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Nidalee Build Guide by A true Carry

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A true Carry

AD Nidalee - the old kill and run strategy

A true Carry Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AD vs AP

I know it is fun to play her as ap...hitting them with the spear and making people disappear from the map...but i tell you this...i have played nida both ways and the fun that you have playing her as ad isnt even will dominate game really quickly and you will have an easy win

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until 6 level

Until you hit ulty level..your primary goal is to farm...keep in distante farm and poke them when you can...counter harrass them qith q and made them stay away from their farm...nothing special here

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after 6 level

When ulty come to your can easily dominate your quickly your lane with your op puma metamorphosis...and continue to harass them until you kill them...also you can gang mid after you have pushed your lane and make a little extra money..i would tell you that whenever you have the chance the blue buff would be extremely good for you..if the mid doesnt need it or has already from kill

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items part 1

Until you make trinity force the build is staying like this...double dorians and heart of gold will give you sustain and attack damage...and also a 5/10secs gold which will really help you in combo with good farming...i prefere ionian boots because you absolutelly need the cooldown redaction...have in mind that your primar goal is to reach the puma form on which you will do your ultimate ionian boots will help you combo much quicker qwe qwe...attack speed to nidalee is useless for the above could put attack speed but it would be for another build than the one i am trying to explain we want damage and sustain

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items part 2

after trinity...if you see that your team lucks from health...go omens or warmogs instead of bloodthirster and make a more sustain character but the point of to kill quickly and then run i would reccomend bloodthirster

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why max e spell?

remember that you are the ''ad carry'' so you kill with your ad not your the e spell while be a bonus for you to heal in battle and ofcourse not to forget that e gives you for seven whole seconds attack speed...which means that you can drop turrets and champions life fast....because the attack speed that you didnt make in order to obtain sustain and attack damage comes from your e....

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your role

You are not the champion that he will iniate the fight...the other team will focus you from the start and you will end up with a bad score...your role is to be the pretador....let the tanky one inieate..and then jump to kill...remember that in the team fight you must attack to the high priority carries and other words the ones with the lower life...with your sustain and attack damage will be able to stay alive kill them and then focus to what is left...tanks junglers....Focusing on high life targets with this build is you will be dead and quickly

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I love nidalee and i want others to love her too,,,i am waiting for you to try this build..try your best and send me your scores!!!good luck and have fun !! ;)