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Ahri General Guide by Kindagreen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kindagreen

Ahri -Foxxy Lady Hybrid guide

Kindagreen Last updated on September 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide to ahri she is in no means my main champ i made this guide to introduce a new way of playing ahri some may like it some may not but i did not make this guide to appeal to the people who are not willing to try it. it is not best to use this guide unless you have experience playing this champ.

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Pros / Cons


High damage with both skills and autos
good counter to darius top lane
Not to bad to look at


Not VERY effective late if your team is doing bad
You have to be good at landing skill shots and autos in between cds
She is half fox so it still is beastiality

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This will explain who ahri counters and who counters ahri

Who ahri counters
Darius - can charm him out of his ult and **** him up with his mix of autos and abilities
Garen - yet again charm and **** his day up
Most short ranged adcs - vayne,teemo,twitch,graves etc.
most ap mids - lux,annie,anivia,fiddlesticks

Who counters ahri
Olaf - you cant charm him out of his ult but is not that big of a deal just dodge his axes and ult if needed

Caitlyn - her range can **** over pretty much everyone so make sure to stay clear from her pokes

shaco - should not need to explain

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How you should play ahri

You have to remember ahri is a mage assasin she is meant to drift in and out of teamfights you do not want to initiate if you do make sure to run in with your charm then orb do a few autos ult around like a bawss then watch the bodies drop she can win most 1v1s with this build so dont be afraid to be a really Aggressive laner. she is a really strong from early to mid to late so you dont have to worry about playing it safe lower levels just be smart. in lategame your role is burst so you want to stay behind your tank target there adc , ap mid(unless tank),bruiser.

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Useful tips

Gank - you are a badass half fox mage assasin ganking machine play that way

Charm - you can charm people out of ults such as katarina - nunu - fiddlesticks - malzahar etc. also great to use when sion pops his ult so he cant attack anything to vamp off of for a few seconds while your team targets him. Also best to charm anyone going after your adc.

Backdoor - I say this because with this build your autos and and skills combined can chew threw minions and towers and if you do see a gank incoming you just ult out and be the mage assasin fox troll you are meant to be.

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Ranked Play

Now this may cause some confusion do not go into ranked without trying out the build first and getting a feel for it because it does take a few times of trying it out to get used to it.
If you do play ranked make sure to counter pick you can go either mid or top. You may want to switch around the build order fitting to your lane and the pressure getting vamp first. She does fit well into late game so no worries about her falling off late game being useless it all depends on the player and play style. Wards are you friends dont want that shaco to assasinate the assasin ( ward river and redbuff . the jungle will most likely help but in ranked you have to rely on yourself.)

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Like i said this was my first guide so feel free to comment on any ideas or build items or just give me Criticism good or bad i can take it like a man . Thank you all and have fun being the badass ahri is meant to be


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