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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author galleone

AD Vayne - The way it's meant to be played

galleone Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I realized the Vayne builds available are really not the best possible.

So I created my own build, my best results were like 30-6 with pentakill. But I everytime have positive stats, Vayne is a bit overpowered at the moment.

However this build supports strong harassment in early game and hard ganks and damage in late game.

Please try it before voting:)

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Vayne profits much of armor penetration, 25 flat armor pen is quite solid. You also get some attack damage and some attack speed, nothing better available here...

I bet you will not get anything better.

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The masteries are pretty standard AD masteries. Teleport is skilled, as like cripple, its really cool to chase some down because you move significantly faster and can shoot 'em up fast.

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Starting item is Doran's Blade. Cheap stats, great results, nice life for squishy Vayne.

Continue with usual boots, they are cheap and effective. It is quite decent continuing with Trinity Force, it is pretty versatile and exactly what you need in lane phase. It can give you more life, more attack speed, damage or mana - whatever you need. And that is what Vayne requires. You should start whatever you think you can profit off, go buy whenever your teleport is ready and you need some life.

You will want to go attack damage and critical damage afterwards. This is because ur Q spell is scaling with ur usual hit. You roll to your enemy hit and your first hit is scaled by it, so no attack speed, only pure damage will help. In combination with your ultimate you can move quite fast to an enemy champion, it also grants you more attack damage. You do not need more movement speed here, you are fast enough. Crit and AD is the key.

It is also quite easy harassing with your Q spell, you roll to your enemy, hit him, retreat. You are not liekly to get 2 hits, only your first one is scaled by the ability furthermore, so you only profit from AD.

I like this item build much and I am convinced this is the most effective build for playing Vayne, because those people playing attack speed are just not decent.

All items after Triforce and Infinity Edge just go for more AD/crit.
If you feel too weak getting focussed all the time in team fights you can buy Frozen Mallet earlier, it is really nice because your physical attacks slow your target, making it even easier chasing it down, though your movement speed should already be quite nice, because of your passive.

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Skill Sequence

Vayne is not flexibler at all concerning skill sequence. First of all you need to skill your cheap, but very effective harassment spell "Tumble" up.
You continue with "Condemn", then you skill the rest.

Why not "Condemn" as first ability?
It costs half your mana at the beginning and it is only effective if you can nail your enemies up. Trust me, they will not be that stupid...

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Level 1-5:

Stay defensive, you are very squishy. You should be able to harass anyway with "Tumble" all the time. It makes pretty decent damage in early game.

Level 6 onwards:

You now have your ultimate. You are called assassin, so prove you are worth this title.

Start ganking! You should wait in bushes until your target is near to a wall. Use your ultimate, then "Tumble" in position to hit him with a "Condemn" in the right ankle to throw him against the wall. You will even be invisible rolling out of the bushes.

If it worked you can just shoot him down, you are way faster than your targetwith your passive and ultimate.

Of course this works best in team fights.

Team fights:

Your ultimate does insane damage, so care you are not focussed too fast, nail their squishies to the wall!

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Team Play

Wards can be quite useful as Vayne. You are an assassin, you will win most 1v1 versus squishies, especially in jungle where you can nail them to the wall with "Condemn".

If you always see your enemies moving through the jungle, you have very good possibilities ganking them. They will very hardy escape if you stun them, exhaust them and use your ulti for chasing them a bit.

They will be down in seconds. Thanks to your overpowered passive, speeding you up, they just can not escape.

Team fights:

Team fights are really tough as Vayne: Your enemies will most likely focuss you, you will die very fast even having insane defensive gear, what I do not recommend, because it cripples your damage and you still die to fast.

You should try avoiding full team fights, you are just strongerr at ganks. In a team fight you should hide in the bushes, wait for initiation and then tumble in stealthed with your ultimate when their squishies/main carry is in position. You can focuss him very fast.

Escaping fights:

You are ganked! What now?

You have exhaust, slowing your enemy, most likely allwoing you to reach your tower. You can also "Condemn" your enemy, granting you some time, you can tumble.
You have some additional movement speed with Trinity Force, your passive also grants some.

If you are still having problems, your ultimate is the key, especially in the jungle.
Wherever there are two ways you can take, go into a near bush, use your ultimate and tumble to one of the ways. Your problably lost your enemy now. Otherwise try to nail him to the jungle walls:)

I nearly never got problems escaping, if you still got some you can replace teleport with flash, what I would not recommend, because you most likely just did not master your abilities.

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Summoner Spells

I like teleport as first spell, it allows you to maximize your laning time, furthermore you can get a free heal with item advantages, applying pressure on your lane.

As second spell Exhaust is great, allowing you to chase down even fast champions, auto attacking them many times.

Flash and Ghost are not that useful for Vayne:

With your ultimate and "Tumble" you can stealth away fast, you furthermore will get boots and zeal, so you move quite fast already. You will not be able to avoid too many deaths, Teleport/Exhaust is more useful.

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Vayne does insane damage played correctly with AD, with these runes, masteries and spells you will be able to feed up in early game dominate the rest of it!

If you have questions post them here, by the way, yes she is feeling quite overpowered by now:)