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Ahri Build Guide by Crizwonka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crizwonka

Ahri , a new perspective

Crizwonka Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ahri is a newer champion that is very unique compared to other mage characters. Compared to other mages, if you have the skills she is far more versatile, and is capable of mid or other lane effectively. It is important for Ahri that you are able to make skill shots, as her most important abilities require this. Her ult makes her a legend of pursuing low health enemies, turret diving, and GTFO capabilities. All things considered, she is fun and very capable when used correctly.

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This build is all about ap and spell vamp. This works well with ahri due to her passive. Ap can build on her quickly, and can be a game changer as she is very capable of nuking in the right situation. Being able to skill shot, especially with charm is very important. Skill shots with charm can get you a ton of kills, so make it count. Charm should be your first spell when engaging an enemy for the kill, and you want to make sure you have mana for more spells than just charm. The orb ability is very high damage, has good range, and my favorite part, does TRUE damage. This makes it very useful for early game harassment, and killing. at lvl 4, charm+Orb+foxfire+ignite=guaranteed kill. Ahri is an excellent early game nuker, and if she has the mana after she catches you, you will die. Foxfire is good to get that last damage on the enemy, also good in team fights. Its main purpose though, is to help you stack your passive, so you can get health in dire situations. Finally her ult, a truly awesome ultimate. This ability adds a ton of survivability, its like having triple flash, that recharges in a minute. This ability does a good amount of damage to 3 champions as well, making it extra useful in team fights. Its total damage output ends up to 1620 + ap(adding 243+ap health). This ability is EXCELLENT for killing low health fleeing enemies and tower diving. Diving with this will leave the enemy saying wtf.

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The runes here have the general idea of maxing spell dps. The one quintessence of potency is to add to early game effectiveness, the other two being force, to maximize your total ap. The per level runes will maximize your ap, and help you keep up if you get pushed around a little bit in the mid.

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Fairly self explanatory, focused on of fence, for ap purposes. Another option worth exploring is the spell vamp mastery, as spell vamp is a very important part of Ahri.

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The most unique part of this build is the hextech revolver. This item is two things, 1 a good source of early game ap, 2 a cheap source of 15% spell vamp. When you combine this item with the 35% from your passive, you get 50% spell vamp, and depending on your level and size of herd of minions, can be enough to revive a good half of your health. Later in game, the liche bane is helpful for this purpose as well. It is important to note that dorans ring is your starting item, this helps add ap, and give mana recharge much needed as your next mana item is not for a while. The boots are your third item, this is because you shoulder need to move too much early game, so keep your distance, and use your long range spells.

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Summoner Spells

These are the best spells for mid, and other lanes, heal could be useful for additional stabilizability, even though you already get awesome spell vamp. Flash is not truly necessary due to her ult, I enjoy to keep it around just for extra survivability, but if you have a preference, it will still work.