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Twisted Fate Build Guide by A_Horny_Cyclist

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Horny_Cyclist

AD TF, because on hit is lame, and ap is for scrubs.

A_Horny_Cyclist Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Herro Guys, A_*****_Cyclist here to give you another look at how to play mid lane TF. I feel that I have descovered the problem with most ad/attack speed tf builds. The two main problems I see are, lack of ad, and lack of survivability. You may think survivability seems a little strage since you dont get any on ap TF but thats because ap TF jumps into a fight, bursts, then hides at the back with wild card. AD TF however must stay in auto attacking the enemy team, with an auto attack range that isn't very long.

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As for runes, everything in the runes, I have chosen for the purpose of living through early game, because I will admit it is not AD TF's strong suite. This is why you get the flat armor and magic resist. The ad is also nice fore early poking, and farming, because you want to be able to get that build going quick. The MS quints are great all around for first of all avoiding ganks, and second of all for landing auto attacks/chasing.

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Not a huge suprise here, just typical ad masteries, with some in the utility for the MS and the ward vision (the mana regen doesnt really help). Again i'd like to stress how important it is to be able to catch up to enemies so you can land that gold card, or red card, or finnally auto before they get under tower. And keep in mind you dont have any excape moves besides stunning and running, so if you can just run faster then them, thats good.

Now if you feel comfortable with your MS and have trouble with your early game squishyness you can also go for some on the defensive tree. I'd suggest MR (since your likely going to mid) and health. This is also a good alturnative because the mana from the utility tree doesnt really help you.

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Firstly your going to want to start boots, there aren't really any other small items that are good to start. And I highly recomend not going DORANS BLADE since it's only really good for if you plan on going for early kills, but its not very good for sustain. And with this guide your gonna be farming for most of the early game (unless you get ganks of course). And being speedy is good for landing gold cards if you do get ganks.

I like to first item Ionic spark, I know alot of people REALLY hate this item, but I feel like it compliments ad TF really nicely. First of all it activates with your E (every 4 auto attacks) meaning you can get huge burst by gold carding (or any of the cards really) with your E and spark proc. Due that 2/3 times in lane against a squishy ap and your either gonna see a kill, or a back. Also the stats are quite nice for him as well, the attacks speed gives you more of those big chunks in your combat (once you get 2 attack speed you can proc your E and spark twice in one gold card), and the health makes it so you can stay and auto longer.

Next item I like to get is a Madreds. It gives more attack speed, more survivability and damage. Plus the passive helps you shred tankier mids. This is when your really gonna start to see your damage, your gonna have a good amount of AD and you should be around 2 attacks a second. With this you should be able to ult into a lane and do alot of burst if you time your E spark at the beggining of a gold card, you should get 2 procs. To put that into perspective, if you have say 150 ad thats 4 attacks so 600 damage, plus the two spark procs so 850 plus the 2 E procs so 1160 + gold card damage is a ***ping 1340 damage. So as long as whatever lane your ganking isnt brain dead that should get some kills.

Next item I recomend is a BT. This choice just makes sense to me, your a late game ad, so you want alot of damage, and you want life steal so you can stay in fights to deal that damage. Its also really helpfull for 1v1ing. Not much to say about this just all around a great mid/late game item.

Next you should ***es how your doing, the safe bet is to go with a Starks Fervor (Zekes Harold). It may not give damage, but it gives attack speed, which is like damage on TF. It gives more life steal wich just helps you stay in team fights longer. It also gives health, because whats the point in life steal if you have no where to put it. And finnally CDR which just means more gold and red cards, and less people excaping.

The other choice, if you find your not dieing very much, or your doing very well is to just rush straight into a PD. This ad's MS for better chasing, attacks speed for more damage, and crit for more damage. All in all a great item on TF, one I feel can wait till late game, but really its your choice.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence seems kind of obvious to me for the most part. Firstly start with your W not your E. If you get in a fight early on, or are trying to harass your W is more effective and does more damage. However, once you get a rank in your W you should max your E as soon as possible. This is because after you get your spark it is better, and the CDR is very helpfull for harrass. The only other thing I really have to add is to make sure you get one point in your q at lvl 5, because you will always gain damage from having another move to cast while fighting. But since it has no AD scaling max it last.

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Summoner Spells

As for sommoner spells, you should go with flash, for those sexy flash gold cards in lane, and because flash is the bane of every jungler. This one I think isn't really up for dibate, I mean you could go ghost, but you get alot of MS anyways so flash is usually much more helpfull.

The next spell is surge, surge is GREAT on ad TF for damage. Pop it just before you gold card, and it gives you ap for more damage on your gold card, and so you can wild card for SOME damage, and it gives you attacks speed for even more attacks while their stunned. Plus the largness of your figure is daunting and will scare "lesser mids".

However, you could also replace this with ignite if they have alot of healing on their team (or if you just never remember to use surge at the right time). Or you could get exhaust to keep them locked down after your gold card wears off.

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Thats all.

Well that about covers my choices for everything in this guide, have fun destroying those kelly scrubs, and try not to die to lucker dogs.