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Team Guide by Aclethos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aclethos

AD Nidalee/Taric Bot Lane Pwnage

Aclethos Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello the name is Drathia and I am here to teach you my personal way of Playing AD Nidalee. I will go over what makes her strong and why I make my personal choices for each and every thing that I tend to do.

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Pros / Cons

Let me jump straight into the pros and cons of playing Nidalee this way

-Strong laner
-Heavy sustain
-Great Bust Damage
-Heal Baits Very well
-Powerful damage

-No Crowd Control
-Passive Early game
-Targeted due to high damage output

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Summoner Spells

For this lane that I am trying to show you take summoner spell Heal and summoner spell exhaust. Both of these will allow you and your lane partner (Taric) to chase down enemies and get a little dirty under towers if you are really itching for the kill.

Your Lane partner Taric will also be taking Heal and Exhaust for the purposes of Heal baiting, as well as your lane having not 2 Heals like most other lanes but 4 instead.

Both players will have a Exhaust to complete wreck the Ad Carry that is in bot as well as to make potential ganks on you useless.

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Farming is a very important thing to do with this bot lane composition. Taric will be free farming gold all game with his Gold per 10s and Nidalee will be farming creeps as well as champions. Levels 1-5 is where this lane is most vulnerable, because nidalee only has a Dorans blade and farming is important. Make sure that Nidalee is getting at least 5/6th of the creeps in every wave as well as the Cannon Minion when it shows. Making sure your lane is not Pushing is a key component to making this lane very dangerous. Because Nidalee will chase fast through the brush and taric will have that move speed from his mastery spec, chasing won't be a problem unless The enemy team have faster boots or has Sona. Keep farming until 6, and at 6 it is time to start bursting down the enemy AD carry or Support. Have Taric us his stun and jump on the person with cougar form. They should be knocked down to at least 1/4 hp if now less, now comes chasing time. They are bound to flash if they have it, so before diving on that champ Nidalee should make sure either Taric exhausts the champ or She does. Once Exhausted chasing becomes no problem. Pounce your way up to the champ and them use your W>E>Q Combo and the champ should be dead.

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Take advantage of Nidalees versatility to move quicker in brushes and throw auto attacks out, this build isnt focused on Q spam, but is more focused on W spam. Placing traps is a key thing for harassing.

Rule #1 Enemy hates your traps
Rule #2 Enemy will always step on your traps, they just dont want them in the way
Rule #3 Once you have cougar diving on enemies that hit traps hurts them a lot

Following this is important, no one wants to die to a nidalee trap so they step on it. And because your maxing you W, its going to hurt when they do. I have personally gotten 80% of my kills, because an enemy walks all over my traps and then i just chase in for a kill. I wouldn't call it active harass like most other champs, i call it a passive harass. Like Caitlyn, the enemy doesn't want the trap in their brush

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Team Fights

Team fighting is a very hard thing for Nidalee to do, even as an AD carry. You are targeted because of your high burst damage and if you have been doing well. The enemy bot lane is crying their eyes out because your 10/0 or some ridiculous score like that. Just remember that you have a heal, taric has a heal and you both have summoner spell heal. You want to open a team fight with CC, so sit back and toss spears that do little damage. once the team fight starts, cougar into the fight and take out the support first. Support is a key player to have out of the fight, Your team mates will probably be using their cc for the AD/AP carries so you dont have to worry about them. If their support is to far in the back, jump onto the closest CC champ except the enemy tank. After bursting down a champ untransform, and heal yourself and start auto attacking. Your Attack speed should be high enough to do a lot of damage. Hit targets that are more likely to take damage then those with higher armor. Once all of the squishies have been taken care of, just hit the armored people with auto attacks, unless they are going to run away no reason to use cougar.

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Overall, This is not the best bottom lane comp, but it is a very strong comp to be sitting in the bot lane. Very hard to kill, has good harass, and it can burst down single targets like no tomorrow.


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