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Nocturne Build Guide by eijsvogel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eijsvogel

Afraid of the dark? You should be! (Jungle)

eijsvogel Last updated on December 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is Eijsvogel and my favourite character to play is nocturne.
Why you think? Well, i absolutely think that nocturne is the coolest character in the game.
His appearance is epic, and his joke cracks me up every time.

Also i think his abilities are very cool and good, Especially his ultimate Paranoia.
You must know the feeling, you hear ´´DARKNESS´´ And you immidiatly start praying that he wont be coming for you, and you start running to the bushes immidiatly.

This guide makes sure that your enemy will have that exact reaction.

(Btw, im not english so forgive me if i fail at grammar, just post and ill correct)

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Why these runes hmm?

Well the quintessences seem quite obvious. The armor penetration is awsome in the jungle, and helps kill enemies which are on the tanky side a little bit faster.

The seals, are also for sustainability. Untill you get your frozen mallet you will be relatively squishy, so the extra armor is very usefull.

Marks, same as quintessences

Glyphs i prefer the magic resist late game, same reason i took armor runes but then for magic :).

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The 21 in offence is very usefull after the patch. Before, you needed alot more points in utility to get the extra XP, but now the jungle has changed and it wont be sufficient anyway, and the 21 in offence REALLY helps out. Lategame you will get a lifesteal of around 48%, critting in the 1000´s very fast. You can take down entire enemy teams SOLO because you heal so ridiculously fast.

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Items!! My favourite part!

First of all. Start with vampire sceptre, later in the guide i will explain why. Build them up to the famous jungling lantern as fast as possible!

So the first thing you notice will be the Berserker greaves. Well, i dont think this needs much explenation, the extra attack speed is very usefull and strong, and i wouldn´t reccomend any other boots.

After, brutalizer. Mostly for the cooldown reduction, but the attack damage can also help alot early game (You will get it pretty fast)

Bloodthirster after hmm? I think this is key to nocturne. It will grant you so much lifesteal, that once you escape with 300hp, 1 single creep camp will give you almost full HP (Once the bloodthirster is fully fed). Lategame this will grant you 48% lifesteal with the lantern + masteries.

Afterwards, you can go 2 paths.
Frozen mallet.. Or infinity edge.
But which 1? I shall explain :D.

Frozen mallet is if you are having a hard time sustaining in ganks, nocturne is pretty squishy and if the enemy realizes it early, they can easily turn around and kill you.

YET. If you got 1-2 succesfull ganks early, you will get your items so fast, that you dont need the extra sustainability. You will do so much damage that if they turn around, you will get a double kill.
Go infinity edge if you are fed early, Frozen mallet if you need sustainability.

After that, upgrade your brutalizer to a ghostblade. The active is awsome, and the crit is really welcome :).

Note: You dont need frozen mallet if you are fed enough. replace it with phantom dancer, the extra crit chance + attack speed will make sure you heal more on your enemy team then their entire enemy team can damage you. I did it before. And not once ;).

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Skill Sequence

As you can see, i dont take the usual path. I take unspeakable horror at 3.

Why you ask? Well, because in ganking, its absolutely neccesary. Early ganking is very possible with nocturne, but you really need this spell early tho.

After that, max duskbringer, then unspeakable horror, and shroud of darkness last.

When you gank somebody, try and not use ulti to iniate the gank. only if they are far away and you dont want them to see you coming and get a few seconds.

Immidiatly fear him, duskbringer on his nuts (This will give you more AD + be able to travel faster, so you will always catch up to him)

Use your ability block when you predict a cc, usually right when he sees you coming or you are on his tail. This will grand you DOUBLE attack speed for a few seconds, so use it wisely!

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling.. very well.

Start at wolves. Why? You dont need the extra mana from blue early.
Ask for a pull on wolves. You dont need it, but it saves you about 100hp, which is pretty usefull if there is a gank oppertunity.

Then, smite the big blue wraith, and finish the camp.
Get the shroud of darkness spell, this will grant you extra attack speed as passive.

Finish the golems, big one first, then recall.

You will have around 300 gold, or precisely 300 gold. Buy armor, then go to blue buff, red buff, and then just clear everything you can. (Try to gank as often as possible tho, or steal enemy jungle)

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Pros / Cons

- Very VEEERRRY VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY good ganker. His fear and his ultimate, AND his ability block make it very difficult to do anything else then run.
- Very high Damage (Especially inside duskbringer), attack speed, and life steal. Deaadly combo. I mean it. Deadly.

- Squishy if underfed. Really need atleast 1 succesfull gank around level 3-8, or a really good anti jungle.
- Not the easiest jungler, sometimes if you are unlucky on the wolve crits you will find yourself with around 150 hp at golems. Without runes, usually i end golems at 20-30 hp left.

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That was it! My first guide build.

Any feedback is appreciated, if you want something added, or something isn´t clear to you, please post below!

I appreciate criticism as long as its constructive.

Thanks for reading!

Make them sleep with the lights on ;)