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League of Legends Build Guide Author AttackBacon

Aegis Pantheon

AttackBacon Last updated on August 8, 2010
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Hey all! This is a build for the Pantheon out there who is tired of MAX HEARTSEEKER GET B.F. SWORDS AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This build works best with a partner, you can pull of solo mid but there are better solo mid Pantheon builds.

The basic idea here is to MAX Aegis of Zeonia. Since we have a good amount of cooldown reduction and solid mana regen, we turn this into our bread and butter skill.

So. Grab your Meki and Pots and get to the lane. Ideally you have a partner with some form of snare/stun. Do the usual Spear Harass, grab FB if they are dumb, if not, wait for level 2-3 and GO FOR IT. Between you and your lane mate, if you did any harass at all, you should be able to get a kill here. If not, keep trying, or go gank mid. Basically from here until the laning phase is over you want to be constantly moving between your lane and mid ganking the two.

Your basic combo here is Spear->Aegis->Auto->Spear->Aegis. Ignite if they get low and it's up. You will very rarely be using Heartseeker (basically if you get blinded or rooted just out of melee).

At 6, look for ult ganks. Learn to ult well with Pantheon! You need to be able to at a glance determine where the enemy is going to be in 10 seconds. You won't get it right all the time, but you need to get it right most of the time. For instance, you are ulting from top to bot. Bottom lane has both sides at 2/3 hp, focusing on last hits. Wait until a fresh creep wave comes in, so you can be sure that all their attention will be on that sweet sweet minion gold. Ping like a madman, possibly throw out an "ulting" if you can type fast, and take the Leap of Faith. Aim around their ranged creeps or a teeny bit back. You want the enemy to end up in the half of the ult that is towards your allies, making them unable to run all the way out of it unless they run into your buddies.

After your first ult gank, see if mid is open for a gank. Stroll on over there if so. If not, you probably need to pop back to base. BUY SOME WARDS. Ward the enemy red and blue buffs when you get the chance. Nothing ruins someones day more than having 400 pounds of Stanpar land on them when they are about to down Golem. Ward dragon. You are a GANKING GOD, you need to KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. WARD EVERYTHING.

As the game transitions to teamfights, use your ult wisely. Use it to backdoor a tower if there is a standoff by one of your towers that your team can handle. Use it to defend your towers. Use it after a victorious teamfight to trap enemies between your ult and your team. In a teamfight, Spear EVERY TIME IT'S UP. Stun their softest mans, or stun people out of channeled stuff. Remember your Heartseeker passive. Use it to quickly finish off low champions. Thanks to your Nashors and lightning quick Aegis cooldown, you will have Aegis Protection up A LOT. Don't be afraid to fight a physical dps when you have EXTREMELY low hp. You will be shocked how often you can win a fight vs an Ashe or similar when you are at 20% and they are at 70%.

Let's talk Bilgewater(BC). Hopefully this item get's buffed soon (that's the rumor). Even so, it is very handy. DON'T USE IT FOR THE DAMAGE. Use it in a gank! The slow is HAWT. And the damage does help early on. A BC+spear can REALLY ruin someones day. Don't use it in a teamfight unless it's to stay on top of their squishy or slow a melee chasing one of yours. The slow is quite solid, use it to seal the deal in chases. It's useless to throw it out in the middle of a big melee when no one is running. Know when to use it! But use it often, the cooldown isn't that long. With the BC slow+fast Aegis cooldown+boots of swiftness, NO ONE CAN ESCAPE EARLY GAME GANKS. FIND EM AND KILL EM.

Okay, so now we're in lategame. We've bought our survivability item (Banshees, Thornmail, Guardian Angel, or maybe even Aegis of the Legion) depending on the team. We're finishing our Infinity Edge. We've maxed out Heartseeker. Now we transition to a more traditional Pantheon. Spear, Leap in, Heartseeker, +1. Use your abilities constantly! You should have enough mana regen (get golem, preferbly from an enemy!) and you have tons o' cdr. The one exeption is if someone is super low, go for that auto crit! Your job is to disrupt in a teamfight. Make every enemy who is not a tank AFRAID. Physical carries should FEAR YOU because of how often Aegis Protection is up. NO physical carry should be able to 1v1 you (except maybe a fed Trynd). BE CAREFUL AROUND HIGH BURST CASTERS. They can blow you up good. But you can do the same to them, and you have a two second stun.

Always remember that backdooring is an option. Ward until your slots are full (that means this is a looooong game). NEVER be afraid to buy elixers. Mix them in fairly regularly. Good luck!