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Ahri Build Guide by Aadramalechh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aadramalechh

ahri-hot and fun (serious guide though)

Aadramalechh Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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after my previous guide that apparently no one liked, i decided instead trying to salvage it i would just make a new one and try to go more in detail about why i have some of the things i have in here. so based on a comment from before, i relized people were thinking that i was replacing items from a meta build and with various other things and well...i'm not.this build has nothing to do with metas or what ever else people are looking for so if u want a meta build gtfo this isnt for you.

this time i would also like it if u would tell me why u down vote this guide before u atually do it or i wont know why you dont like it and i will be unable to fix it. SO LEAVE SOME FRICKEN COMMENTS I MEAN IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARd

champions can't be learned from reading guides but you can try to understand what is going on with your champ better by reading them. sort of a skill issue really.

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sigh any way on to runes.

runes are more of a personal preference. above i have a set that i personally like but you don't have to use them. so use what ever runes you like best for your ap champs.

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masteries, again more of a personal preference so what ever works for you good luck.

i personally like useing the 9-21-0 on mages because it can make laneing a little easier if you. they make it so you can take a few hits before having to "b" but i put some other mastery pages up there for some other options u can try.

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i am going to start off by saying i don't like rod of ages on ahri. sorry guys that build is pretty much every where else but not here. so if you are feeling some kind of attachment to it, this is not the guide for you. however, please hear me out and try to understand my reasoning.
(please a comment below if you think i can clearify some more)

if this was brand or annie i would say go ape s*** and build a rod...but not on ahri. ok now, in the last guide apparently people got the impression that i was replacing rod of ages with the rylai's crystal scepter...well i am not. that has nothing to do with rod. i have tryed building rod mutliple times on her because i thought i would give it a fair chance, i dont like it.

my reasoning behind this:
rod of ages becomes more powerful over time...10 mins. well in order for it to reach it's max potential you will need to pretty much build it first which limits the amount of flexibility you can have in your build. i dont want a rod first and really i dont want it later either i just dont think it is worth it on her.
listen helth tanks dont work for a reason. u need to build resistances or it will do u little to no good. i dont have the crystal speter here for beef. i have it therr for the slow. every one keeps saying "u only have one single target skill so crystal septer isnt worth it" no actually ahri has 2 and one is beyond god like especially for kiting. fox fire. weather it's bugged right now or they did it on purpose which ,i can see why, fox fire counts as a single target skill so the crystal septer will get its full slow on them. secondly crystal septer does not need time to reach it's ful potential so you can build it at any time and it will be at full power at all times. lastly rod of ages only gives hp and mana and a tiny bit of ap ...80 at max soooooo no thank you. personally i find rod to be more of an ap tank item and i dont build it all the time. you need to be flexible in order to do well because all teams will be different. even meta teams because every player will be different.

so if u still dont really know why i don't like rod, it's k i can understand and i may not have made it clear please talk to me dont jsut down vote "cuth dat guy no like rod of ages snifffff *sucks thumb*"

now onto the actual build.

before we get started though i would just liek to say getting a majei's probly will not happen 9 times out of 10 and i would suggest going with the last and middle builds which have yet to fail me.

ok starting items are more of a preferance. i personally like doran's ring. this item gives you health which later in the game dosnt help much but in the beginng will help you take a few more hits. this item also has mana regen. abviously if u have regen you can stay in lane longer if you are careful enough with your skills. and to throw some iceing on that cake it has a ***ping 15 ap....woot.....<sarcasm but still a good item for staring.

now your next items.

i like tear, it is chaep, it increases your mana pool as you use skills, and has a lil bit of regen. so a decent item and later will build into an archangels.

boots ranked one... i know everyone likes to rush there boots as fast as they can but in the case of ahri she can jump through waslls...nuff said the movement speed isnt critical this early in the game so get botts rank one.

the will of the anciants happens to be one of my favorite items. it gives an aura which if you have an ap tank will love you for ... depending on who they are what they are playing and how they are playing. and it gives an instant 80 ap for almost no gold and spell vamp which will making kiting alot easier. all in all a decent item.

after you have your tear and your will of the anciants... now you can get your rank2 boots. thankfully all these items are not that expensive and it will still be fairly early in the game sooo no harm done...unlesss your ******ed and keep doing stupid stuff because remeber kids just cuz her ult is awsome...dosnt make you god... soo be careful.

now for the next phase. there is a very very very important question to ask your self and if you answer wrong it could screw you is my team doing and how am i doing?

