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Blitzcrank Build Guide by SchwindelFrei

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SchwindelFrei

Advanced Blitz Tactics and Useful Info + Dps/Tank Guide

SchwindelFrei Last updated on June 1, 2012
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This build exists for quite a while now, and I kept it up to date. I really was into Blitzcrank and know everything about him. This guide tells you much more, than just a mastery page and an item build that's copy/pasted from Riot's recommended. I consider this the "OP" build, if you are one of those people, that find their luck in baiting others. The following Chapters will show you WHY this build is the best. Here follows my initial unchanged Introduction:

Hey you fellas and Blitzcrank tryerz. I am playing this game now for about a year and Blitzcrank is definitely one of my favourites, because he is very, very fun to play with. His hook ability is not just extremely useful for making a 5vs5 into a 5vs4, it also will make you love Blitzcrank the first time you hook a Teemo into your tower from the brush. I have now tried out a LOT of different guides and many were good. I also used to play Blitzcrank with Ignite and AP and it also worked out well, because I could deal Massive Damage and be really tough because of my passive. The difference between me and other Blitzcrank players is that I try to play Blitzcrank 0/7/23 or 1/7/22. Now you maybe ask yourself: Wth would he do that? - And I can tell you: Mana makes the difference!
This Guide will show you how to be focused, still being able to deal massive damage and surviving this fight with at least -guess- 20% health!

Ps: Watch out: You have to be ULTRA aggressive. >:)

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•)For Marks I take Armor Penetration, because they are just way better then AD/lvl or flat AD (except the 2 damage for last hitting minions, that is not really necessery, because of your E)

(!) Tipp: renticletape wrote an epic topic about that comparison of armor penetration and attack damage runes: Click me!

•)For Seals I take Flat Armor because they make you tough early game (and also because they are only half of the price of Armor/lvl). Remember: The more Armor you get, the more usefull it is.
Alternative: Health/lvl

•)For Glyphs I take Mana/lvl because with lvl 8 they are already better than flat Mana and you'll need as much mana as you can take.

•)Same for Quints: Mana/lvl (this is better with lvl 9 and again you need MUCH Mana)
OR Gp5

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You might consider this mastery page as "strange" but look closely:

It gives you insane Mana and Health regeneration. (You'll see, be patient.)

It gives you additional 216 Mana at lvl 18. (12*18=216)
216 Mana are:
•) additional 108 Health with your Mana Barrier (considering you have about full Mana that you have almost all the time since mid game).
•) additional 8.64 damage from Manamune.
•) additional 2.16 health regeneration per 5 seconds

Plus +1.85 movement speed (considering enhanced movement 2) is quite useless and I skilled it to get lower in the mastery tree. (The only reason I state this is because I mentionned it to be great before the mastery rework. Back then it gave you 11.1 ms for only 3 mastey points.).

It also gives you 6% CDR and it reduces your Summoner spells cooldowns of Teleport by 45 seconds (255 sec now, before the Mastery rework it was 250) and of Exhaust by 31,5 seconds (178,5 sec now) or of Heal by 70,5 seconds (199,5 sec now).

It also makes you gain 5% more experience and so you aquire your Runes bonuses earlier.

YES! After the Mastery rework the mastery "Strength of Spirit" was removed. At december 14 2011 it was reimplemented, exchanged with Perseverance, which was (back before the Mastery Rework) also I very good mastery in this build. With the reimplemtntion of "Strength of Spirit", this build regain its full glory.
This mastery gives you insane Health regeneration. A little bit of math: 4200 * 0,01 = 42
42 Health per 5 seconds is truly insane, and you get it for only 3 mastery points!

You also gain the gold bonus of 2 gold per 5 seconds.

Last but not least it gives you 6 Magic Resistance and 6 Armor.
Full equipped you'll have 72% Damage reduction only from Armor, but you still hammer holes into your enemies.

(!) Remember: Armor and Magic Resistance DO affect your Manna Barrier.

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Summoner Spells

•) Teleport: It gives you total map domination and backdoor ability. It is also a nice escape if you see ganks early enough (run in brush and start teleporting, when they start realizing that you are teleporting away you will be gone already). Also Teleport gives you the Ability to NOT loose experience in the laning phase when going back, teleporting to wards in brushes and therefore to gank real hard, also to teleport to towers being attacked and so on...

•) Another epic summoner spell is Exhaust to totally prevent your enemies from getting away or doing damage (place it on their carry!).

•) An Alternative to Heal is Flash or Cleanse, but I am not using it that much. You cannot Flashgrab any more and Blitzcrank can escape very well with his E and his W, and Cleanse is nice to get out of ganks or when they catch you on your balls when killing the wolves. I also wouldn't take it for the reason: You can prevent such situations easily by having map awareness (you also need map awareness for Teleport, so you might take Cleanse if you are quite new to Blitzcrank and everything is a bit much for you).

