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Sona Build Guide by johnnyonthespotx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author johnnyonthespotx

AD Sona Forgetting the META

johnnyonthespotx Last updated on April 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my AD Sona Build. I will say this to start, Sona is not traditionally an AD carry so when using AD Sona people may call you a troll or a dumb a$$ or any other name that comes across their brain at the time. But when you get good with her and you start getting kills and not dying often you will also get some awesome praise. Also this is my first build so please try it before you vote and if you have any suggestions I will be glad to listen. (i will be adding more to this guide)

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Pros / Cons

Pros to using AD Sona
A lot of CC
High sustain in lane with your heal
AOE Stun that when used right will win you team fights
People don't know how to play against her well when you’re good
She is a great chaser and easily gets away from ganks

Cons to AD Sona
People are going to think you are trolling because it’s not in the current META
She is very squishy
No AD scaling of your abilities makes you drop off late game
Heals are not very strong
Hard to Master

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Early Game

Early game you want to concentrate on farming and learning how your lane partner plays. If your lane partner pings to attack an enemy champion charge up your power chord on your e. This will add a powerful slow that will make it hard for the enemy to run away when your chasing them and if they get real low ignite them and hopefully you get the kill. If not you probably pushed them out of lane unless they have health pots, so continue to farm and buy items and watch for the enemy jungler. Also your slow helps your jungler gank so when they ping charge that baby up and let her rip so your jungler can gank and your team gets fed. Also personally I don’t like to push my lane hard just last hit and let them push it makes your junglers life easy and gives the enemy a long way to run away when you make your move.

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Mid Game

You should have plenty of farm now a few kills and hopefully you have your IE and your level 2 boots so you should pack a punch when you auto attack. Try to catch people out of position with someone with you that is tanky. Charge up your power chord (passive) and use your E to slow them down and ult them if you know that will secure the kill. Sona is great at making people pay when they are out of position. Try to let a tanky team mate engage and fire from behind them. Once you have your zeals you should be really fast, especially with the active on your e. So if a fight breaks out spam your E to get you there on time to help focus some carries down and get a few kills. Make sure there is a Ward at Baron if you’re stupid lazy team won’t put one there Baron Wins Games!

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Late Game

This is where I feel most people run into trouble. There is no AD scaling on your abilities so you have to be smart. Wait for your tank to initiate the team fights and focus carries down! NEVER INITIATE!!! You are very squishy and your teams AD Carry you team will be mad if you die right off the bat, so please stay with your team or someone tanky at all times. You do not want to be caught out of position so don’t face check anything. Use your ult more sparingly don’t just try to catch one person (unless it’s like a extremely fed carry that's devastating your team) try to use your ult on a cluster of people when your melees engage. Also remember you have a heal so spam it to keep your team healthy, it might even be a good idea to steal the enemy teams blue buff with help to spam your support abilities. And again Make sure there is a ward at Baron if your lazy stupid team won’t put one there, Baron Wins Games!

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Random Tips

Never buy oricale unless you are not dying at all and your getting fed, you don't need to give the enemy team another reason to focus you down.
People don't like when AD Sona is murdering their team it hurts their pride or something so they do stupid things to kill you after you kill them capitalize on that.
Sona is an excellent chaser once she gets zeals so spam e to catch up to people and go do them in ghost doesn’t have anything on your E :P
Buy some wards if your team is not buying any and encourage your team to do the same. That 75 gold wins games and saves lives and Barons.
Remember your squishy so always let someone engage unless you know you can take them that’s rule number one.
And lastly have some fun while playing theres nothing like making someone rage from killing them as Sona haha