^ 2part question btw XD
well... some lanes are not so easy so you may not be doing so well especially if you have only started with ahri. so you may not be doing well you may be under fed and you may be dieing alot....sooo obviouly dont get the majei's soul stealer. it is cheap and if you can get stacks it will make you amazing but...not if your dieing it will jsut be dead weight.

if your team is doing bad and your are the only one surviving but the enemy is too.. your are going to have to decide weather or not the majei's will be worth getting. if your team is doing well even if your not getting the kills you will still get stack and eventually you will be getting the kills and the beutiful gold... however unfortunelty if your team is bad ...probly not gunna happen so you may want to skip it.

NOTE: later on in the game if you think things have changed enough for the better and you think it would be a good idea to get it go for it.

ok so if you cant get the majei's for wat ever reason..your ****py or your team is ****py...than i would get the crystal scepter. again i am not replacing rod with this i just think this is a great item and like i said fox fires will count as a single target right now(probly because they only shoot one at a time)so anyway this is an amazing kting item and i will go more ito that later on.

after you get through the rylai's phase if you are still not doing well you might consider getting your archangel's before the rabadon's death cap. this is a great item, it can stack well and with enough mana it can give you an amazing amount of ap so definetly worth getting at some point but if need be early on.

if things are going well though get rabodon's cuz well.. the rabanoodle is awsome and will increas your ap by(in laymen's terms) ALOT so awsome and a must have for ap champs.

after the rabadon's it is a fairly clear call after that and even though the moba fire thing dosnt show how much ap you will have at the end with or with out majei's you should have about 800-900 ap wich will hurt.

but again be flexibale and if u need to build some magice pen like a void staff or something like magic pen like an abyssl scepter both are good items but these are up to you.

( please note though that her scalings are kinda meh so even with 900 ap, her skills will only get about 290 bonus damage on any of your skills..kinda meh i know i think it would be a good idea to up her ratios a bit and make getting fed a little more rewarding but you know i geuss annie, leblanc, veiger, karthus, and brand are just exceptions to the rules of not so nice ap scaling but wat evs.)

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Skill Sequence

ok about your "Q" some things you should know about and should consider while laneing:
1. the closer the enemy is to the tip of the skill shot the harder it is to dodge the true damage and if you hit them at the very tip it will deal both the normal and true damage at pretty much the same time.

2. you can kite your ball around with your ulti which is awsome because if you do it right as it fallows you around it will deal true damage to everything in its path and you can make it hit the same target more then once..can be difficult but not immpossible.

3. well if useed right you can reak havoc in team fights.

4. on tanks, well due to the fail scaling, unfortunetly even thoug it deals true damage tanks generally have alot of hp and it wont be nearly as effective so try and hit as many squishies with it as possible ESPECIALLY THE ENEMY RANGED DPS these guys will pick you apart in team fights if they decide to attck you so they need to die first( this is sort of a general rule anyway ...dont atack tanks till last and kill ranged dps fast)

all of the above says max "Q" first it is awsome

now for fox fire.

this skill hurts alot actually and has a very low cooldown and so is very spamable. i max this skill second because it hurts and it auto targets so in fights you can just press the button when ever it is up and not think about it while throwing everything you can at the enemy for the next 3-4 secs.
NOTE:please remeber this skill will count as a single target skill and will affect your spell vamp and your slow from rylai's accordingly
i don't know if this was on purpose but abuse it while you can.


this is a great skill dont get me wrong but only used for the crowd control and not so much the damage, so i max this last.

some things about charm:
1. it is slow and narrow so the closer you are the easier to hit with it will be and the harder to dodge it.
2. you can use your ulti to line up the charm and than throw all your skills at them while they are walking toward you and finish them off with the rest of your ult if need be.
3. because this is such a narrow skill shot it does make it easier to hit the enemy through minion waves.. while still hard they probly wont expect it coming through narrow gaps and the skill seams to actually be narrower then the arrow.
4. this is a great skill for stoping chanalling like fid's drain and ulti, or kat's ult; it can also keep leblancs from being able to jump back out of the fray when they distort in; and also if u can be good or lucky enough aiming arund corners at fleeing enemies it will stop them and allow you to catch up. i have killed many people with this technique.

all in all great skill take it at level 2 and max it last( o and i take it at lvl 2 because it helps if you get ganked mid)

lastly your ulti. obviously you put a point in it wen you can.

this thing has a low coold down so dont be afraid to use it to escape.

