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Lulu Build Guide by slaf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slaf

Agressive Support AP

slaf Last updated on May 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 12

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Hello all,

This is my first build for LoL. I wrote it, because i didn't find build like this one. It reflect the way i like to play Lulu : Agressive ! And because she can't heal i think its the right way to do. Annoying is a Lulu which play defensive or passively... No no and no ! She has a to strong potential and can really dominate ennemy bot lane. Well played, she is unkillable. Then his AP Ratios will be really valuable in team fights later in the game.

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Pros / Cons

+ A lot of control Q,Z,R
+ Nice output damage
+ Lane domination
+ A lot of interesting combinations, due to W E double spells possibility

- A little weak, until you get all control
- Can't Heal, so can't stand mistakes

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The fact is, we dont need that much armor runes because she has a nice distance spells and a lot of control, so its hard for ennemy carry to hit us a lot. I prefer then more output damage. Then later in late game, its not 9 marks of Resilience which will save you !

for good harrassing, we need to have a nice mana regen until mid game. By Experience 6 greater seals of replenishment is enough for early game regen, then complete with 3 greater seals of clarity. Depending of your style, u can go with 9 greater seals of replenishment.

However, i dont recommend to play with 9 greater seals of clarity, because you will be soon empty on mana, and its not what we want with this build.

Ap Output damage, thats the key ! I choose AP/18 because flat AP runes are not that much good. Indeed, at lvl 6 AP/18 will be more powerful than 9 flat. Dont forget that u will use E + Q at level 3, so you will not really take advantage of more AP from level 3 to 5

Flat AP Runes for good output damage early. 15 AP is a lot when you harass early game.
Gold/10 Runes could be fine too, but your harass will bb less effective. So I dont like it with this build.

I want my harass more powerful to perturb the ennemy farm, than get more gold/10, even if i will get less gold. My carry Farm is a lot more important, and i prefer ennemy carry get less gold than my carry ! I think everyone can choose what he prefers here.

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9 9 12 rocks! that's one of the key of my build.

9 Offense
I choose some offensive Points for several reasons : Get more output damage. We need that a lot.
Here we reach arcane Knowledge for output damage, and we get some cdr. So it approch Cdr found in Utility but with more power, and without spend 21 points in utility.
I take Summonner's wrath for my exhaust to be more effective in team fights.

9 Defense
Some defense because we need some sustain in lane at early and mid game. That's why i prefer 3 points in vigor and 2 points in Resistance, to be more effective longer. By experience i found that better than reach Veteran's Scar
1 point in Summoner's resolve is good for better heal ! If u dont use heal, get 1 more point in Resistance

12 Utility
Several choices here. Mana regen is very important if you want constant harass, its the idea of this build dont forget it. I want some Gold / 10 because we did not take Gold runes here. And we need money to buy golds items and ward. Finally, move speed is good too,
Depends of your play style, you can distribute more points in move speed mana regen or gold/10.

Because i like play Lulu, i tried a lot of build with her. like 0 9 21, 0 21 9, 0 15 15, But finally i think these masteries offers a nice balance.

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Skill Sequence

Rush E because it makes more output damage for harass, and a better shield if needed. By experience i prefer rush E than Q for damage because you can play your E in 2 different ways.
Then Q and W depends of your style, we need cdr on the W and more control and damage on the Q. Adapt skill sequence to the meta game. I prefer generally a better Cdr on my W (18 seconds to 12 seconds without counting cdr masteries and items)

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Summoner Spells

I tried flash when i began to play Lulu. By experience we dont that much to use flash, because Lulu has a lot of control.

Consequently u can choose other spell :
Exhaust is a must have and your carry can take heal if you take exhaust
Heal will give you better sustain in lane fights and team fights
Lulu is so strong with Exhaust+Heal ! Try it !
Of course you ll have to compensate no cv with a nice control map and perfect warding.

U can also use CV for more map control

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Team Work

Laning Phase : harassing
Basical Combo for harass is E W Q or W E Q on the carry then back,
but u can use Q E W or different order if you want

Laning Phase : Defending
E on your carry to shield him and Z on him for speed Q on enemy, or Z + Q on enemy for control.

Chasing opportunity
if a member of your team is chasing (during laning or not only), use E + Z, and with pix on your carry, u can then target enemy with your Q to slow him.

Team fights
Depends a lot of the situation R generally on mate in trouble, or to multi stun close ennemies on him, depends of the situation.
Z to control during 2,5 sec the most dangerous ennemy, or Z on ally (like an ad carry) so he can hit&run and control his move speed buff during 5seconds.
E always to shield an ally, except to kill an ennemy if you are the only one who can kill him.
with Q try to hit most possible ennemies with the skill. Indeed with E on an ally you have double line of Q then u can always slow 3 4 ennemies.

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I hope you ll love to play this AP lulu.
Dont hesitate to write comments too. I'm not a top Elo player but i thought this build by playing and experiencing her. It may be perfectible.

Enjoy and have Fun !