•) Why would I use Heal instead of Clarity or Cleanse?
My tactic is to let people overcommit and towerdive me. My CCs and my Mana shield normally lets me take out at least 1 champion. But there still is a second that could kill me, when my shield is getting low. He thinks: WOOOOW at least I can kill him nao! - And there I go. I wait until I'm nearly dead (by now my E should be ready again) and then I throw out my heal and Stun him again. You will get a doublekill easily out of a BAD situation and with little health.
Another Point: Everyone can use Health of your teammates, but some Champions dont have Mana.

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Your Items are: Manamune, Mercury's Treads, Trinity Force, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart and Guardian Angel.
If your enemies got little CCs, slows, fears and so on you can buy Boots of Speed for Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

I start with a Sapphire Crystal and 1-2 Health potions (depending on how many you might need). This lets you have some nice grabs early and still a nice shield if the fight turns against you.
Try finishing your Tear of Goddess first! If you have to go back too early to buy it - buy Boots (you should be able to get at least 350, especially when you have only bought 1 health potion,- You are more dependent on Mana then on health to stay in a lane and last hit). As soon as you got the Tear spam your skills even more for last hitting minions and harrass enemies (even Q) to get the 1000 extra Mana fast.
(!) Tipp: Use Teleport to not leave any experience, ask mid lane if they wanna go back to base.
Buy your Boots of Speed after the Tear.
Now you got 3 opinions: 1. Finish your Mercuries, 2. Finish your Manamune, 3. Buy another Sapphire Crystal for Shen/Gracial Shroud or Catalyst.
(I prefer: 1.Tear 2.Mercuries 3. Manamune 4. Trinity Force 5.Gracial Shroud (or Banshee's Vail, dependent on your enemys).)
Now try building Sheen.
(!) Tipp: When you got some money left you can often afford a Cloth Armor for your Frozen Heart.
After Sheen I normally buy Catalyst, then Phage and then finish Triforce as soon as i can.
Now you should be lvl 18 soon. You are quite a monster right now, but still they can kill you when they are good, and you make some mistakes so go for survivability that they dont stand a chance.
Finish your Banshee's Veil and then go for Guardian Angel, when you have your Frozen Heart already.
(So you can even escape against all 5 enemies if your teammates aren't too dumb. But if you are sure that your idea is better, please play it like that (and tell me your idea of course!).)
(!) Tipp: You can take a fitting damage item instead if you don't want Guardian Angel. For example Last Whisper, if they are heavy on Armor.
When you have bought all items you will have over 4,1k Mana, and therefore an additional 2k health when you hit 20% health. Massive 164 extra damage only through Manamune's passive. Your masteries combined with your items (Mana) and runes (Mana) will give you 64 Health- and about 28 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds at lvl 18.[/color] (Remember that you get that WITHOUT buying an item that increases health regeneration.)
(!) Tipp: With Blue Buff you get something over 350 Mana regen per 5.

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Skill order and how to use them

Your first skill is Q. With this firstblood is normally yours as soon as the enemy even dares to think about overcommitement. When you are low health and your shield is NOT on cooldown and you know your enemy is definitely waiting to come out of the brush and tower dive you - let him! Let him stay there for longer and wait for the right moment to come out, move a bit to the brush, run back to the tower and as soon as you are in the tower range hook into the brush. Voila: Enemy dead.
Your second skill is DEFINITELY Power Fist. Use it for last hitting minions (!), harrassing enemys and saving teammates (and of course to give your tower time to slice the enemy into pieces).
(!) Tipp: Your E can also target enemy towers, so make use of it to bring this tower down fast.
(!) Tipp: If you are really sure your Rocket Grab will land instantly press E after Q.
Put one point in your W at lvl 3 and leave it until your E is maxed.
With Level 4 you start maxing out Power Fist. This will benefit your Manamune. You can gank now with Teleport really good, and thats what you can do best: ganking and initiating.
(!) Tipp: Always use Q, W and E before going out of the base. The Cooldowns will be over when you need the skills again and W gives you a speed boost so you won't miss so much experience AND you get 12 Mana for free because of your Tear/Manamune.
After Power Fist max out Overdrive, this will give you a big speed boost nearly all the time. No one can run away from you now with your speed and CC.
(!) Tipp: Use your Grab to cancel Nunus ulti and to get Jarvan's lance out of your Ashe's neck.
(!) Tipp: You can even grab the big Wraith out of his camp when you run past mid lane (or grab some waiting Corki when you are lucky :) This again gives you 4 Mana, some Gold, and experience.
Ultimate: This ulti does nice damage but don't use it to early in fights. It's passive is SOOO helpful if you deny triggering the Ulti for some time. I often even stole a kill with my Ulti's passive (and also some Blue and Red buffs -.-) When one of your enemies is getting low health, but still surviving and you have your abilities on cooldown, finish him off with your Ulti.
(!) Tipp: ALWAYS use your Ulti when you know you'll die within the next 1-2 seconds.
Your last skill to be finished is Rocket grab, as it only gives you little cooldown reduction and magic damage. Still the cooldown will be so high, that you can't use it twice in the same teamfight, but you will be able to spam your E, knocking enemies up (cannot be reduced by tenacity).

