
5. Very had to catch when you run away and can suprise enemy with your burst damage.
6. Can focus enemy carry easily and burst down easily

1. Not very useful before level 6.
2. Can't lane with another carry you must have a good creep score or else your screwed.
3. Weak spears
4. Almost No cc
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Team Work

If your ganking have your team stun or slow someone and you can swoop in and basically 3 skill sequence kill someone. Engage with your lunge swipe and kill with your Q all there is to it. In team fights I suggest you lunge towards there carry ignore the tank and support and go straight to there carry with nidalees lunge this is easy.
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SOLO LANE!!! Unless you lane with a support and doesnt mind you killing all creep but its mandatory you get your cs high for good items and early item as well.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NRNL RiceCakes
NRNL RiceCakes Nidalee Guide
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Ad Nidalee Bruiser

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