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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Sniklfritz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sniklfritz

Ad puppy

Sniklfritz Last updated on October 30, 2011
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Intro to league the tips to success

This is something I thought might be helpful to add. I'm basically gonna continue to add stuff here that i learnt over my time playing lol. It would be impossible to compile it all here considering its like 2000 games worth of knowledge. (I realize that this chapter is huge so i will probably break sections up or put in a stand alone guide)

Tip#1 Time management.

Always know what you should be doing, don't know ask, they don't know? Try something if it works add it to your priority list. This game I view as a huge priority list rough example Nexuses>Inhibitor(explain later)>Baron>tower>dragon>Last hitting> Harass
(I will add more later)

Tip#2 Last hit minions!!!!

If you aren't the thing that gets the killing blow on the creep you don't get the gold. Its simple to do but hard to master basically look at your suto attack damagem look at minions health when the minions is low enough that you can 1 shot it do so. To avoide unwanted miss fires try to constantly pace behind your minions. Under tower you can lose last hit unless you are very composed and are always thinking. My general rule is The melee minions take 2 hits from tower then you can finish them off. Casters a a bit trickier You need to hit them once before the tower does and once after to get the gold.

The befit of this compared to just auto attacking the lane is you guarantee that you get the gold and the minion wave will for the most part stay in the same spot in lane keeping you safer from ganks since you are staying closer to your tower.

Tip#3 Lane presence/control

When someone leaves your lane its is often good to call mia. But that isn't the important part!!! If the other team annie leaves mid(Not just hiding in the bush like she blue pilled or went to another lane) You want to as quickly as possible push that lane to the other teams tower. You do this so they lose all the experience from the creeps that die while they are gone as well as the gold. Now the most effective way to do this(without relying on aoe spells) Is to kill the melee and siege minions first this pushes your lane the fastest because the caster minions take less time to kill so you want to kill as many tanky minions while all of yours are alive. This will force who ever is gone back to their lane and deny them.

The other form of pushing that i will cover is what i call a horde push. What you do is Kill all the caster minions because they do so much damage your minions will die and you don't want that, After killing all the caster minions you can let your minions finish them up. If you do this to 2 or 3 waves of their minions they will have like 15 minions pushing toward there tower.

I use this method usually to push bottom lane when there first tower is down because this will force 1 person to go bot lane and stop the horde or they lose tower health minion xp and gold. When 1 person is down there you as a team can 5 man steal top tower, baron or their red buff.

Now some thing that goes along with control is where you keep the minion wave at the best place to have it is in between bot of the towers. This is because if someone pushes the minions under your tower you can lose gold. And they are free to go gank or take wraiths or help counter jungle ect...

A big thing is Knowing when you can help your team in the sense of being where they are instantly. If 5 on the other team are diving your bot tower and you are top, Push that top tower down if they don't stop, keep pushing or go and help mid push that tower down. You can also feel free to take their jungle and farm the lanes past their towers. You have to make the enemy pay any way you can. And i know running all they way from top to bot and getting a pent sounds tempting. But you will never make it in time without teleport.

Wards play a role in this as well because you can know more accurately where they are and make a better decision of what to do.

Tip#4 Don't !@#$ING blame. (this tip makes me realize they are in no specific order)

Listen I don't care who you are blaming won't help you win without constructive feed back. The moment you start blaming something on someone you are missing the point of team games you guys are all on they same team you cant control your team, you can only control your performance and push your team in the right direction. When you get ganked by mid, don't say !@#$ mid call mia. You could have solved this by peeking at the mini map more often (my goal is to look at the mini map 60% of the time i play, don't think i have ever done it but i have good awareness). When mid is feed and killing you instead of saying holy!@#$ mid is fed think why didnt i press tab a look at her items i would have flashed away from her when she first cam into sight. ect...

The blame game is stale you will never improve playing it. Everyone falls into this even the pros do you can watch them stream and see for yourself they will make a blatant mistake and blame someone it happens you get frustrated and want to vent but if you cut it back and think what could i have done you will be have more fun then just raging at someone.

#5 Map awareness

Kinda cover this a tad on the last tip. This is everything boys and girls the bread and butter of getting better at this game if you have the best map awareness in the game you should make the least mistakes.

Champions is a big thing here. Knowing where your team is, is just as important as knowing where their teams is, knowing where they are heading is even better. Always keep tabs on where they are and where they go. If mid always leaves every couple of minutes for like 5 seconds and comes back he is probably clearing wraiths, you can ward wraiths and setup a gank next time he tries. Last statement reminded me of wards, When entering the other teams jungle or walking through river watch the enemies reactions< if they runaway the creeps and hide under their tower the area you just crossed is warded warn your team about the area so they can avoid it or bait it.

Jungle awareness This is also huge and goes along with priority awareness Knowing what the best option for the enemy team to do is so important. If you know dragon is up and baron is up but they are to low HP to kill baron But to high HP for you to contest While they are killing dragon take baron. They will either have to stop taking dragon and come stop you(you can just run away when they do* don't back right away though that will give them a free baron*) or will give them a dragon and you a baron. Knowing when dragon baron the buff camps and small camps is important too. It will warn you where there jungler might be next or allow you to steal it before they can get it.

