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Taric Humor Guide by ViscousZeta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ViscousZeta

AD Taric: The League's best kept secret.

ViscousZeta Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide, and it is still heavily in the development stage.
I encourage everyone to try it out!
I play and enjoy Taric. He is quite a unique champion, has great support strength, and is one of my favorites.

This guide is filed under humor section, but in all actuality is can be a viable build pending some testing...

This guide also goes on the assumption that you are well aware of Taric's mechanics and play style prior to using this, so I won't go into that too much.

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Why AD Taric?

Arguably, AD Taric is considered a troll or humor build. However I do believe it is a mistake to completely ignore its potential.
Taric is more oriented for this build than ever before. Taric has the skills and ability to make a decent AD champion, and maybe even a good alternative to the normal support approach.
His brand new ult, His W skill, and his passive all favor an offensive approach for Taric. My mindset and strategy will all be explained in this guide.

- Deals large amounts of damage in short amount of time.
- High sustainability through healing and mana regen
- Provides aura's and buffs that benefit other AD teammates
- Ult Has very shot cool down.

- Squishy and fairly weak early game.
- No Gold items, build reliant on farming.
- Enemies may escape before you get phage for slow.

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My runes are straightfoward, really nothing special here. Armor Pen marks, armor seals, and MR glyphs. Armor pen allows him to hit a little harder during your early game. The seals and glyphs are aimed to make squishy Taric a little more durable.

For Quint I have flat Health. Taric's W and the Armor pen marks provide more than enough penetration, so I feel armor pen quints would be a little excessive.
Health quint will help you become a tad more beefy.

Alternate Runes to consider are attack speed, mana regen, or flat damage,

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Not much to talk about here. I chose 21-9-0 as the setup for the most damage and to make him slightly more durable.

You can build more tanky if you choose, as Taric's squishiness is problematic early game.

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The build for the most part is still up in the air, however I think this is a good start.

This build works because the benefits from Taric's abilities, item build, and auto attacks stem huge amounts of damage quickly.

Since Taric's abilities consume quite a bit of mana early one, I wanted to build Manamune as soon as possible. On top of that any mana Taric builds up will increase his attack as well.

So to start off we buy a Meki pendant and Health pots. As soon as possible you want to build a Tear of the Goddess to start building your passive mana.
Next buy boots of speed, then finish the Manamune.

Mercury treads will be your next buy. These are important. They give Taric his tenacity fix as well as needed MR.

Malady his a key item in this build, its passive combined with Taric's W makes it so you rip through enemy armor and MR, allowing your auto attacks and abilities to do as much damage as possible.

Those three items are the core build, the rest is up to the imagination.

Personally I build Trinity Force, staring with Phage. Pick up Sheen second.
This item gives Taric's attacks slow, bonus damgae thanks to sheen, and gives him much needed speed. This combined with Taric's stun assures that all your prey will be a guaranteed kill.

Banshee's Veil is a great item for more durability, it has everything we need! It has mana, health, MR and a get out of jail free card with its ability blocking passive.

Atma's impaler is pretty much the cousin to Manamune, building strength off of health rather than mana.

Feel free to add whatever you like (I am still not to sure about Atma).

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Skill Sequence

Put 1 point into Dazzle, then shatter, followed by imbue.
Max Shatter, then imbue, then dazzle.
Put a point to radiance whenever possible.

The Basic combo is as follows.
W > Auto attacks to reduce MR > Stun > Ult > Auto attack and use W and stun whensoever possible. Use Imbue to heal yourself or allies if things get hairy.

The armor debuff and damage caused by Shatter is impressive. Auto attacking to shred MR with malady will cause your ult to deal great damage as well. The Aura from the ult, combined with your abilities should net you a kill in no time. The stun from dazzle will make sure your enemies don't put up much of a fight.

The only issue is Taric's early game. He is very squishy and his attack damage is entirely dependent on items. Taric's abilities are also key in the success of this build.

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For the most part that is everything, this is not the fanciest guide, but it gets the job done.
Try this out against some bots, and see how you like it!

During bot games Often times I only get about half way through the build, and have quite a few kills under my belt.

AD Taric excels in dealing high damage quickly, and will send you enemies fleeing in fabulous terror. Your radiance will shine on the faces of your enemies when you are done with them.

This build is supported by many famous people.

"This is the best build ever" - Myself

"Seriously, this is an awsome build" - Myslef

"I am really not typing random quotes to make the 5000 character limit." - Not Me

"Where is the bathroom?" - Unknown

"On your left" - Myself

"I eat my own poop" - Skarner

Those are some great testimonies, I really love this build! Don't knock it until you try it. Damn 5000 character limit. So how are you? That is a nice shirt. You got some BBQ sauce on it. BBQ. Bar B Que. Odd.


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