somethings you should know:
1. this is an amazing skill for diving on people with low hp. walk up to the line just before the turret jump all the way through and out the other side taking only a few turret hits and if you did it right killing the enemy very easily.
2. you can use this to jump through walls and circle team fights. while fighting in small areas during a team fight and a squishy is escaping somtimes (your judgment but be carful) you will jump through the team after them with 2 charges finsih them off then jump back behind your team with the last charge. you wont need 2 charges all the time but i think you get the point.

lastly because of your early game spell vamp your survivbility during team fights is greatly incresed i don't die very often unless i am in the wrong place. so if your tank is any good you should be able to wreak havoc from a distance and walking closer to the fight to get certain skills off or hitting certain enemies near the back of the group. so just stay behind everyone and spam as much as you can. try to get charm on the ranged dps. we all know they have alot of life steal and can sometimes be hard to kill and charming them should give your team a good chane to kill them. also with your "Q" try and move around alot. pick a target you want to be hit with both damages from it and then spread it out over the whole team. and if the enemy team is prety much in a line well, have fun.

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Summoner Spells

summoner spells are a preferance sort of thing.

spells you might try are:
clense-getting clense can solve alot of problems with cc in team fights and give you a chance to get out so it is a decent spell to get.

ghost-ghost is a great spell it has a low cd and can easily replace flash or you can have flash ghost on her because ahri already has a triple dash flash is nice to have not nessasarily a need.

flash-flash is pretty much a get out of jail free card soo it's just a good ss

ignite-i would actually not recomend getting ignite. for one most of your team will probably have it and secondly you are a burst so either u will burst them down or you won't.

anyway like i said use what ever spells make you comfortable it is more for your play style than anything.

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Team Work

i went into team work a little earlier with her skills and i thought i would expand a bit on some of that.
NOTE: i personally find her to be best in mid so try and go there...

because of her ulti ganking at level six is a great idea. dont nessasarily gank the lane that needs help but also go to the lane that really dosn't and get in on some of the kills which will help you get fed faster, but it is always nice for a lane having issues to get a nice gank especially if they are laning agnst cait who makes laneing very difficult with her range.

in team fights if you are in the middle and your not just dashing through, your in the wrong spot and are probably already dead. you should not be infont of your tank(s) and depending on how well they can do their job will determine how close to the fight is safe. try not to stand in one place and you need to always keep moving. thankfully moving is a great way to increase the amount of damage you will inflict on the enemy and as in all team fight the ranged dps and the burt need to be takin out first. thanks to her ulti you may have a better chance of doing this because the high damage dealers will often be in the back if they have half a brain at all and so you will need to be able to get around the enemy team soooo... you got your ult with three charges to get there. i would not suggest using all three charges on the enemy side of the team fight because you will need to ensure your escape. there are resons tanks arent supposed to have kills and one of those is that wen you have a killing spree bonus and ypu die the enemy team will get the gold and we dont want to give them any help now do we so dont die.

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Unique Skills

i havnt seen any other builds with a rylai's but o well this is a great item and will make kiting just that much easier and incase you havnt gotten that so far she isnt really a straight forward fighter i find she is best at kiting enemies half way around the map and killing me i have killed entire teams that way.mostly cuz they were stupid enough to fallow me but still some people are tankier and harder to kill espsially if they have life steal so kiteing may be the only way to kill them.

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so i know i have said alot of things about kiting with her so no i must go into greater detail about it. if the need arises then use your ult butmake sure it is spaced far apart as you can but not very good if you want the enemy to fallow you.

with will of the anciants and rylai's having people slowed and having low hp isnt much of a problem. try to no run to far ahead of the enemy unless you dont think you can kill them. stay just a bush ahead of them aand et them get a little closer to get your foxfires off. like i said earlier foxfires currently count as a single target for rylai's and will put the full slow on them. changing your keybinds to fire in the direction of your curor can somtimes help while casting on the fly and will make u stop less and get more skills off. charm is an ok skill for this but i find it slow to much and or makes the eemy to afraid to chase you anymore. also wen kiting try and deal as much dmage as you can with out scaring them away and wen u think they are low enough charm, foxfire, orb thingy, ulti and everything u can hit them with kill them and then use your last charge on your ulti to escapt because more then likely the enire enemy team is coming after you.

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so like i have been trying to get people to do for both guides please please please please leave a comment downbelow tell me if i left something out if you have a question on why i did something dont just down vote the guide because you failed or you dont understand something plz talk to me

so anyway please tell me what you think in the comments below and if you haev advise our if you think there is something i need to clarify.