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This guide is super rough cut! I published it early :( I'm working on it though

Kog is awesome best emotes ever sweet dance looks cool. Tons of damage. This guide show how to build a basic ad carry also some things about kog that some people miss. My build order isn't set in stone which is why i made a chapter that covers itemization. You won't and never should be able to look at just the items and have instant success unless you are very very very familiar with the role that champion plays.

This is a very rough guide and i have assumed that you have a okay knowledge of bot lane and ad carrys. I will continue to update and make more aesthetically pleasing and also wield more use to new players.

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Yea i basically took this from chaox. Um the armor is good considering you have no escape other then summoners and it works well if you do build the wriggles, the armor will let you sustain more on bot lane since most early harass comes you take comes from the other ad carry. Mp5 i highly suggest you will notice it a lot if you aren't always spamming, Mana conservation is key on kog'maw the longer you can stay in lane and cs while poking them and forcing them of cs the better these help with that a lot.

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This is a standerd rune page for a ad carry who has a ton of magic damage from abilities, this is because of the spell pen you pick up. In my build you wont outright buy spell pen so this is the only place you get it, this will increase your early harass with your w and r by tons. You could go 21/9/0 but I feels levels are to strong on kog to miss out exp. The reduced death timer and regen is a toss up i don't care really, I think the reduced death timer is use full because it scales per point better then the regen does for effectiveness.

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Look this is very important to know what to build when. Itemization is a hyge thing that tons of builds on this site don't portray well.

Solo lane/bot with no healer: Get boots and 3 potions

bot lane with support: Dorans blade (unless the other teams bot comp will wreck you, if they well look into cloth armor and potions or something defensive so you can sustain longer)

From this point on Compare cs to the other 2 on bot lane if you are winning or losing you should build differently. If they are out csing you and forcing you back look into a early madreds armor on it lets you sustain for a long time and its cheap, also build that into a wriggles makes you a healing artillery turret. If you are doing better then the other team maybe build another dorans if it will snow ball your lane, or save up for teir 2 boots and bf sword.

Now you have a early game build you need to decide what items you need. Zeal is nice if you are always running from lane to lane picking up kills or cs, and even running from the enemy considering you are slow and have no escapes. A IE is a good 25 minute goal. Picking up life steal is mandatory on a ad carry get it from somewhere wriggles and BT are the best imo.

Now going into late game you should have a IE by now for sure. Be building your pd and your bt, They way you choose which one to finish is basically will i be able to stack and keep my bt stacks if no buy PD is yes BT it is. After you get those 2 items look at whats going on are you doing no damage because of thorn mails and frozen hearts buy LW. Is ww jumping on you then you are bursted. Buy that QSS its cheap and has tons of mr.

If you have gone through all your items you have to make a decision on how long the game will last, if its 1 or 2 team fights buy all of the elixirs including oracle. If you are looking at a game 1 or more hours long. I have no clue what to build but you can do all sorts of fun stuff. Like staking 2 BT and getting a Triforce with your IE. Selling a bt and 1 other item can let you atmogs you lose your life steal but take and do tons of damage. Basically a really long game you should look at as fun no frustrating, a long game means you have poor players on both teams who don't know how to end it so have fun.

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Basically his w is first priority(aside from ult ofc). Q is good for the passive mostly but when you do scrimmage on bot lane it will wreak anyone with the shred on them and hitting them with w. His e is interesting i get 1 point early for a escape sort of a thing it will disorientate enemies if nothing else Good to combo your e/r/w you can get 2 or 3 auto attacks and ults off by doing this. Remember only ult between auto attacks for more damage. Also late game e has a good slow it can keep some melee off of you doesn't really touch most asasin thou.

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My recent experience of kogs

Listen bros I am assuming you know how to ad carry. If you don't go learn on cait or vayne they are strong and fairly simple cait a little less simple but more face roll because of 650 range. Basically I just started to look into kog because i have always loved all his emotes but never saw him as very good bot lane. After looking over chaoxs guides and watching some other pros play him, I have picked him up quite well.

Pretty much what it comes down to is kogs abilitys are good all of em. He only has a 500 range thou and no escapes(this is where i failed hard at first) his passive sucks thou its just to make up for lack of escape i mostly use it to ks or farm if i die for a stupid reason. Where he is amazing at is his r and his w its his bread and butter, his w at level 1 is only out ranged by like cait so use it as needed for harass trick is you have to farm with it to since your base is 500 range early last hits can be a bother if enemy is really agressive, use this skill for last hitting when you are zoned and harass when they try to lat hit. Now his r is amazingly good for poking on bot lane, whenever one of your creeps get low blast that ult behind him or in front depending on if he already killed the creep or is doing attack animation do not spam this try to use every time the stack wears of or you will oom yourself and lose lane pressure.

These 2 things win me bot lane when done correctly and also lessen the blow of a lose of a lane because i can still farm from 630-750 range depending on what level my w is. Build him according to teams need and other teams defense even passive defense is good to counter.

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Summoner Spells

Flash/exhaust is most common on all ad carrys. If no one has exhaust take it like wise for ignite they are both useful. If no one on your team has exhaust or ignite do what you feel like they are trolls. Ghost/flash Hasn't been seen much lately but it is good on kog if you are learning or like to kite people. Revive/tele Kinda fun on kog but not as good as karth if you want to troll go ahead it is a great time. Basically all the others I wouldn't consider. Take cv or smite if no one else has and you think you need it bad vs enemy comp.