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Tristana Build Guide by unsane21

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unsane21

AD Sniping destroyer- TRISTINA

unsane21 Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Welcome to my VERY FIRST Guide to LOL, I am unsane21, casual Gamer and LoL enthusiast. I work as a programmer in the Philippines. I hope you enjoy reading through my guide.

This build is the build that has worked for me ever since I played TristinaTristina. I won't guarantee a victory all the time since this champion is:

    Very Squishy
    Gankable during early games until late games
    Build items are all expensive
    Doesn't have a great impact when it comes to fending off greedy or KILL hungry opponents
    Medium rate mobility

If you are a coward like me and still want to carry a team with great strength, then this build is Ideal for you.

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Farming is essential to this build. Practice last hitting minions and you will be in the right track.


    Be aware of the MAP! if you see no one, then hide and change lane even if you see a lot of minions to farm specially if you cont have ZEAL
    Last hit is hard, Tristina has this delay when ever it finishes its first attack(physical), specially at early games. To counter this move and attack to improve last hitting. Don't stay stationary when farming)
    Dont be afraid to use ROCKET JUMP on minions. It too is useful in farming plus when Minion's HP is low it easier to make Explosive shots.

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Well, this is where I got confused and told myself "Does this really affect he way I play TRIS" and the answer was YES!

ASPD type Tris is not bad but the down side of attack speed is that damage is neglected and tristina already has her RAPID FIRE to cope up LOW aspd. So I choose to use to be an AD type.

Notice that both seals and glyph are positioned to damage. This is because we want to cause havoc to our opponent when ever they become negligent of attacking us first. Those point add up specially during early games.

Armor Penetration is the icing on the cake for this build. Crucial since armor usually absorbs damage physically and we want to take it away from them.

All in all i can only give one small TIP*
DONT BUY RUNES DURING TIER 1 and 2!, Level up with hard work! and SKILL!

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Skill Sequence

Another thing the goes in my mind. WHY NOT RAPID AT EARLY GAMES? well the reason here is that why do you need to rapid fire at the start when you still have damage. Get them muscles in to shape before we are ready to fire them monsters rapidly.

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Unique Skills

Her Passive DRAW A BIT is the reason why I call here a sniper. Her incredible range at late games make here untouchable(literally)

  1. RAPID FIRE: make use of it late games. It has a small duration and will only be usefull on ganking, farming, pushing(QUICKLY) and Defending(with the use of great range during late games kill all the minions so that the tower can focus of enemy champions)
  2. ROCKET JUMP: Great escape mechanism and also great for ganking.
    While performing ROCKET JUMP, make sure Observe enemy movement. You could miss or be baited into rocketing to a trap!
  3. EXPLOSIVE SHOT: Great for laning. A MINI version of ignite. useful only in farming. it is like the LONG range version of Sand king's 3rd skill.
  4. BUSTER SHOT: This is a great skill if used wisely. Opponent champions could get away, because buster shot has HUGE knock back ability. If used wisely, Buster shot can position Opponent champion into a gank, to a tower or even last hit. Also has great DAMAGE.
    You can use rocket jump with this simultaneously upon landing on the enemy causing great pain and suffering to the enemy.
    Try to avoid aiming this towards enemy tower, unless needed so.

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Why two DORAN?
A: I normally get 3 of those, the reason why is because DORAN has all the qualities of a great item I could have during early games. It has additional 10 attack, life steal 3% and +100 hp! So if I could sum it all up, this item will help you survive the onslaught of being pawned if you are not greedy. This item will allow you to lane 2 heroes alone. Except if you negligent allow your self to be damaged a lot. If you have this 3 or 2 Dorans you can focus on movement since at 100+ damage at level 6 you can basically handle clashed by that time.

GET INFINITY EDGE. if you get this then, farm, gank, kill, or what ever you will.

FROZEN MALLET: the only item allowing you survive longer and make ganking life easier

PHANTOM DANCER: Item that will carry Tristina's lazy arse moving. great in giving you critical and aspd.

Berserker's Greaves: Absolutely no IDEA why I choose this. But it adds asp so what the heck.

LAST WHISPER:(PHILIPPINE JOKE: they will run out of it and will make them bleed! WHISPER w/ WINGS) This Item will allow you to score greater damage by the buck. 40% armour Penetration. COME ON!

After getting rid of all the the doran's blade. The six item will be the mysterious that you want to add for this build. After getting this build done, you will cause 200+ damage constantly to opponents each time you attack. You have to go to the Shopping district and look for bigger guns but non as big as yours. So I would say this would make this build versatile. the past 10 games I had, the six slot is the least of what my concern was.. So i don't mind putting aspd+ life steal but it is really up to you!

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Team Work


  1. Never lead the lane, always stay at the back
  2. If attacked first, retreat then attack
  3. Never commence assault specially when you know DPS heroes can out muscle you
  4. Always stay behind tanks and support killers that have stunning, slowing and immobilizing capabilities(cause you will usually get the kill)
  5. FARM while you still can
  6. Never be a HERO
  7. Always AIM for the Minions while DEFENDING!
  8. AIM At the softest target!
  9. Stay focused and use ROCKET JUMP WISELY
  10. Avoid depending on buster shot to get a last HIT.(this is your last resort shot if not used during the clash phase)
  11. LASTLY and I will Repeat again! NEVER BE A HERO!

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OK, That is all I could think about for now. Thank you for reading through the guide and always have fun while playing the character.

Remember this build is not the perfect build, I don't believe there will be a perfect build anyway. YOU can make an AP, ASPD or TANK? type tristina but it will still not be perfect. Only the user will make it look perfect but it will never ever make it unbeatable.

Be sure to look forward for my next build! JA!

"Is that a rocket in your POCKET"-TRISTINA