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Important things you should always keep in mind

•) What lane will I pick? For Blitzcrank it is important what lane you pick, because in Rocket grab your RIGHT hand is fired out. This makes a difference, really. So if you are in the top base you HAVE to go top lane (if you have one, discuss this with your jungler, because you are better in a dual lane). This will make you be able to grab into the brush easily and remember to grab past the minions from above, so that you can be sure it will encounter the right target.

•) Laning Partners: I prefer Dps like Teemo or Ashe, but I have also good experiences with other disrupters like Alistar and Leona (or even with a good Poppy, but Voicechat is obligatory!)

•) Keep running!: When you are always moving it is hard for your opponents to predict your movement and your actions and so you get into good positions for your grab way more often. Grab as soon as you can, you will learn to use this ability only through hard conditions and little room. If you are spontaneous your opponents will fear you even more. See a chance? -Don't think, fire.

•)Focus!: Don't just grab ANYONE to just grab SOMEONE. If you grab the enemy tank, you can turn the tide of the teamfight... at YOUR cost. Focus on the enemy carry and disrupt it like ****. Keep the enemies away from your Carry etc. If you can grab the carry it's pretty much gg, but remember: You also got the most awesome summoner spell "Exhaust". If you can't kill that guy fast enough or reach it. Get at least exhaust on it. The enemy carry will be kind of useless in the teamfight. It will take MORE damage and it will deal LESS damage, ah yeah btw it's slowed.

•) Be aggressive: Your hook ability is awesome and almost everyone underestimates your power. When they have brought you down to about 1/4 of your life and you have Manashield ready let them come. Go into your tower's range and start Recalling, they will definitely come to get you. When they come, hook one, fist him, and finish him off with your ulti, then retreat. Other scenario: You are really ****ed with ~1/5 of your health and your Mana shield ready soon and your Heal spell ready. Overcommit a little so that they want to finish you, run back to the tower and as soon as you are a bit behind your tower turn around and fight them. You should be able to put AT LEAST one of them down (In the most cases both). Never do this with more than 2 enemies and only if they have no massive escape abilities ready.

•) Gank! You have bought one of the best ganking characters. With teleport you can easily port to Teemo's mushroom, a ward, Shaco's box, and so on. Work as a team always, that's the most important aspect of this game and many people forget it because they play Ashe 20/0/0 and never help in teamfights. You can win a game with 5 support champions when you play together very good (Well maybe not, but you know what I mean, right?).

•) Bait! Learn how to bait right and when it is a good idea. Greed on the enemy team will get you at least some kills or assists without dying, if done right. With Blitzcrank you can bait incredibly good, since your Mana Barrier is soooo useful. You can even FORCE the enemy to initiate the teamfight, even if they are in a worse situation than your team is. Most of the time you will survive the teamfight because of your passive, but if not your team normally kills 3-4, and when you are the only one to die (since you are focused) it is DEFINITELY worth it - you can ONLY win this game if you think about the whole team, and not about having a 10/0/0 score. Even if you don't get the assists and your team gets an Ace out of your death this is WORTH IT.

•) Clear your jungle! Let your lanemates get good experience when your team has no jungler: When going back to base and returning and your lanemate is creeping meanwhile, always kill double golems, they will be always next to your lane (because you only pick the lane where they are). When you are in mid (I said that before) grab the big wraith and kill her kiddies that come for a hug.

•) Be social: Help your teammates getting Golem or Red when you're near without being asked for it.

•) Stay chilled: Many players have never played Blitzcrank and will flame if you miss a grab or when they die (even if it's their fault). Don't be mad about it, just ignore it or tell him in a friendly way how to make it better or what went wrong for you/why you couldn't help him. It can destroy your team totally when you start a flaming war within your team. The moral goes down, the teamwork goes down and ALSO you waste your time writing and not fighting.

•) Be open for critics: Don't be mad about teammates knowing better what to do and what not to do with Blitzcrank. Often they have no idea and are just smart ***es, but sometimes the idea they bring let's you view things from a different angle. We wanna LEARN!

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Thank you

With this tactic, and also with this guide here I had big success, also in Ranked Games (when they forgot to ban Blitzcrank).
Now you've read through my whole guide, and I can tell you this is my first one.
Furthermoore my mothers tongue is German, and I've only learned English in school,- I hope there aren't too much mistakes and everything is clear.

I hope I could help you and so please help me:
Tell me your ideas and give me critique, also vote, no matter if it's positive or negative.

Thank you,